Destiny Moon – Erotic Author Spotlight Series

Destiny Moon – Erotic Author Spotlight Series

This week’s erotic author in the spotlight is Destiny Moon and you can find out more about this lovely author in her feature below. Destiny shares fascinating facts about herself as well as her musings on why she writes what she writes. There are also three brilliant excerpts for you to  enjoy, including one from a novel which is released later this year. Thanks for stepping into the spotlight, Destiny!

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Destiny Moon Erotic Author Spotlight Series

Destiny Moon Biography

Destiny Moon Erotic Author Spotlight Series

Thanks for having me on Cara Sutra today and for asking me to tell your readers more about who I am. Why don’t I launch into it with how I got into erotic romance?

It started with a bad relationship, actually. It had been eight years of being together, long after all our real feelings disappeared and even the physical connection was gone. He was cheating on me and I’d reached a point where I didn’t even care. Can you imagine? So when I say it was a bad relationship, I mean it was that bad. But we had a business together, which is a lot like having kids together, I think, so we tried to make it work. The way I coped with all that was to escape to my own fantasy world.

Before we even moved apart I began keeping notebooks of ideas, things I wanted to try with other lovers, fantasies I longed to explore, props I wanted to handle. When I found a place of my own, I bought a single bed and had only one chair. I didn’t want anyone getting the idea that I was looking to settle down into another complicated live-in relationship any time soon. My string of adventures began. It was my late puberty phase where my hormones raged and my emotions were all over the place. Even though I was almost thirty, I had, up to then, only been with one man. Of course I fell in love and had my heart broken many times, but for over a decade I tried a great deal of the stuff I’d dreamed of and I started writing.

Eventually, I did settle down again. I found my soul mate some years ago and in this relationship, I have been given the support to share my writing with readers. I believe sexuality is a very important part of being human, of figuring out who we are in the world. It takes some of us a long time to understand who we are and what we need. I tend to be drawn to protagonists who haven’t got it all figured out or who are caught off guard by a surprising twist. That’s life. At least, it’s my life. I grew up thinking I wanted to be committed to one man and one man only for the rest of my life. I can’t believe how naïve and silly that seems now, but it was sincere at the time. I had this crazy idea that love was pure if it was like that. Now, I see love as pure regardless of how many partners or relationships one has, regardless of the gender of one’s lover(s), regardless of the types of acts one gets up to. I think that’s why I like writing about women who have threesomes or multiple lovers. I don’t think it detracts. It’s actually the opposite. The more we love, the more we’re capable of love.

Another reason I found myself drawn to erotic romance is that I had experienced real relationships in a very different way than the ones I had sometimes read about. This is undoubtedly true for most of us romance readers. I mean, they don’t call it escapism for nothing. But I did struggle to find male characters who were like the guys I was attracted to. It’s not always a popular choice in romance to talk about a guy being overweight or looking like Patton Oswalt (whom I adore), but that’s what I wanted to write. I also wanted to write about men with submissive streaks, men with big hearts and open minds, younger men, men who were emotionally and physically loyal instead of the lone wolf ideal I grew up on.

Even just in my small group of friends, I noticed that it’s often us women who are hesitant to commit. That’s a real shift from decades and centuries past and I think it’s worth looking at how that changes our desires in terms of romance. I can’t be the only woman who doesn’t want some Alpha dude coming into my life and telling me what’s what all over the place. I get enough mansplaining on the subway and at work. I really don’t long for it in my private life, too. In my experience, the Alpha thing is hot in the bedroom only. The rest of the time, I want to spend time with someone who is more relaxed about gender roles.

Maybe that’s just me.

So there’s my long rambling self-analysis of why I write what I write. I’m delighted to be included on a site like Cara Sutra, which I actually found and started following long before I became published. It feels great to know that there are like-minded folks who believe in celebrating sexuality, desire and emotional intimacy. If, like me, you internalized some silly notions of shame and guilt around your sexual expression/identity/desires while going through the world, I hope that you find a way to let that BS go. It doesn’t serve you or anyone else. Pick up a steamy book and enjoy it!

– Destiny Moon

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Totally Bound Author Page

Destiny Moon on Amazon UK Author Page

Erotic Writing by Destiny Moon

Destiny Moon Erotic Author Spotlight Series

Blurb for Perfect on Paper by Destiny Moon:

When Nadine loses it all, she must rebuild her life. But maybe she no longer wants what she used to have.

