Nichelle Gregory: Erotic Author Spotlight Series

Nichelle Gregory: Erotic Author Spotlight Series

This week’s erotic author in the spotlight is Nichelle Gregory (find her website here, and her Totally Bound author page) and you can find out all about this lovely author in her spotlight below. There’s also a few hot excerpts to enjoy, so pop the kettle on, relax, and experience the sensual writing talent of Nichelle right here at Cara Sutra.

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Nichelle Gregory Erotic Author Spotlight Series

Nichelle Gregory Biography

Nichelle Gregory Erotic Author Spotlight Series

Greetings from the Windy City! I’m Nichelle Gregory and I’m thrilled to be here!

I’m often asked why I write erotic romance. The answer is multi-faceted. First and foremost, I love books! I’ve always been a voracious reader. I enjoy thrillers, horror and sci-fi but romance has always been my favorite genre!

There’s just something special about reading a love story, following the characters and experiencing the heartfelt emotions involved as their relationship unfolds within the pages of a book. As a writer, I enjoy exploring the emotional rollercoaster that is love. Passion is powerful, unpredictable and delicious fun to write!

As a teen, I noticed a lack of diversity in the romance books that I would sneak to read. I wanted to read sexy books featuring women who looked like me, wished for love stories that catered to every female, regardless of race or body size. These longings fueled my intentions as a young writer but I never dreamed my words would be read by anyone other than me! That is a gift of joy, one I cherish and marvel at often.

I believe love is a journey and I embraced the opportunity to showcase five strong heroines dealing with relatable challenges, while figuring out their path to happiness with my Souls Entwined series. All of my books feature sexy alpha heroes falling for savvy gorgeous women!

My titles are all available to purchase from Totally Bound. With over thirty sizzling titles, ranging from playful to downright scorching, I invite you to immerse yourself in one of my tales! Adventurous connoisseurs of erotic fiction wanted!

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Writing by Nichelle Gregory

The Souls Entwined Series, by Nichelle Gregory

Nichelle Gregory Erotic Author Spotlight Series

Soul Sweet by Nichelle Gregory – blurb

Book one in the Souls Entwined series

Savour the flavours, spicy and sweet…a taste of what’s yet to come.

A passionate cook with the desire to spread her wings, Misha Ryan decides to compete on a popular television cooking competition for the ultimate title of Celeb Chef. The culinary stakes are high, but Misha feels more than capable of handling any challenge thrown her way, until she looks into the eyes of Celeb Chef Judge, Cameron Banner.

After dealing with an emotional divorce, Cameron isn’t looking for any serious entanglements, but everything about Misha makes him want more. She’s adamant about limiting any diversions that take her focus off the show, but the unexpected mutual attraction between them distracts them both as they add spice and turn up the heat in an attempt to satisfy their insatiable appetites for one another.

Misha is devastated when evidence of their involvement has a disastrous effect on the final decision for the winner of Celeb Chef. When Cameron’s motives come under suspicion, she confronts him, putting a strain on their budding relationship. Celeb Chef is over and Misha realises winning isn’t everything, especially if she’s lost the love of a lifetime.



“Is this safer for you, Misha?” Cameron toyed with both of her breasts and Misha moaned as he slipped both hands beneath her T-shirt to touch her bare skin. “No kissing, just my touch?”

She was certain he knew it wasn’t, as he trailed his warm fingers down her soft belly and touched the top of her panties. “You must think I’m a woman of contradiction, telling you no more kisses, and yet letting you touch me like this.” Misha squeezed his biceps, gasping when Cameron slipped his hand into her panties and cupped her pussy.

“I appreciate a woman with principles and delicious contradictions, like being so strong and yet so soft.” He delved one finger between her pussy lips to caress her clit and Misha whimpered. “Respectful of the so-called rules, but so damn wet while breaking them.”

Misha closed her eyes, overwhelmed by his expert touch and the need for more. She parted her thighs and Cameron moved his hand farther down, pressing his palm against her clit when he slipped two fingers into her. She lifted her leg around his waist to give him more access to caress her, and groaned when he brushed his lips against her collarbone. He ran his tongue along her sensitive skin then nipped her neck, leaving her breathless while he finger-fucked her nice and slow. She watched him, breathing hard when he removed his fingers, brought them up to his mouth and licked her wetness.

