Erofame Germany 2015 Report | European Adult Industry Trade Show

Erofame Germany 2015 Report

By Cara Sutra

Our trip to Erofame Germany 2015 (the European adult industry trade show; find the official website here) was more fun and eventful than ever before. It was also the first trip out of the country for my partner Darren & I together (aw) so we had double cause for celebration. I’m really pleased that Darren (find his website at Sablecraft) was able to come with me on this occasion, not only because I miss him so much when I’m away but also because he’s quite renowned by this stage as being a fantastic IT consultant and web dev for the industry.

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Day One

A Date With Doxy

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Octoberfest 2015

Day Three

The Last Night

Top Toy Picks from Erofame 2015

Erofame Germany 2015 Report European Adult Industry Trade Show

Getting To Erofame Germany 2015

We left our North Lincolnshire home on Tuesday 6th October at 1pm and our flight to Hanover was about 6pm that evening, departing from Birmingham airport. Although it was dry and bright when we left, upon our arrival at the airport we were glad to be leaving the UK – so much rain! On the way we happened to stop at a supermarket and I did the obligatory sushi and wine thing. May as well kick-start the adventure with a splash of wine.

Not having visited or travelled from Birmingham airport before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. It’s much bigger than I thought it would be, and had a fantastic selection of shops (admittedly, mostly WH Smiths – we saw 5 of them) as well as restaurants and bars. It’s a good job really, as our flight was delayed almost an hour and a half, so we were pretty much forced to enjoy a lovely meal in Frankie & Bennys – as well as some more wine. It’s a really tough life sometimes.

Finally, after chilling out in the bar for a while, our gate was open. Germany, here we come!

The flight to Hanover was pretty uneventful, thankfully – apart from perhaps another mini bottle of wine (I don’t get out much, honest) – and we reached Germany safe and sound. It was very dark by the time we arrived, not helped by the fact that they’re an hour ahead of us in the UK.

As my D in GSCE German doesn’t really stand up to the rigours of communicating with Actual German People, it’s very fortunate that many over there know at least a little English. Finding a taxi, we pulled out our hotel booking email and the driver seemed to know what we were on about.

The Hotel

We were staying at the Maritim Hotel – but we didn’t realise there were two Maritim Hotels in Hanover, one in the city and one by the airport. Our driver did take us to the correct one though and with no small amount of relief we paid the driver and hoisted our cases up the stairs to reception. As a side note, the €30 trip from airport to hotel was to be the start of an unavoidable fleecing that lasted til we left. Taxis are so expensive over there!

From the outside, Maritim looks like a massive grey concrete tower block – pretty much like the rest of Hanover. It’s not a pretty hotel, and it’s not a pretty city. I know, I know – don’t mention the war. Anyway from our online booking I was expecting about the same level of luxury inside the hotel as a not-yet-refurbed Travel Lodge (shudder) but for once, I was speechless when we entered the building.

It’s a gorgeous hotel. Oh sure, you can tell the carpet needs replacing and the décor is so 70s it hurts, but still. I was expecting the equivalent of an Easy Hotel but with the addition of fag burns in everything (smoking indoors is still legal in Germany, sadly) but it was… comfortable and large. The staff were friendly and my smile got even bigger when the lady told us we’d been upgraded to a suite for no extra charge.

Upon reaching our room and opening the door we were amazed to see the size of it. Again, very 70s-tastic, but wow. Such room! Much space! Huge superking bed, chill out area with armchair and sofa, large flatscreen TV, pristine bathroom with all the extras plus a bath AND a shower – and then there’s the balcony. A shame the weather was so cold but the views of New City Hall at night are spectacular as you can see from my photos.

Oh and how can I forget? Mini bar. Darren set to fixing the ‘unacceptable’ wi-fi internet in the room while I had a little raid of the fridge. Not too much though, the next day was Day One of Erofame and I had so much work to do. After washing, settling and watching the most hilarious film on standard German TV (everyone seemed to start naked and get more clothed as the film went on) we finally got to sleep, albeit with a sense of excitement about what Erofame Germany 2015 had in store for us this year.

Day One at Erofame Germany 2015

Taxi again in the morning – to Day One of Erofame Germany 2015. I had a meeting with Elisabeth of Pjur at half eleven, and just about made it in time after registering on the door and getting our entry passes. We also received our Octoberfest tickets then too – very exciting. As you read about already in my pre-event post, it was to be my very first Octoberfest even though I’d attended Erofame before.

Our first day of Erofame Germany 2015 went by in a flash where we reconnected with some familiar faces from the industry, meeting some companies I hadn’t had the chance to meet in person previously, and finding out about some brand new products to the industry for 2015. It was lovely for Darren and I to speak to our friends at Nexus Generation (Darren made this website, isn’t it lovely?!), Rocks Off, ElectraStim, ABS Holdings and Simply Pleasure, Sexshop 365, Hot Octopuss, Rouge, Creative Conceptions and of course lovely Will from Doxy Massager.