Nadine Baxter pieces her life back together after losing her job, her fiancé and her grandfather—all at once. She goes back to her university job working at the bookstore where she meets David, a young guy with a huge crush on her. While Nadine is flattered, she’s also well aware that she’s in a different stage of life and, more than a relationship, she wants to launch a business doing furniture restoration like her grandfather.

When David’s persistence earns him a date, Nadine is surprised by how much she likes him. His maturity and attentiveness impress her and she begins to consider the idea of being with him. Just when her life is finally looking up, her ex-fiancé Allan reappears. He wants her back and he still has power over her. As much as she wants to deny it, he really is perfect for her on paper. Everyone wants them to be together, including both their families.

With the help of an eccentric elderly lady, a couple of dogs and a long lost gift from her grandfather, Nadine must figure out whether real love has anything to do with what is perfect on paper.

General Release Date: 8th September 2015


Excerpt from Perfect on Paper by Destiny Moon::

Nadine emerged with two oversized glasses on a tray. Next to the glasses there was a plate divided into three and in each compartment there was some kind of snack, but David couldn’t make out the exact nature of the edibles in the soft light.

Nadine set the tray down and sat down next to David on the couch. She smiled at the choice of music.

“I haven’t listened to her in ages.”

“I hope you like it.”

“Great choice. I love Billie Holiday.”

Nadine tucked her legs up onto the seat. She reached for David’s hand and took it in hers, guiding his arm around her. “There,” she said. “I love that.”

He gave her a squeeze to let her feel how badly he wanted to hold onto her. She turned to him and he didn’t hesitate. He gave her a bold kiss on the mouth.

David was all over Nadine, exploring her face, the back of her neck, her creamy skin above the neckline of her shirt.

“Mmm,” Nadine moaned. “I like this side of you.”

David wanted to make sure that he understood exactly. “What do you mean?”

“You’re so…different suddenly, like, more aggressive.”

“Do you want me to ease up?”

“No, I like it.”

“Good, because there are so many things I want to do to you.”

“Oh good,” Nadine purred. “Maybe I should take you to the bedroom.”

“I’d like that,” David said. “Maybe I’ll take you there.” And with that, he picked her up and tossed her over his shoulder as though he was a caveman dragging his lady back to his dwelling.

“Take me,” she said.

“That’s all I need to hear,” David said. They headed to the bedroom and David skillfully navigated his way to the bed in the darkness. He avoided turning on the overhead lamp, as the sense of the moment guided him. Somehow he knew to reach down to the switch on the soft lamp that sat atop Nadine’s dresser. There was a warm glow. He placed Nadine on the bed. She was still wearing her clothes, but he hoped it wouldn’t be long before they were in a heap on the floor.

David took control of the situation. He surveyed the landscape of her room as he watched her with careful attention. He noticed the candles she had on her dresser and went to them. He struck a match and lit the wicks, blew out the match and placed it carefully atop the box, so as not to leave a mark on the surface. He felt, as she did, that furniture was something to be treated with respect.

David turned back to face her, his eyes as concentrated as ever. He unbuttoned his shirt.


To Nadine, it seemed like he had just come from a week out in the woods, and he had an eagerness and roughness that suggested the same. Nadine watched him as though he was her very own male stripper, her boy toy.

“Are you going to take it off?” she asked.

He pointed to the tight white shirt. “This?”

She nodded.

“Do you want me to?”

She nodded again.

“Nadine Baxter, you naughty girl. You want to check me out, don’t you?”

“Oh yes.” She bit her lower lip.

“All right, you asked for it.” He slowly lifted the shirt up over his chiseled chest revealing an incredibly fit abdominal region. She’d seen washboard abs in magazines, but never in person—not like this. He had the body of an athlete. She’d had no idea that he was that fit. He was so nonchalant about it, so unlike most of the jock types she’d come across over the years. He had the kind of physique she imagined artists would want to sculpt. His skin was tan and looked especially alluring in the soft lighting. She couldn’t wait to touch him.

He came to her without taking his eyes off of her. It was intoxicating the way he concentrated on her.

He adjusted the pillows, creating a type of reclining position for her. Then he ran his fingers over her décolletage. She touched his skin, running her fingers over his muscular upper arms and chest. This was a view she could get used to. She flushed hot with desire at the rippling textures. He was, by anyone’s definition, a sexy man. But he took her hands off him and lowered them to her sides. She fell back on the cushions she was propped up on.