“This is my favourite dessert.” Cameron brushed his glistening fingers against her mouth and Misha sucked on them while maintaining eye contact until he pulled his hand away.

“I appreciate a man who knows how to savour dessert.”

Cameron nipped her neck. “I haven’t begun to savour you yet.” He dropped to his haunches and pushed her T-shirt up. Misha gasped when he wrenched her panties to the side and pressed his lips on the top of her shaved pussy. “In order to do that I would need to hold the flavour of you on my tongue.”

“Oh, God, Cameron… Please.”

Misha pushed her fingers into his hair, moaning when he placed her leg over his shoulder and kissed her pussy again.

Cameron gripped her hips tighter. “Just let me taste you, Misha.”

She tried to respond, but only managed a muffled cry when he dipped his head between her thighs and repeatedly licked her clit. Misha mewled with delight when he put two fingers back inside her, finding and stroking her G-spot with unerring accuracy. The sight of him feasting on her was as erotic as the slick sounds his actions were producing. She grabbed hold of his head and rolled her hips, losing herself in the sweet sensations of him sucking on her pussy.

“Cameron…” Misha struggled to form her words. “You’re going to make me come.”


Soul Temptation by Nichelle Gregory – blurb

Nichelle Gregory Erotic Author Spotlight Series

Book two in the Souls Entwined series

Unexpected passions will tempt two lovers—body, heart and soul…

The beauty of Tahiti mesmerizes Serene Ryan who has travelled to the island to be the maid of honour in her sister’s destination wedding. She soon finds herself distracted by the undeniable pull she’s determined to ignore towards Oliver Banner, the best man. When her good intentions are cast away in a moment of sizzling passion, Serene’s resolute on not letting things go further than one night.


Oliver Banner isn’t looking for anything more than a fun, sun-soaked time in Tahiti but the longer he interacts with Serene, the more convinced and determined he is to get past her cool persona to the fire he senses burns below the surface. He isn’t prepared for the connection he feels towards Serene or her refusal to explore things between them further.

Oliver opens up Serene’s world to erotic possibilities she’d never dreamed possible, but she’s not about to get involved with a younger man—a playboy who is now her brother-in-law—no matter how good the chemistry is between them. Serene thinks it would be best for them to just forget about their hot island tryst, but Oliver intends to keep tempting her body, heart and soul…



Serene brushed an imaginary speck off her yoga pants. “Sex should be a private act.”

“Says who?”

“Says just about everyone. Normal people don’t have sex in public.”

Oliver raised an eyebrow. “Oh? And I guess normal people don’t get excited watching either, right?”

Tendrils of heat that had begun to twist within her body when she’d sat on the sand with Oliver began whirling through her again in full force. So now she knew for sure she was abnormal and her wet thong was solid evidence. Had she ever got so wet so fast?


She was still turned on. Every inch of her skin needed immediate attention. Serene tightened the walls of her pussy as she bit the inside of her cheek. Her arousal continued to grow as Oliver studied her as if he knew exactly what her body craved.

“Serene, I believe consensual sex is whatever you want, need it to be and those needs are neither normal nor abnormal. I took you to Tiaré because voyeurism turns you on. I could tell the other day when you watched me and Shannon out the lanai.”

Serene pointed her finger at him. “I told you it wasn’t my intention to watch.”

“And just a little while ago? If you were so offended why didn’t you get up and leave?”

Good question. Too bad she didn’t have a ready answer.

“You didn’t leave because you wanted to watch.” Oliver searched her face. “You wanted to see those two touch, kiss…fuck. It turned you on. Admit it.”

Serene shook her head. “Oliver—”

“It’s okay, Serene. Many people do. You aren’t some kind of freak because voyeurism makes you wet.”

Serene gasped. “You just delight in shocking me, don’t you?”

Oliver grinned, a slow sexy curve of the lips that made her knees turn to jelly. “I do.”

Heaven help her, she wanted him, had imagined him taking her on the sand like the couple they’d seen.

“Does voyeurism make you wet, Serene?”

Serene sucked in a breath when he yanked her against his body.

“Answer me.”

Serene’s pulse raced as she gazed into Oliver’s hazel eyes.

“Tell me it turned you on.”

Serene shuddered against him. “It turned me on.” She moaned when Oliver dipped his head, already anticipating the magic of his kiss.


