Is A Non-Porous Real-Feel Sex Toy Material Too Much To Ask?

Is A Non-Porous Real-Feel Sex Toy Material Too Much To Ask?

By Cara Sutra

I’m not talking about the bed, although the subject of this post could also be a breeding ground. Real feel penetrable sex toys. Is it out of the question entirely for adult product manufacturers to make a non-porous real-feel sex toy?

Is A Non-Porous Real-Feel Sex Toy Material Too Much To Ask

It might be soft, but is it inviting?

I was thinking about this earlier today as I wrote up my Fleshlight GO reviews. It is such a shame that they use a porous material (TPE, a version of which they describe as their “patented superskin”) as it makes it difficult if not impossible to make sure the toy is absolutely hygienically clean again once used and washed.

This got me wondering whether it’s actually impossible to make a non-porous material – such as silicone – feel as soft, sumptuous and realistic as skin, or indeed the real-feel materials, or whether it comes down to cost of manufacturing a non-porous real-feel sex toy. Many things in business do, as indeed this is a business. Fleshlight and other sex toy companies aren’t orgasm-hand-out charities, sadly. You’d think that such companies were making enough profit, though, to be able to channel some funds into researching a non-porous stretchy skin like material for their masturbation sleeves. I feel this could only further their reputation and relationship with customers (existing and potential, and those who won’t buy right now due to porosity isues) – so as well as a benevolent move, it’s also good for business.

Is A Non-Porous Real-Feel Sex Toy Material Too Much To Ask

Is A Non-Porous Real-Feel Sex Toy Material Too Much To Ask

There are sex toys made to stimulate the vagina and clitoris and anal areas which are made from non-porous materials but masturbators seem to be the last hurdle for 100% body safe material manufacture in the industry. It’s so difficult – if not impossible – to find a non-porous real-feel sex toy. Unlike penetrating sex toys which enter the vagina and butt, or those used on external erogenous zones like the clitoris and nipples, masturbators need to feel cushioning and enveloping to something penetrating *it*. Silicone used on vibrators and dildos ranges from quite firm, almost plastic feeling on the cheaper end of the market, up to the smooth satin-feel silicone of LELO, We Vibe and Tantus. Still, if a masturbator was the be made out of even this high quality, medical grade silicone, I believe the smoothness of it wouldn’t lend itself well to the ‘cushiony’ aspect that masturbator users demand.

Is A Non-Porous Real-Feel Sex Toy Material Too Much To AskI don’t claim to be a scientist. I know what feels good for me, and my partner knows what feels good to him. I am not in a lab with my white coat on, testing pH levels and dropping material samples in test tubes over a Bunsen burner (although that would be fun in its own way). I have no PhD in chemistry, I don’t know how to even start manufacturing body safe materials and when it comes to body safe materials and lubricants I am the same as anyone else, learning as I go. It just so happens that I just might use several more of these products in my daily life than the average sex toy fan, and I come into contact with relevant information from the industry and other toy and lube users all the time. I am being constantly educated on the materials and formulations used in these products in the adult industry, as well as the evolution of these materials and how they interact with each other and with the people who use them.

With this in mind I would be very interested to hear from anyone who has any suggestions for how we can help Fleshlight and other penis masturbation toy manufacturers overcome this problem of porous sex toys. Is there really no way to manufacture a non-porous real-feel sex toy which also feels damn good and like the ‘real thing’? Can the non-porous fave silicone ever be manufactured so it’s enveloping and cushiony enough to replicate the vaginal, oral or anal entrances?

Help us out, scientists.

Is A Non-Porous Real-Feel Sex Toy Material Too Much To Ask

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  1. Hey Cara, I totally agree with you here and masturbators made from silicone would last longer than TPE alternatives. Fortunately Bad Dragon already makes 100% medical grade silicone masturbators. The only down side is their cost XD

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