“Take this off,” he ordered. Nadine was surprised at the forcefulness of his tone and she loved it. She pulled the top up over her head to reveal her bra. He kissed her left shoulder and playfully, softly, took a bite into it. Then he kissed along the top of her left shoulder, around her neck and followed a path all the way to her right shoulder like he was traversing a mountain range with his lips. She shivered and felt the light tickle of his touch everywhere. He reached behind her and without waiting for help, he unclasped the back of her bra with one hand. The man had skills.

She was topless. Exposed. Still, he kept his eyes locked with hers. His hands found her C-cup breasts and held them like they were precious gifts. He was deliberate. Then he started to massage them, lightly at first. He squeezed her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, and she found herself hungry for his touch.

“Nadine. You are so much hotter than I ever imagined.” He held her nipples taut.

She moaned at the sensation that made its way straight from her nipples to her clit. She squirmed with delight. The sight of David in front of her was almost too much to take. He caressed her breasts and lowered his mouth to take a nipple into it. She savored the slow way he sucked on her, the feeling she had that he wanted more and more of her.

She touched him back, held his head between her hands, ran her fingers through his thick brown hair. He was so good looking, and it felt good to finally give in to her attraction. She’d wanted him to take her like this ever since they survived the elevator ordeal. Had she really listened to the messages her body sent, she’d have given in to her lust back then, but she was glad they had waited. It meant that she was in a heightened state now. Watching him as he seduced her by sucking on her sensitive nipples, alternating back and forth, like he was studying her reaction, was more than she ever could have anticipated. She let herself relax into it. He signaled to her that he was in charge, and she was more than thrilled.

But she longed to return the favor. Nadine had always been a generous lover, making sure that she gave at least as much as she received, and tonight was no exception. She wanted to please David. She wanted, also, to experience his body.

She reached for his zipper. He pulled her hand away immediately. She thought he was being playful, so she tried again. Again, he took her by the wrist and placed her hand back down on the bed beside her, only this time he held her there.

“Don’t even think about it. Tonight, I’m pleasuring you,” he said in a tone that rivaled the forcefulness of his kissing.

– Destiny Moon

Destiny Moon Erotic Author Spotlight Series

Blurb for Love Uninhibited by Destiny Moon:

When Maya admits her darkest fantasy of being captured by a gang of pirates and forced to surrender, Hunter makes her dream come true.

Every woman has fantasies, but Maya is new to even talking about them, let alone acting on them. A divorcée from Utah, she breaks free from her repressive past when she moves to Boston on a whim. Starting a new life as a single woman in a big city is a challenge, but for someone who was taught that sexual desires were wrong, it is particularly hard. When Hunter, a charming co-worker, wants to date her, she must face her worst fear—that she’s just not ready for a ‘normal’ relationship.

However, Maya’s attraction to and trust in Hunter eventually pays off. To her own surprise, she finds herself revealing the truth to him. Though she expects judgment, she is met with enthusiasm. Hunter wants to satisfy her deepest darkest longing—to be captured by a gang of pirates and forced to surrender to them. In Hunter she finds a man capable of making her dream come true, but is she ready for the reality of group sex? And is Hunter ready to share his girlfriend with a bunch of other men?

Reader Advisory: This book contains a forced submission fantasy, public sex and group sex.

General Release Date: 20th October 2015


Excerpt from Love Uninhibited by Destiny Moon::

He’d done this before. He’d gotten me to tell him my fantasy then he’d found a way to act it out. That was how we ending up having sex on a hiking trail. Well, I was game. It wasn’t every day we went to a costume party, and I knew the dress turned him on. Frankly, it was working its magic on me, too.

“The pirate takes me back on board his ship,” I began.

“Yeah?” He toyed with me by pressing his dick against me without entering me. He was such a dominant guy. I knew he was not going to fuck me until I satisfied him with my admission. This was the tactic he’d used in the past to get me to admit I wanted him to tie me up, so I figured I had nothing to lose.

“Then he takes me back to his cabin and fucks me.”

“You’re holding back,” he said, running his fingers seductively over my nipples. “There’s something else you’re imagining. Don’t think you can censor your fantasies from me.”

That was Hunter. I breathed in slowly, feeling the tip of his cock against the folds of my opening.

