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This week’s sex blogger in the spotlight is Cammies on the Floor who has already featured at Cara Sutra this week for the more eagle-eyed amongst you. Read & enjoy Cammies’ review of the Pjur Cult Latex Conditioner and Rock Rings Cocktagon III – and make sure you have a peek at the revealing spotlight below too.

Thanks for being in the blogger spotlight, Cammies!

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cammies on the floor spotlight

Two sisters, A and M, who write about the adventures of love and lust with the military men in our lives. While living apart the majority of our lives, we are avid readers. When we decided to start a blog together, it was because we both have a love of reading erotica and have both written it before. Besides being sisters, another common thread we had was A is single in a military town and most often is involved with military men, and M is a military spouse.

M had recently moved and was looking for a way to connect to people while staying primarily at home with her children during the transition. She broached creative little sister A with the proposition of a sex blog after having read so many, and that night they created Cammies on the Floor. The sex blogging community has indeed been very supportive and welcoming.

For the first year, every post was anonymous, but after hearing other bloggers state they wanted to get to know us as individuals, we began to identify the author, though we still keep most of our photographs anonymous. There is also an “About ” section for each of us. We have only told one family member about the blog, and very few friends. The longer we do this, the braver we become.

On Cammies on the Floor, you’ll find a mix of fantasy, real life fails and amazing times, and photos. The majority of writing is real life that we try to incorporate into the memes that we participate in. We try to be honest and sex positive at all times. Sister A has been kinky for years, and M just started exploring this part of her sexuality since blogging – with an intense interest in rope. We’ve also explored and discussed alternative relationship styles that we’ve attempted since blogging.

We’ve only dabbled in toy and book reviews, and would love to expand in reviews more.

We also like to be a part of the blogging community, hence the participating in memes and pointing readers towards other’s posts that were interesting at the end of each month. The memes we currently participate in are: Sinful Sunday, Wicked Wednesday, Kink of the Week, Sexy Searching, and TMI Tuesday.

For both of us, the most interesting thing we did since starting the blog has been EroticonUSA. It was something we were both able to participate in, we were able to personally meet other bloggers, A stayed a weekend with one couple, and M was tied up in a restaurant full of people by GrayDancer alongside Penny For Your Dirty Thoughts.

We would love to make some money doing this, though we will of course continue doing it regardless-it is a creative outlet in words and photography, and has helped us both gain confidence.

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cammies on the floor sex blogger spotlight feature at Cara Sutra



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