How To Seduce Them With A Sensual Erotic Massage

A sensual erotic massage can be a wonderfully relaxing and enriching experience for both you and your partner, especially as a prelude to sexual activity. Many people, however, might not have a clue where to start in the world of massage, with such a huge variety of products and advice available. Luckily for you, we’ve collated some brilliantly easy tips for you to consider. No doubt about it: you’ll be rubbing down and turning on in no time at all.

Setting up

How To Seduce Them With A Sensual Erotic MassageSetting up for a sensual erotic massage is almost as important as the act itself. Ideally, you want to help your partner feel relaxed, romantic and like they are the centre of attention.

Make sure you have clean sheets, close the curtains, light a few scented candles (or string up some fairy lights if you have no candles) and remember to turn off your phone or other electronic devices. Your massage partner should be your only concern once you have begun, in order to achieve the full, focused experience.

Would you or they like some music playing during the massage? It’s not essential, but light and relaxing music in the background can add immeasurably to the mood. Ensure you’ve created a suitable playlist (or go old school and pop in a CD) because getting up every three minutes to change the tune will be a swift way to both annoy your partner and kill any hint of a romantic mood.

Massage Oils

How To Seduce Them With A Sensual Erotic MassageOne of the most important parts of a sensual erotic massage is picking and getting the right essential oils. A huge amount of information is available online, as well as from many other sources, which details the different oils available and what effects they are purported to have. Bear in mind that essential oils should be diluted with a secondary oil before being dripped directly onto skin. Suitable examples include olive, coconut, grapeseed or avocado oil.

Some good choices for essential oils are lavender, ylang ylang, rose, jasmine or juniper, although there are numerous other possibilities. Oils should not be applied directly to your partner’s body, but first warmed up in your hands to prevent cold shock.

Preparation Tips

Wash your hands and trim your fingernails. Accidental scratches, especially if coupled with dirty fingernails, can kill a sensual mood in an instant. Researching massage techniques might be a good idea, but general tips can suffice if you lack the time for deep research. Following your intuition (and your partner’s suggestions as you go along) is perfectly good enough as long as you use smooth strokes and avoid excessive pressure on bones and organs.

Most Sensual Areas

The inner thighs, buttocks and back of the neck are three easy and obvious areas that are highly sensitive. You can help your partner have the best and most relaxing time if you pay attention to these areas and massage them properly.

The spine is another area which can be stimulated in order to deliver a highly sensual and relaxing massage. Slowly move your hands up your partner’s spine, kneading each vertebra backwards and forwards lightly. If you’re feeling extra romantic and want to get your bodies closer together for that intimate feeling, sitting on their back legs or bum while massaging their neck can be great position for both of you; just make sure to rest most of your weight on the bed and not directly on your partners back.

Obviously there are other erogenous areas that can feel great to massage too, but this depends on how romantic and close you and your partner want to get. Sensual silence – conversation wise – during the sensual erotic massage is also your best bet. You want your partner to understand that all of your attention is rightly on them – not distracting them with idle chit chat about whose turn it is to put the bins out tomorrow or if you have enough milk in the fridge. A comfortable silence also creates a sexual mood and lessens the possibility of either of you saying something that might ruin all the effort you have put in.

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