“He fucks me hard,” I continued.

“Be honest with me, wench. Tell me everything. Everything.” He smacked the back of my ass hard. The sting shocked me and I turned around to look at him. He smoothed the rounds of my cheeks and kneaded my butt.

“Hunter,” I pleaded.

“I won’t make you do anything you don’t want to. You know that, baby. I just want to hear more about what you think about.”

Momentarily out of character, he bent down and kissed my bum, then stood again and gave me another smack. I loved his playfulness. Never before had I had a lover who brought this kind of fun to the bedroom—or hotel room, in our case.

I’d admitted to him on previous occasions that there were things in the darkest part of my mind that I dared not divulge. He’d told me back then that he’d pry them out of me with his unbelievable charm. I’d laughed, but I did know he’d meant every word. There was no time like the present to tell him, but years of social conditioning made it nearly impossible to talk about what I really wanted.

He fondled my nipples again.

“He calls to the other pirates,” I finally said.

“Oh he does, does he?”

“They come in and see him fucking his wench, and they watch for a while. Then he gives them a nod and one by one they begin to undress.”

“Yeah? Then what do they do?”

I gulped. Was I really about to tell him my deepest secret? I wanted to feel him inside me so bad. It was a daring thing to do, but I was so turned on at that point that I invited him into a fantasy world I never thought I’d share with anyone.

“He blindfolds her and ties her hands to the bed so she can’t move, and he tells her she’s going to get manhandled by the whole crew.”

“Is she afraid?”

“No, she wants it.”

“Mmm.” He slid his cock into me just a tiny bit. “Tell me more.”

“She has no idea who is touching her or how many men there are, but she feels the warmth from their hands on her. Before she knows it, one man’s cock is inside her and she knows it’s not the pirate’s. It feels different. He fucks her until he finishes then he pulls out and another enters her. The pirate goes to her mouth and forces her to give him oral sex.”

“Oh yeah,” Hunter said as he slowly entered me and began to thrust in and out. “Go on.”

“When all the men have had a turn, he finally tells them all to leave so he can claim her for himself. He unties her, lies back and pulls her onto him. He orders her to ride him until she comes. They orgasm together.”

He fucked me harder and harder, until he again pulled out and lay down right there on the floor. He pulled me on top of him. I couldn’t believe my own demeanor. No one had coaxed that kind of slutty talk out of me ever—not even close. I was so turned on I could barely contain it.

“Ride me, baby,” he instructed. “Take what you need. I want you to come harder than you ever have before.”

With his hands on my nipples and his cock hard and deep in my pussy, I did what he ordered. Freeing my fantasy from the constraints of privacy was an immense aphrodisiac. It was almost as if talking about it was the same thing as doing it. It was not long before my clit sent the signals that I was reaching the point of no return. He held on to my hips and thrust into me.

“I’m coming,” I cried. The wave of delight came over me, and as I felt my pussy tighten around Hunter’s cock, I looked at his face. He, too, was on the edge.

“Oh, baby,” he called out. “Oh yeah. I can’t hold back any longer.”

– Destiny Moon

Destiny Moon Erotic Author Spotlight Series

Blurb for Let Us Eat Cake by Destiny Moon:

Busy and cynical Rachel could not have expected to run into her old school crush at the grocery store, much less imagined what he has in mind for her.

University undergrad Rachel Perkins has given up on dating. She’s busy with classes and a job. One night she goes out grocery shopping in the middle of the Michigan winter. At the store she runs into a guy with whom she had a brief romance in high school. It doesn’t take long for the old sparks to start flying again, and Rachel can’t decide what to do.

When she follows her heart to Jeff’s place, she learns that he seems quite different from her, particularly when it comes to desires—or is he? His revelation that he is into dominance both frightens and excites her. She has fantasized about being submissive under the right circumstances but never expected those circumstances to pan out. When Jeff offers her an opportunity to explore, she wants to take it.

However, when her own fears kick in, Rachel must grapple with her sexual identity. Does she have the power to give up control? Jeff is confident that he can give her what she needs, but that’s a tall order when she herself is unsure what that is.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of breast play, light bondage and public sex.

General Release Date: 3rd November 2015



Excerpt from Let Us Eat Cake by Destiny Moon:

He drove me home and despite the freezing temperatures outside, I’d never felt hotter. When we stopped in front of my place, he turned off the engine.

