Best Adult Halloween Party Games

Best Adult Halloween Party Games

An Assortment Of Adult Halloween Party Games -by Mel MacFarlane

During my years as a sex toy party planner, I found that Halloween themed evenings were by far the most popular choice for adults. As a child, I loved Halloween and could usually be found dashing around the streets dressed in one of Tesco’s best bin bags and clutching a home-made cauldron filled with E numbers. It wasn’t much for my parents, but my love of all things spooky continued to grow.

Best Adult Halloween Party Games | Grown-Up Halloween Party Ideas

For all those planning a Halloween party for their adult friends, I thought I’d ‘treat’ you to some of my favourite adult Halloween party games. These games are perfect for those who are a little older, but can be adapted for younger children to play too.


Frankenstein’s Lair

Best Adult Halloween Party Games | Grown-Up Halloween Party Ideas

Dr Frankenstein is building a new monster but unfortunately he has suffered a power cut. Blindfold your guests and ask them to help Dr Frankenstein by identifying the body parts in the bowls.

The person who guesses the most correct body parts is the winner.


Use decorated boxes, bowls and jars to store your ‘body parts’ in. Add ketchup, yoghurt and water to the contents so they are really squelchy and disgusting to touch.

Bring your guests into the lair (usually the kitchen) one by one and put on a blindfold on each person. Ask them to place their hands inside the dishes and identify which body parts they are touching.

For body parts use:

Penis                                     Sausage

Brains                                    Cooked cauliflower and gravy

Hearts                                   Tin of plum tomatoes

Veins                                     Heinz spaghetti

Eyes                                       Peeled grapes

Teeth                                    Corn kernels

Anus                                      Squid Rings

Clitoris                                   Raisins

Guts                                      The inner scooping’s from a pumpkin

Fingers                                  Cheese sticks

Use your imagination to create as many disgusting body parts as you like.

Scary Movie Guess Who

When your party guests arrive, stick the name of a character from a scary movie on the back of each outfit. Throughout the evening your guests must ask each other questions as they try to guess their character.

The other guests must answer only Yes or No and cannot give clues. After a few drinks, ask the guests to stand together and reveal their guesses.

This is a great way to get your guests talking and mingling at the beginning of your night of adult Halloween party games.

Best Adult Halloween Party Games | Grown-Up Halloween Party Ideas

Ghoulish Scavenger Hunt

Split your guests into teams and send them out in full costume, on a treasure hunt to collect a list of items. The first team to collect all the items are crowned the winners.

Best Adult Halloween Party Games | Grown-Up Halloween Party Ideas

Some ideas for your hunt are:

  • The name and date of death from a grave
  • A mask
  • A bobbing apple
  • A broomstick
  • A fake skeleton
  • A mirror
  • A cauldron
  • The sock of a passing trick or treater (a parent)
  • A Trick or Treat gift
  • A witches hat
  • A Halloween decoration
  • A black cat
  • A pumpkin
  • A fake spider

The list can be easily adapted to suit your party. It also helps to keep your guests interested by hiding some of the items around the neighbourhood for them to find and setting a time limit.

Zombie Apocalypse Hide and Seek

Best Adult Halloween Party Games | Grown-Up Halloween Party Ideas

Just like Hide and Seek, but for adults. Ask your guests to hide whilst you wait for two minutes. As you wait, secretly change into a scary costume and turn off all the lights, plunging the room into darkness. Use a torch to seek out the other players whilst in full costume and give them a fright.

Once found, the other players go to the graveyard (another room) where they become corpses. They must lie in silence with their arms folded across their chests until all guests have been found.

The last guest to be found wins a prize.

Chalk Outlines

Make outlines of some of the guests on the pavement outside using chalk. Ask other guests to guess who the outlines belong to.

Pumpkin Rolling

Best Adult Halloween Party Games | Grown-Up Halloween Party Ideas

Ask for two volunteers to roll the pumpkins.  Your guests much guess how far the pumpkins will roll.

The closest guess wins a prize.

Howling Contest

Ask your guests to give their best werewolf howl. Your job is to judge the best howl, based on length and creativity.

This is a great way to give your guests a giggle and is best played after a few drinks.

Halloween Truth, Dare or Treat

Best Adult Halloween Party Games | Grown-Up Halloween Party Ideas

This is a great game to play when your guests are feeling a little tipsy. Each player must choose a slip of paper from the cauldron one at a time. Each slip contains a truth, dare or treat. For example, a Truth may read ‘what is the spookiest thing that’s happened to you during sex?’ or a Dare would read ‘Run around the local graveyard alone’. For a Treat you could invite a player to ‘Down their drink in one gulp’.

Each player must complete the task or take part in a forfeit and don’t be afraid to go wild!

Halloween Footsie

Empty a few tins of spaghetti into two large hollowed out pumpkins and add some grapes to each bowl.

Two volunteers must pull out as many of the ‘eyeballs’ as they can from the spaghetti using just their feet. The person with the most eyes retrieved after 2 minutes is the winner.

This is another great game to play after a few glasses of alcoholic pumpkin juice.

Scare Tactics

Best Adult Halloween Party Games | Grown-Up Halloween Party Ideas

This must be played with a ‘helper’ hiding in the house. When your guests arrive, ask them to sit in a circle whilst you set the mood with a spooky story. As the story reaches a crucial moment, your helper turns out all the lights, plunging the house into darkness.

As your guests sit in the dark in confusion, your helper leaps out with a scream and gives them a fright.

Enjoy playing your preferred adult Halloween party games! Happy Halloween!

About the writer: Mel MacFarlane is an experienced adult industry copywriter, product reviewer and business consultant. You can find her at her own leading sexuality magazine, Voluptasse. You can also follow Mel’s work on Twitter and Facebook.

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