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Ginger Segreti

This week’s erotic author in the spotlight is Ginger Segreti and she’s an incredibly talented erotic author. There are free excerpts from her works for you to enjoy below – and you can follow the links to find Ginger’s online homes. I am particularly taken with the excerpt from Mistress Charm’s New Pupil, I can’t think why! 😉

Thanks for being in the spotlight this week, Ginger Segreti.

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Ginger Segreti

Ginger Segreti

I’ve always enjoyed breaking the rules.  Pushing people’s limits.  Toying with them.  Erotica is a way for me to both explore fantasies as well as narrate events.  I have a way with words and a way with people.

Some of my erotic stories are just that – stories sparked by a word, a casual glance across a bar or some series of events that echo real life.  Other stories are fantasy scripts.  When I write, I’m not restricted as a cis-gendered woman.  I can be whomever or whatever I want.  I can go wherever my imagination takes me.

My stories run the gauntlet from vanilla to kink, hetero to lesbian, threesomes, foursomes and moresomes.  I currently characterize myself as pansexual and I’m open to much in terms of sexual expression.   I’m personally interested in sex positive, women positive erotica.  Too often we unintentionally portray women in shameful ways, proliferating negativity associated with females and sex.

Before becoming an author I portrayed the professional good girl, career woman.  I followed the standard path – college, marriage, house with a white picket fence.  I did everything I was supposed to and I was miserable.  I felt unappreciated at work and unfulfilled. I struggled being a woman in business.  I believe that parity in the bedroom will lead to parity in the boardroom. 

I’m working at the intersection of technology and sex, building a sex positive experience through erotica, dream weaving and observations.  In developing this brand integrating erotica, self-exploration/narrative and technology, my goal is to create an oasis for the senses.  I believe that as adults we repress more than is good for us.  I want individuals to be free to express themselves and see sex and sexuality as the adult playground it is—the place where we can act, explore, challenge ourselves and above all else—have fun.

I currently have five erotic stories available. Have you ever been to an erotic literary salon?  My first experience inspired this piece about a man whose muse seems to have abandoned him at the most inopportune time.   My Muse A Literary Salon First is a quick read, low in the kink scale, MF romance with a bit of exhibitionism.  If BDSM is more your cup of tea or pleasure of choice, Mistress Charm’s New Pupil may interest you.  It was inspired by Ann Rice’s Sleeping Beauty trilogy.  Unhinged and Undone is a beautiful tale of a husband’s birthday surprise for his wife.  Will this MFM menage turn MMF?  How About A Threesome focuses on a lesbian relationship opening up to threesomes and the challenges and heat associated with such a move.  My most recently published novella, Can We have a Foursome ups the ante on the earlier exploration into threesomes and tackles new opportunities of adding a couple into the equation.  More than just swinging, can this lesbian couple have a foursome good time?


An erotica short, My Muse A Literary Salon First

Ginger SegretiIt’s Johnny’s first time at the Literary Salon. He captivates the crowd as he delivers his plea, begging his muse to reappear, to permit him to give her a glimpse of the excitement she has shown him. Watch the tale unfold through her eyes as well as his as they both experience My Muse.

This erotic short is available on Amazon.  Barnes & NobleeXcessica, and Kobo.

A snippet from My Muse A Literary Salon First:

I squeezed my legs together as a shiver rippled through my body. Was I just so sex starved that his words ripped right through me or was it something more? The heat from my core was slowly spreading with a gentle persistence, my fuel his lust, my rapture his deliverance.

          “My muse, let me please you, the way you have pleasured me.  The words that you whisper upon my ear, let me sing you a sweet melody.”

Wondering if anyone else noticed, I glanced around. He had captivated the audience with his battle.  It wasn’t just me.  There were men and women whose shallow breathe and light pink glow mirrored my own enchantment. He had become the poet aphrodisiac and I, his devoted paramour.

My eyes closed and I was transformed.  No longer a woman in the crowd, I became his muse, his words whispered upon my ear, uttered for my sole benefit. I could feel his heavy breath tickling my earlobe as he nibbled his way down my neck, the tempered exhalation simultaneously hot and cold, raising the skin on at least half of my body.


187 words from My Muse, A Literary Salon First (Erotic Short)

Copyright ©2015 Ginger Segreti. All rights, including electronic,

reserved by the author. Do not reproduce in any form without the

author’s express permission.


A Novelette Mistress Charm’s New Pupil

Helen is almost done finishing school, where the Mistresses of Grace, Charm and Beauty instruct the girls in proper etiquette and form, teaching the art of dignity, beauty and sensuality.  To encourage the utmost adherence to these principles, the Mistresses deliver expedient punishment when the girls require it, each classroom equipped with a Pandora’s Box of contrivances to deliver appropriate discipline.

Helen’s attention is torn between her teacher, Mistress Charm whose unique blend of dominance and femininity stirs Helen to dream of kissing Mistress’ boots and her boyfriend, Theseus, whose sinewy muscles and commanding presence causes her to question her place as dominant or submissive.