“I’m really glad I ran into you,” he said.

I looked into my lap, unable to meet his gaze. “Me too.”



“Look at me.” His voice dropped to that lower register that instantly made me respond.

I did as he said. He smiled at me. “Do you know how beautiful you are?”

Oh stop.

I made a face.

“It’s not just that you’re pretty. You are pretty, but there is something more to you, too. Your eyes sparkle. You try to conceal a great deal with them, don’t you?”

How was he able to make me feel so naked?

“Uh…” No guy had ever said anything like that to me before. It was like I was being called out on what I knew to be my biggest challenge in relationships. “I guess I’ve learned to put up walls,” I said, trying not to sound too defensive, even though I was.

“I’m glad you can tell me. I want to know more. What can I say? You intrigue me. You always have.”

“I think it’s safe to say that’s mutual, mister,” I said in a joking sort of voice, trying to lighten the tone of a conversation that seemed to reach into the depths of our souls. When in doubt, make ‘em laugh. That had worked in the past.

He smiled as though he was humored, but then he took my hand and lifted it to his face. I knew I could be really seen by him, and I wondered what it would be like to get past humor and niceties into a place that didn’t require walls.

He tickled the skin on the back of my hand with his lips. It wasn’t a kiss, but the tease of a kiss. I shuddered. It was all too much for a girl who, a few hours earlier, had only had her sights as high as lentil soup.

“What would you like to do on Friday for our date?” he asked. He sounded playful, like he was up for go-karting or visiting a funfair.

“I don’t know. Surprise me.”

If we were going to do the formal thing, then I wanted to try being totally traditional and let the guy decide. That was something new for me.

“All right, I will,” he said. “Can I have another kiss before you go?”

I found it surprising that he asked. Our faces were so close together already. I was leaning in his direction and, for the first time, he struck me as kind of shy. I nodded.

He kissed me deeply, taking my face in his hands, holding me still as he parted my lips with delicious precision. The softness of our connection was almost unbearable, like dollops of whipped cream melting together in hot chocolate. It was rich.

He stroked my face with his right thumb as he held me still. Tingles went up and down my spine.

Jeff got out and came around the car to open my door. I’d thought that kind of chivalry was long dead. Certainly, I’d never experienced it. It was even awkward to step out of the car, like I had a chauffeur or something. As I stood, we were close together and even though it was cold out, I was warm. He put his arms around me and held me.

Finally he took my hand and walked me to my door.



“I like saying your name.”

I chuckled. Beneath his cool exterior there was a dorky sincerity that betrayed him. The problem for me in that moment was that I could fall for someone like him. In high school, it had been easy to write him off as a bit of a nerd. At the grocery store and earlier that evening, I could have written him off as a hottie, but it was clear that there was much more to Jeff. I couldn’t help but feel nervous at how much there was to find out.

“I’ll see you on Friday.”

“You will indeed,” I said.

I slipped inside, back into my old world where things were as they always had been—a relief that followed the fantastical evening. Kicking off my shoes at the door then flinging my coat over the chair at our kitchen table, I proceeded to the living room where I flopped down on our old comfy couch.

Savannah had left the reading lamp on for me. She was so thoughtful that way. I picked up a book of hers that was spread out. She didn’t believe in bookmarks, so every pile of books had at least one, usually on top, that was spread open to a certain page. I read at random, trying to get my mind off the past few hours. I’d read a whole paragraph when I realized I had no idea what the words said. Earth to Rachel. Can you hear me, Rachel? I imagined a voice calling out to where I was in outer space.

Mentally, I was reliving the evening and imagining what could happen between Jeff and me if I didn’t censor myself. If I let my fantasies out, would I unleash the evils of Pandora’s Box? I remembered the times I’d had the urge to tell lovers that what I really wanted was to be tied up—or blindfolded or spanked or dominated. I could never bring myself to speak up about it. I played each detail of the night with Jeff over again. As arrogant as it seemed to me when he declared it, I had to admit that he did know me. He saw right into me, into the compartments I tried to keep under lock and key. He had already opened the box, I realized. That was what terrified me. There was no way to contain the feelings I had.

I went through my evening ritual of stripping off my makeup—cleansing, toning, moisturizing and all that. Even as I drifted off to sleep, all I could do was replay our dialog, remember the impact of Jeff’s gaze and the way he kissed.

– Destiny Moon

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