People I’d spoken to on many occasions but hadn’t had the chance to meet up with included Liberator (UK Site) – who promised some lovely goodies to take home and review if I popped back Friday afternoon – AVE Concept who were unveiling more of their family of SKY ‘cloud’ vibrators, Je Joue and their brand new Ooh by Je Joue pick ‘n’ mix sex toys (my review) and the very friendly & enthusiastic MysteryVibe who is hoping to have their intriguing Crescendo vibrator ready in time for Christmas.

Day one erofame

A video posted by Cara Sutra (@carasutra) on

Tweaking Butt at the ABS holdings stand! #erofame A video posted by Cara Sutra (@carasutra) on

The day was interspersed with food laid on by the event in the form of an all you can eat buffet, which had plenty of lovely looking hot dishes available. We weren’t sure exactly what everything was, but we really enjoyed them all the same. There was chicken and fish, some potato salad and boiled potatoes, rice and salad dishes and some other stews. No sausage and sauerkraut but there was time for all that. Later in the day I did sample some bockwurst in the cafe, along with some of their potato salad which isn’t at all like English potato salad. It was slices of potato in a mildly curry tasting mayo. Different but nice. Especially when you’ve been walking a trade fair for hours!

A Date With Doxy

Finally day one of Erofame Germany 2015 was coming to a close, and we’d arranged to share one of the quite costly taxis back to the city centre with Will from Doxy. While chatting we decided that we’d spend the evening in each other’s company, catching up over a few drinks and a lovely meal somewhere. Will and his friend Camal (who owns a male underwear wholesale company) stopped in our hotel bar while we had a quick change, then once comfortable we headed out into the town.

After being pretty disappointed with what Hannover city centre was turning up with regards to restaurants and bars, we finally decided to take a chance on a lively looking Mexican place. Music was banging and the place was busy, so we hoped we’d made a good choice. Indeed we had, as the food was lovely and the mojitos moreish (aren’t they always?). It *was* slightly weird to all be offered a massage by two random women before our meal, but there we go.

There were still two days of Erofame Germany 2015 to go, including Octoberfest the next night, so instead of a mad one we were very sensible and got back to the hotel for about half ten. One last tipple from the mini-bar (making the most of it), quick shower then bed.

Day Two of Erofame Germany 2015

Day Two of Erofame Germany 2015 started early and we felt prepared for the very long day ahead. I’d brought outfits and heels in case there was a way to change between Erofame and Octoberfest but sadly it wasn’t to be – we were going to have to go straight from the expo hall. Coaches would be picking us up from there to take us to Octoberfest once the trade show finished that day at half five. No matter – I donned a bright but comfortable dress and some fairly boring but super comfortable shoes. I was glad of this later on…

It was lovely to be able to take our time on day two of Erofame Germany 2015. We’d already experienced the first buzz of the event, on Wednesday, and this second day Thursday was easy-going and enjoyable. I had some time to speak with the fab Merlin from Lovehoney, find out about the new Weekend Collection from the Fifty Shades of Grey range and also their recent acquisition of Nookii. I had some extensive chats with LELO and Jimmyjane (new reviews coming up soon for both), and met up with the ETO Magazine gang at the Intense Toys (Wingpow trading) stand. More news on those coming soon…

Another manufacturing company, PeachBud, were very pleased to meet me and grabbed me for photographs which made me feel quite celeb! I’d been admiring their glass toys in a cabinet at the front of their large stand, which included glass dildos in the shape of pistols and a glass rabbit vibrator which was very interesting. Peachbud also make real feel dolls and masturbators in the shape of body parts.

Erofame Germany 2015 Report European Adult Industry Trade Show

Our walkabout also saw us meeting up with some of the larger companies, such as Orion and Scala, Cal Ex, Pipedream (we left quickly. I also couldn’t stand the amount smoke at their bar), Topco, Shots, Toy Joy and Doc Johnson. Doc J were lovely to speak with and we enjoyed learning about their new additions, many of which were ‘tunnel plugs’. It’s thanks to Doc Johnson that I now know all about ‘butt chugging‘ – thank you for that 😉

We enjoyed an all too brief chat with Joke from Mister B, skipped by Nass Toys who were always pretty busy, and nabbed a Cannabis lube sachet from Cobeco to try out. We stopped longer in Joy Division (which amused Darren no end as they share their name with an old Brit rock band) when we saw a range of Cosmopolitan Magazine sex toys. Don’t get too excited UK friends – it’s Cosmopolitan Germany, but still.