Mistress Charm’s New Pupil is available exclusively on Amazon.

A snippet from Mistress Charm’s New Pupil:

Ginger SegretiNo sooner had this knowing crossed my mind that my breath and pulse quickened. I wasn’t sure she had done anything more than release what was already there. I gave into the urge to spank him one last time and stood, displacing him to the floor.  I knelt, working quickly to affix the cuffs to his ankles and the spreader bar to the cuffs. I was surprised by the sudden yearning to be away from him, away from this place.  I bent down and stroked his cheek.  His eyes took on a faraway look.  I kissed him hastily, grabbing his scrotum and squeezing before standing and walking out.   I shut the door with a loud bang and locked it.

As I walked across the dungeon back to Mistress, I sought to exude the characteristics she stressed in class—dignity, sensuality and confidence. I struggled to mentally prepare.  The confusion from submissive to dominant to submissive pervaded my psyche.  I internally checked my posture and slowed my stride to exude a fluid and gentle, yet strong and purposeful composure. I lowered my eyelids slightly and raised my chest, tilting my shoulders back, resuming a natural swing to my arms and a slightly exaggerated sway to my hips tying all of the pieces together.

I stopped shy of Mistress’ chair and fell to my knees gracefully, bringing my lips to her boots.  I was beyond grateful for this opportunity to switch roles.

“That’s enough Helen.”

My name across her lips brought a fresh flush to my skin and a more prominent hunger to do her bidding.  I was torn between continuing and stopping as she requested.

“I said enough!  No amount of your sweet lips will permit you to escape punishment.”

I stopped chagrined and bent myself over, supplicant in front of her.  I allowed my body to request tenderness as I succumbed completely to her.

Mistress Charm stood and walked leisurely towards me.

“You think you can captivate me? Beguile your way out of this?”

She laughed—a soft, almost cruel harmony upon her lips.

I couldn’t help myself and peered up at her.  She seemed to be in her element.  Her hair appeared to float behind her as she stalked me, like a cat hunting prey.   She was swatting a new implement in her grasp, a long leather braided cane. Canes were far more advanced than I had ever encountered.  There were no canes in the classrooms, lest they be used accidentally by a novice. The quick snap it made in her palm, gave me an idea of the impact to anticipate. I tore my eyes from the image of her, settling them once again shut.  She was captivating.  I focused on my breathing and immersed myself in dreams of the sensations to come.

Her pointed boot jammed its way between my heels and jostled my calves apart as she reached for my behind with the cane.  She trailed it over my ass and back, issuing sporadic bouncing flicks with the snap of her wrist. These were warming shots.

“You have been a very bad girl, Helen.”


Excerpt from Mistress Charm’s New Pupil, Copyright ©2015 Ginger Segreti. All rights, including electronic, reserved by the author. Do not reproduce in any form without the author’s express permission.

A novella, How About A Threesome

Catalina is a dark haired Latin beauty with an hourglass figure and an ass that pops. She considers herself a lesbian top.  Her girlfriend Ginger is a rebellious, red-headed Aquarius who’s half hippie, half career woman.  Her sexual identity is in flux and in her secret dreams she sometimes sees a husband.  Both ladies want kids, but first they need some sperm.

Catalina suggests advertising for a threesome and their sexual odyssey begins.  Ginger thinks of it as playing the lottery and enjoys the newfound undercurrent of sex in her day-to-day.  Catalina enjoys Ginger’s jump-started libido. It’s as if they were newly dating again.

Their email floods with responses ranging from phallic to financial.  Fantasies abound and new boundaries forge as both ladies explore unchartered territory.

Choosing a man who likes to be aggressive but loves being submissive, they head out for their first threesome…

How About a Threesome is available with eXcessica , Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

A snippet from How About a Threesome:

Ginger SegretiMr. 420 soon grew tired of being pinned.  Uttering a low growl, he deftly moved me from his torso and tossed me down on the bed.  I pushed him off of me as I pulled my shirt over my head.  His lips fluttered across my abdomen and down as his hands held my sides.  Pulling my skirt from my hips over my legs he left me practically naked.  Not to be left out, he dropped his pants and stepped out of them revealing boxer briefs and a decent erection before turning to help Catalina remove her clothing.  He was too late managing only to help her slide her pants over her calves.

Dropping her pants to the floor he turned his attention back to me.  He gathered me in his arms as our lips locked.  His mouth sought more of me kissing along my chin and trailing down my neck.  He slowly approached my chest.

Catalina lay on my other side, her lips nibbling on my earlobe.  In and out her breath blew a tight cord to my pussy.  She caressed my stomach, leisurely making her way down my thighs when she whispered, “Can I blow him?”

It was the funniest, most random question, and I almost lost it.

“Yes darling if you want to.” I whispered back my heart overcome for her.

