How To Give A Sexy Webcam Show

With more of us meeting new partners online or through social media, it’s becoming increasingly likely that many of us will end up in a long distance relationship at some point. Luckily for us, times are moving quickly and with fast advancing technology, it’s becoming easier than ever to pleasure our partner online. This has led to many distanced lovers and adventurous couples wondering how to give a sexy webcam show.

How To Get Started

How To Give A Sexy Webcam Show: Top Tips For The Sexiest Cam ShowThere are loads of different apps available for face to face conversations on line. Some people use them for meetings and work purposes, others for keeping in touch with family members. Personally I prefer to use these applications for something naughtier, like a thrilling internet strip tease or a personal sex show with my lover.

The platforms that I like to use for a sexy webcam show are Skype and FaceTime. With FaceTime I am more portable because I can use my phone. However, I prefer Skype for a naughty webcam show because it’s more reliable and because I have it on my laptop, the screen is bigger.

Technical stuff isn’t my forte so I much prefer to keep things simple. I’m sure that there’s far better software that I could use, but these work well for me and they are simple to operate.


When using Skype for your sexy webcam show with your lover, location is very important for setting the scene. Make sure you are alone and the room behind you is tidy (remember Charlotte Crosby and the Instagram knickers). It’s important that you set up somewhere where you feel comfortable, like your bed where you can sit or lie if you want to.

Place a small table at the end of your bed and put your laptop or iPad in position. Make sure it’s fully charged or plugged in, no one wants to see you hurtling down the hall to find your charger mid-strip because your laptop is going to die. That is NOT sexy, nor will it impress your lover… (True Story)

Before setting up, write down some ideas like striptease, role play and dirty talk and stick it on the wall behind the camera. That way, if you feel nervous, a quick glance will give you some ideas on how to proceed next.

Sexy Skype Games

How To Give A Sexy Webcam Show: Top Tips For The Sexiest Cam ShowIn my experience, the first time you have Skype sex with someone it can be a little daunting and it’s normal to feel a bit silly. My advice is to spend a good deal of time on your hair and make-up and put on some killer lingerie and fabulous shoes. You’ll look and feel amazing!

I like to be dressed when I begin, usually in a wrap dress or a skirt and blouse. All are very easy to remove when the time is right and they look very demure so he’ll be thrilled when he sees how naughty you are underneath. If you do feel nervous, have a small glass of wine to take the edge off but don’t get drunk.

However you begin your sexy webcam show is totally up to you but I find that a little light teasing goes a very long way. Spend some time building up to the moment with light flirtation before slowly removing your clothes, item by item and building anticipation. As you move, watch yourself on the screen and gauge his reaction. Seeing how sexy you look and how turned on he is will help to give you a lot more confidence.

As you get down to your lingerie, tell him how you like to be touched whilst you play with yourself. Show him how your body responds to your touch and ask him to touch himself too. Because your sex toys are close to hand, show him your favourites and how you like them to be used.

Take yourself to the brink of orgasm before taking a short breaks to watch your lover and vice versa. It’s a great way to create anticipation and it keeps things going a little longer. Also, because you’ve been holding back, when you do orgasm it will be much more intense.

The Director

For those who are feeling a little shy during first time FaceTime or Skype sex, why not pass the reigns over to your partner and give him the role of film director. This gives your lover total control over your actions whilst he watches.

With your toys and lubricants close to hand, your lover has full control of your pleasure. To draw things out, take your time with slow teasing moves and let him know when you’re close to orgasm so he can slow things down if he prefers.

Once your show is over, it’s his turn to reciprocate.

Have fun….

How To Give A Sexy Webcam Show: Top Tips For The Sexiest Cam Show

Role Play

Role play is one of my favourite games during a sexy webcam show. It can be serious or light-hearted and it’s such a good way to live out your favourite fantasy. Dress up in the outfit of your choice and indulge in some sexy role play before you strip.

Sharing Fantasies

For me, sharing a fantasy with a lover is easier when you aren’t exactly face to face. I like to share my fantasies on camera where I can show my lover exactly what turns me on. Touch yourself in your favourite places and tell your lover about your body whilst he watches.

Tell him about scenarios you fantasise about as you play with your body. Remember, a fantasy is just a fantasy, it doesn’t have to come true but it’s lovely to act it out for someone who’ll appreciate the show.

Sexy Striptease

You can never go wrong with a sexy strip tease. Even if you don’t want to take thigs any further than down to your lingerie, your lover will be a very happy man.

When performing a strip tease, music is very important. Have a remote control or music player close to hand and make sure that you have it set up for the right song and playlist. Strutting your stuff to The Birdie Song instead of Another Levels Freak Me, may not give you the results that you’re hoping for – and you may end up on YouTube…

How To Give A Sexy Webcam Show: Top Tips For The Sexiest Cam Show

It helps to have a prop in the room so you have something to do with your hands as you dance. Chairs are also good for putting your legs on to give him a good view and holding onto as you sway. Some people like to use scarves and run them along their bodies, others prefer to have nothing.

It all boils down to what make YOU feel comfortable.


I enjoy online sex is because it’s a great way to show your partner how you like to be touched and vice versa. By watching your lover pleasure themselves during a sexy webcam show, you get the opportunity to study their movements and their erogenous zones so you can recreate these moves when you do meet face to face.

Web cam sex is thrilling, it’s naughty and most of all its fun. Remember to do it safely and only with someone that you completely trust.

– Mel Macfarlane, Voluptasse

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