Erofame Germany 2015 Report European Adult Industry Trade Show

Erofame Germany 2015 Report European Adult Industry Trade Show

It was rather exciting to see such a mainstream name attached to not only a set of vibrating sex toys but also some bondage. Will they make it over to the UK? Not sure yet, but I hope so. I believe it would do our industry a lot of good to have more mainstream names help to rid the last of any shame or stigma which surrounds the sale and use of adult products.

Day two at the Erofame Germany 2015 trade fair was coming to an end but our day of fun certainly wasn’t. As the crowds drifted outside from the show into the last of the daylight, the coaches were coming round for us all to pile into excitedly. It was time for Octoberfest!

Octoberfest 2015

A short ride on the coach – Octoberfest was also being held in the expo halls but a short ride away, the expo halls or ‘Messe’ covers absolutely miles around – and we were there. The doors were decorated very festively and we were welcomed as soon as we arrived not only by the serving men and women in traditional dress but also the sounds of lively excited chatter from people already there, and the music in the background. We dropped our coats and bags into the cloakroom, turned around and was immediately presented with an apple shot from -appropriately enough- Shots toys, and a branded Lederhosen which I couldn’t wear as I had my dress on. I popped it into the cloakroom to take home with me. Two steps beyond Shots’ shots stand and we were given a drink of our choice (wine for me, Pepsi for him) and an enormous chunkily salted pretzel. The dough of these pretzels is amazing but the salt – large lumps on top – well let’s just say it’s a good job there was a lot of beer flowing around!

We’d been on one of the first coaches away from Erofame Germany 2015 so I didn’t recognise many of the folk already there. Most of our friends and colleagues had headed back for a change at their group hotels I think. No matter, we found a table to the right of the screen/stage/dance floor and it was a relief to set down my assortment of drinks and snacks I’d been handed in the couple of minutes since arriving.

Before long we saw people we recognised arriving, including a lovely couple we’d chatted to earlier that day. From Italy, this couple (who will trade as Persian Palm) hand make ceramic sex toys which are lovingly painted with gorgeous and intricate designs and patterns. I will have more news on these in the coming months too, once they’re ready to share with the world. 😉 We spent much of the evening chatting to this lovely couple, eating hot food from the all you can eat buffet (apparently breaded escalopes are the height of posh nosh in Germany) and then had a crazy night dancing on the dancefloor. Along with flashing sunglasses, glow sticks and plenty of wine (for me; everyone else was on the beer).

The night ended with a long chat with the ETO magazine team and getting to know new recruit Kirsty who is an absolute blast. Darren and I made it back to the hotel for 3am – which sounds rather late until you hear that certain other people were out til 5am. I was struggling with our 3am bedtime – Friday was going to be difficult!

Day Three of Erofame Germany 2015

Sure enough, Friday morning came and went and we still weren’tback at Erofame Germany 2015. Darren was merely enjoying a long lie-in (he’d been on Pepsi all night, doesn’t drink much alcohol) but I had, shall we politely call it, a *slight* headache. After searching for a cash machine for the damn taxi to the Messe again (cash machines seem to be well hidden in Germany, at one point I think we entered the German equivalent of the main Bank of England and asked to take out a bit of cash) we headed off for the last day of the show. Arriving about 1pm the atmosphere was definitely more subdued than the previous two days – I was definitely not the only one with an Octoberfest-flavoured headache.

Needing carbs we headed to the café and sampled the Thai curry and rice which was lovely. It was there I met up with Mark from Sheets of San Francisco, and after a hug and hello he broke the news that KinkCraft had already left. Such a shame to miss them! Happily we’ll all be at Smut Manchester next week so we can have a chat then. Mark from Sheets of SF talked with us a while, discussing my recent reviews of their sheets and the future of the business. Very exciting.

Parting ways to let Mark get on with his other meetings, we also headed out into the fair. Some last minute photos of the stands, quick hellos and goodbyes to several people again including Adam from Hot Octopuss, the ABS Holdings team, Je Joue and Intense Toys and then I remembered I needed to get to the Liberator stand for my promised goodies. The new products are incredibly exciting – absolutely gorgeous and my brief flirtations with Liberator sex furniture so far has left me very impressed. There was a slight panic when I couldn’t find Liberator, then after checking the map we finally tracked them down. Luckily I had my rucksack with me which ended up stuffed with all kinds of amaze – and you’ll be able to read those reviews and lust over the photographs here in the coming weeks. Thanks Liberator!

All too soon Erofame Germany 2015 was coming to a close – it ended at 4pm Friday rather than 5.30pm as on the previous two days – and stands were slowly being dismantled. Bottles of water were being drained, rehydrating the late night Octoberfest teams, and weary eyed reps were showing renewed sparks of enthusiasm when thinking about the flight home. Erofame is a long show and trade fairs can be extremely exhausting – but it was another absolute winner and everyone I spoke to thoroughly enjoyed themselves, whether on stands or walking the floor.