Her tongue found mine and we kissed passionately before she got up to take his boxer briefs off.  My core throbbed as Catalina positioned herself parallel to him, her mouth inching towards his cock, and her pussy in his face.  I sat down on the other side of Mr. 420, giving me ample room and the perfect view to both watch and engage as I desired.

My breath hitched as Catalina’s eyes bloomed with raw heat and desire. I grabbed my left breast with one hand and my pussy lips with the other.  His eyes were closed shielded from my inquiry and my show. Catalina moaned, her pelvis thrusting against his face while her mouth glided up and down his cock.  Spit dribbled from her lips as she took him entirely.  I watched as the juices from her cunt ran down his chin.

Excerpt from How About a Threesome, Copyright ©2015 Ginger Segreti. All rights, including electronic, reserved by the author. Do not reproduce in any form without the author’s express permission.

A novella, Can We Have A Foursome

Ginger’s red hair and Aquarius spirit commands discipline. She’s always in control.

Her hot Latin beauty of a girlfriend, Catalina, used to be content with pushing her buttons, like a good brat, until their extracurricular fun starts giving Catalina ideas.

It wasn’t the failed threesome nor the looking, Catalina’s first taste of what Ginger’s been dishing comes innocently enough.

One of their playdates yearns to be dominated.

Catalina’s caught holding the leash just when Ginger sets her sights on a new couple, Jake and Julia. With the stakes set higher and a new goalpost laid, will their relationship take the strain as Catalina explores domination and Ginger tries to score a foursome?

Can We Have a Foursome is available with eXcessica , Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

A snippet from Can We Have a Foursome:


Ginger SegretiHeading back, I took my time. They’d reconfigured themselves. Catalina remained at the far side of the booth but Mr. 309 had moved from across the table to sit next to her. Her fingers danced across his neck, ears and head, her body angled toward him, the rest of the restaurant a backdrop. She exuded heat.

My anticipation intensified. Given the opportunity, I’d play tonight.

I sat down next to him, pressing him between the two of us, and began lightly stroking his thigh. “So, I was thinking about what comes next.”

The look upon his face showed utter captivation with Catalina.

“I’d love to bend you over and pepper that ass with heat while you tongue fuck her. Let’s see it.”

Blind obedience mixed with arousal. He stared at me, his expression less than love-struck, more than lust-dumb. A spark passed across his face. Almost in slow motion, he cocked his head and fumbled with his belt.

I smiled. Our back-end booth was private, but not that private. I traced his ear. “Later. Right now, I want to see your oral equipment.”

His tongue stretched out slowly like a wind up jack-in-the-box.

I glanced at Catalina. “Long enough for you?”

She smiled and nodded. He was putty in our hands. And so ready to give up control.

“I want you to be my pet,” I whispered.

He nuzzled into me, his eyes fluttering closed. He ate up the attention, as if submitting entirely to the sensory stimulation.

“I’d take you out, maybe to a fetish event and have you service patrons. Would you be open to that? Completely under my control?”

“Mmmm.” His face burrowed closer to my chest. “I’ll try anything at least once.”

I stroked his thigh, running my fingers down between his legs, my touch grazing his cock and balls. “Good answer. Let’s go shopping. I want to get you a collar and leash and a little pouch to wear.”

Excerpt from Can We Have a Foursome, Copyright ©2016 Ginger Segreti. All rights, including electronic, reserved by the author. Do not reproduce in any form without the author’s express permission.

Unhinged & Undone

Tristan takes exceptional care of his wife, Autumn. Every year for her birthday he selects a special someplace ending the evening with an amorous adventure.

This year he crafts a decadent indulgence for the senses and invites a male friend to join in the fun.

The surprise birthday threesome leads the husband and wife on an erotic journey of self-discovery and sexual satiety as they push boundaries and limits and dream to be DesireBound.

Unhinged and Undone is available with Cobblestone, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Ginger SegretiA snippet from Unhinged and Undone:

“I have a surprise for you.” Tristan took my hands in his. “Would you mind getting our dessert to go?”

He knew my affinity for sweets. My chest fluttered as he peered at me expectantly. I couldn’t help but wonder what else he had up his sleeve.

“I am a bit full,” I said as I reconsidered. Today was my birthday, after all. I swirled my drink and met his eyes. “But perhaps we could have a cup of coffee and just a taste of dessert before we go?”

The idea of leaving without sampling the last course was unbearable. I’d been contemplating it since we arrived. As the waiter had presented each plate, my expectations had heightened until I could only imagine how decadent the final confection might be.

The earnest expression on Tristan’s face captivated me as I gazed into his gray irises.

“Of course, Autumn. I love you and want you to treasure your birthday.” His face took on a devilish grin. “Every year.”

He relished the opportunity to surprise me. Each event had ended with a new or innovative sexual twist.  I couldn’t help but marvel about what this year’s happy ending might be.

Excerpt from Unhinged and Undone, Copyright ©2015 Ginger Segreti. All rights, including electronic, reserved by the author. Do not reproduce in any form without the author’s express permission.

Ginger Segreti

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