Soul Fire by Nichelle Gregory – blurb

Nichelle Gregory Erotic Author Spotlight Series

Book three in the Souls Entwined series

Married almost ten years, Aimee and Kaden are committed to facing any challenges within their relationship together…even if it means exploring unexpected forbidden desires.

Aimee’s life goes into a tailspin after her husband Kaden reveals he’s had an affair. Devastated, Aimee’s unsure whether to call it quits on their marriage or to forgive him. Meanwhile, she turns to Van, Kaden’s colleague and friend, for solace, but comfort turns to sizzling sex and mutual feelings she never expected. Committed to her marriage despite everything that’s happened, Aimee wonders if Kaden will be as forgiving as she has been for the sake of their relationship.

Kaden wants Aimee’s forgiveness. He’s willing to do anything to make things right, but wishes he could experience with his wife the same kind of spicy encounters he had with his lover. He’s shocked to learn the details of Aimee’s kinky tryst and jealous of the bond that exists between her and Van. Kaden doesn’t plan on losing his wife to another man, especially now when he and Aimee are finally being honest about what they need from each other.

Can their marriage survive and thrive with their new wicked passions?



“Open it.”

Aimee complied, aware of Kaden moving closer to view the contents. She remained silent, scarcely able to breathe when he reached out to toy with the satiny cat ears headband inside. She wanted to know what was going through his mind when he picked up her black latex corset and silver-studded choker.

Kaden picked up the items of her outfit and held them out to her. “Put on the costume.”

For a moment, Aimee didn’t move. Wary, she considered objecting but took the articles of clothing from him instead and pivoted in the direction of the bathroom.

“Dress here.”

Aimee slowly turned back to Kaden. “Why?”

“Because I want you to.”

Aimee’s pulse leaped—damned if she wasn’t further aroused by the don’t-defy-me tone in her husband’s voice. She’d always been content to follow his lead—his tender, loving lead. She still wasn’t accustomed to him demanding her to do anything when it came to their sexual activities.

The man standing in front of her looked anything but tender and she didn’t care. He wanted to see? Well, she’d show him just how sexy she looked dressed as a kitten.

“Hold these for me?” Aimee handed the corset and headband to Kaden, who took them without a word. His face was expressionless, his gaze calculating as she reached up and slid the straps of her pink sundress off her shoulders. It fell to her waist, revealing her breasts, and she shivered as she shimmied, helping the dress pool at her feet. With her eyes on Kaden, she pushed her panties down then straightened. She took the conical corset from her husband, stepped into it then pulled it up, conscious of her wet thighs.

The latex hugged her body and she knew that it accentuated her curves, exaggerating her feminine form in an erotic way that never failed to excite Aimee when she’d caught sight of her reflection in the past. Kaden was her mirror now, and the desire in his dark brown eyes quieted her nerves. She reached up to fasten the slim collar that was attached to the lingerie. Aimee adjusted the two straps on either side of her torso that subtly lifted her exposed breasts then dropped her arms, a little rattled by Kaden’s silent appraisal. Her nipples hardened beneath his gaze. She wanted him to touch her. Turning, Aimee glanced at him over her shoulder. “Lace me up?”

Kaden reached for the laces at her back and Aimee sucked in a breath as he deftly tied them tighter than she would have liked. She started to protest but gasped instead when he yanked her back against his hard body. His actions made his towel fall between them and his stiff cock rubbed her derrière as he fondled her breasts.

“God damn, babe.” Kaden rolled her nipples between his fingers, making Aimee moan. “I’ve been missing out, haven’t I?” Aimee whimpered when he tugged on her sensitive flesh. “Van got to see this ass and these tits like this? That’s not right…not right at all.” Kaden released his hold on her and spun her around. Aimee kept still as he placed her cat headband on and stepped back to look at her. “I’m fucking pissed he got to enjoy this before me.”

Aimee trembled beneath the heat of his gaze. “I’m sorry.” And she was. The subdued fury in his voice had struck a chord within her. She wished her husband had seen her, taken her in the outfit first.

“Sorry isn’t going to cut it, sweetheart.”

“I— I never would’ve imagined you’d like seeing me this way.”

Kaden scoffed. “What’s not to like?” He guided her over to the floor-length mirror in the corner. “You make one sexy kitten.”

– Nichelle Gregory

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