One final walk-around and who came up and hugged me while we were having our last chat with Will from Doxy, but Vikki from Uber Kinky! It was lovely to meet up again, albeit so briefly as she had a ton of meetings arranged. We said goodbye to Mon and Chloe at Nexus Generation, Kerri & Kate from ABS and Soumyadip from MysteryVibe. Then with a sense of sadness at it all being over for another year we headed out for the taxi ride back to the hotel.

The Last Night of Erofame Germany 2015

We didn’t have our flight that night, very deliberately as I knew we’d be too tired to travel. The hangover now just about over, we were still exhausted from the excitement of the day before as well as walking the floor once again at Erofame Germany 2015. Our flight was mid Saturday morning, so we had another night in our gorgeous suite, and time to enjoy hot baths and showers, pack everything up carefully and have a quiet and early(ish) night together.

Spreading out the goodies and freebie bags from the last few days on the hotel floor it was surprising how much there was. I’d declined as much as possible from folk, opting to have it posted for reviews if at all possible, knowing that I only had a certain amount of space in my luggage and also aware of the weight allowances of our cases. Still, the leaflets, catalogues and freebies amassed still came to quite a lot – and I was glad we’d decided to bring two cases instead of one for both of us.

That night we enjoyed a very relaxed meal in the hotel bar. Huge steaks with peppercorn sauce, and chips – chips! We thought nothing in Germany would come with chips but a MacDonalds. I do like the potato salad don’t get me wrong – but after a few days of having it with everything I was getting a bit sick of the sight of it. Tucking into our huge meals at the retro-glam bar (along with soft drinks, this time!) we blissed out to the background music (including a hysterical burst of Fuck You by Cee Lo Green, jazz club this was not) and enjoyed our last night.

After the huge dinner – which was followed by delicious ice cream sundaes – we went up to chill even more with some TV. After being back in the room for a while and debating when to start packing in earnest, we heard some bangs outside. This was quite startling to begin with, especially after we’d seen so many bomb damaged buildings including that church ruin on Wednesday night. Reminding myself that this isn’t the early 40s (and not to mention the war) we headed out on to the balcony – and were amazed. There was a massive firework display happening over the new city hall. Such perfect timing! I took far too many photographs as usual, and a couple of short videos, and the rest of the time enjoyed cuddling with Darren on the balcony as we watched ‘our special send-off’ from Germany. <3

Once the fireworks were over it was time to settle down for our last night’s sleep in Hannover for another year. I was desperately missing home at this point, especially my two boys. The next morning we were up at some silly early hour, in our last taxi ride of the adventure on our way back to the airport. Our flight was about 11am but we needed to be there a couple of hours before. Who should we bump into at the airport, who would be on our flight, but Leigh from We Vibe. A quick hug and catch up in the check-in and bag drop queue, then D and I went off to have a dirty burger in MacD’s before the flight (it’s an established Erofame tradition, I’m told).

Our flight home was uneventful (again, thankfully) and soon we were touching down in Birmingham airport along with a bag of Hannover souvenirs picked up in duty-free. Our driver minnie was there already, waiting to drive us home – and that was that.

Erofame Germany 2015 – done!

Top Toy Picks from Erofame Germany 2015

Sparta prostate massager by Nexus Generation

Erofame Germany 2015 Report European Adult Industry Trade Show

Silicone Noir Rocker Electro Butt Plugs from Electrastim

Erofame Germany 2015 Report European Adult Industry Trade Show

Womanizer W500 Pro (version 2)

Erofame Germany 2015 Report European Adult Industry Trade Show

Crescendo by MysteryVibe

Erofame Germany 2015 Report European Adult Industry Trade Show

The LoveArts Pillow from Liberator

Erofame Germany 2015 Report European Adult Industry Trade Show

Ruby Glow by Tabitha Rayne / Rocks Off Ltd

Erofame Germany 2015 Report European Adult Industry Trade Show

Intense Toys range

Erofame Germany 2015 Report European Adult Industry Trade Show

Ooh by Je Joue

Erofame Germany 2015 Report European Adult Industry Trade Show

Erofame Germany 2015 was another brilliant European adult trade show, well organised, friendly and lots of fun. Our first Octoberfest was memorable and brilliant as well, definitely doing that again next year. Thanks to everyone I met for making it such an amazing show – and if I’ve missed anyone out (sorry!) just give me a poke in the comments, on Twitter or by email and I’ll add you in.

See you again in 2016, Hannover and Erofame!


Erofame Germany 2015 Report European Adult Industry Trade Show

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  1. Wowow! What a trip! I was so sad to miss all the fun this year (amazing fun last year) but reading this wonderful post makes me feel like I was there. Thank you Cara 🙂
    And for taking such gorgeous piccies x x x

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