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It’s PM Thomas in the erotic author spotlight this week, with his very unique flavour of erotica. Enjoy finding out more about this author in his feature below, then enjoy the two free excerpts from his sexy novels.

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pm thomas erotic author spotlight series feature at cara sutra

P.M. Thomas is an author of a multitude of genres, he has always had a true love and a true passion for the art of cinema, the art of storytelling and art in general. Everything creative is a form of art. His favourite art is storytelling, he loves the creativity that goes into creating a story that captivates an audience and reader and fills them with powerful emotions. He relishes expressing himself with his work. He adores creating new stories, giving life to new ideas. He will, now and forever, write, it is his life.

One genre that takes his absolute interest in his work and is a common theme in all his stories in a big or small way is: sex, a natural part of life that one should never be shy of but instead embrace, it is what we do. The art of love making, the sheer wonder it brings, the limitless imagination two can utilize to give their partner the ultimate gift of pleasure and the sensuality it holds is a subject that fascinates him greatly and has been explored in many different ways in his work, but they have a similar motif, the emotions the most powerful interaction contains between the flesh and the spirit as two are entwined as one in a bond that is stronger than anything known to the planet.

He doesn’t just right sex scenes in his book, he creates powerful scenes of love making that hold a weight and depths to the characters and the reasons behind it, some it’s showing the depths of their love and affection, others it’s a means of unleashing their passion and lust for the one they desire the most in life. Love making and sex with meaning gives the erotica that extra layer of substance and makes the act of sexuality even more arousing and touching.

P.M. Thomas is always happy to meet the readers and hear their thoughts, you can send him an email here.


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Emanuelle and the Hound of Love

Emanuelle and The Hound of Love

Read an interview with P.M. Thomas on his erotic novel “Emanuelle and The Hound of Love”

Free Excerpt

Emanuelle lay down on the bed, presenting herself and heightening her rich, chocolatey flawlessness for Mario in a striking and intersexual pose leaving no part left for the imagination that made any man weak at the knees.

Ripened to be harvested, the allurement clear as the gargantuan stainless silver globe seeping in from outside, she was his to take, to be extensively plucked and precisely pruned at his tender mercifulness.

Mario might have been rustier than an old iron tanker in the art of human intercourse, that didn’t mean his keen instinctive nature did not detect the empowering signals transferring a turned on message summoning him to her.

Tearing the clinging clothing off piece by piece, shredding apart the dignified formality defining the class of a human, their self aware modesty and taboo sense of decency ranking them as sentient beings, a benefit and a detriment depending on how one utilized their awareness, mastering their free will and not allowing it to master them. A perfect man and woman were in-tuned to their sharp senses and their civilized humanity, flawlessly counterbalanced in a harmonious complete equilibrium.

Removing the final piece of his respectability, uncovering an integral part that characterized him as a man, deemed natural in biological anatomy, normal among the kingdom of the animals, to the highest degree a forbidden subject in the world of mankind. A phallic symbol of such size and length, Mario was reminded of how proud he once was to be bestowed with one as astronomical as he. The esteemed honour placed itself in his vocabulary upon seeing the proportions of appeal sparkle in Emanuelle’s observant gaze, hypnotized by the specified largeness of the impressive snake staring at her with its one eyed slit.

The raring buck climbed on the fleecy allure of the hayfield bedspread, clasped in the searing grip of her gravitational attraction pulling him towards her warming core. Mounting his gracious doe, hot black on heated up white, their eyes were locked in affection, both knew what was coming next and eagerly anticipated the big push.

A sharp stab was forced in, the forward pushing motion for the piercing thrust, what hurt her for a scant instance and drew her blood on a fateful night in her innocent, intimate moment with a high school sweetheart was so accustomed to the entering fleshy spear tip by now it numbed her passageway rather than harmed.

Whilst the entrance remained mostly the same, the spectacle that followed contrasted greatly like night and day. Some were astounding, setting her off in the biggest bang she ever faced, others were quaint, neither good or awful, a decent little session to pass some time and get both off, ultimately hardly anything to write home about afterwards, hardly a memorable affair, then there were the bad ones, who couldn’t turn her on if they used a switch, forcing herself to go to the moon on a rocket that could hardly lift up off the ground was a highly difficult skill she obtained and mastered during the lousiest lays imaginable. As in all things, work related or casual, one had to take either sides of the coin, enjoying the good and enduring the bad, it came with the territory, particularly in her line of work.

Seeing, tasting and feeling every cock imaginable, she had been taken to practically every continent on the planet multiple times, she had done what she figured was all in terms of conventional love making when it didn’t involve bondage of some form, kinkiness, and orgies with who-knew how many in the bed or whatever perversion lay in the horizon for her. Life was full of unforeseen surprises and Emanuelle was in for a big treat.

On a scale of one-to-ten in love making, Mario ranked higher, flying off the scoreboard to a whopping eleven, or even above that.

It was unequal to any interlocking flesh piled on flesh she had been united with, the affixed connection blew her box apart in a shocking, destructive detonation levelling a ten mile radius leaving a massive cavity sunk deep enough to the molten magma and boiling lava in centre of the earth.

Every inch of her body was caught in a fierce tempestuous inferno, burning her up in the highest degree celsius, melting her to a stirred up puddle, the fires ignited in her past seemed like the minuscule fleck from a lighter.

Her nerves were shot to pieces, jolted in a linked up transfer of thrilling volts passing around her wiring, stimulating her kinetically to maximum.

She couldn’t control herself, her moans grew louder, faster and harder, a theatrically energetic one woman opera featuring one solitary voice with the mighty acoustics to cover an expansive choir in an august symphony.

Emanuelle was on a fast journey not to a continent or the moon, she was being propelled at lightning swiftness to the outer reaches of space on a collision course to the farthest planet of them all, the hard impact would be one of total devastation. What an exciting rush on a fantastical trip going faster than the speed of light it was.

This wasn’t just love making, this was a whole new experience she was hardly experted in. Emanuelle simply lay back and went along for the ride, savouring each tingling thrust like it was the last. She didn’t want it to stop, since that was impossible, it was better to go with it and make the most of it.

Looking at how Mario Tinti moved and operated so intensely and so exactly with sweet delicateness and ardent enthusiasm in the sack, his disorderly feral visage grew apparent to her, he was a wild animal at heart. His gentle and primitive thrusts, his penetrating and loving glare, his unbridled and cultivated facade, she was in the brawny and protective hands of a passionate, romantic hound of love.

To further boost the illustration and empathise his wolfish, doting title, his lips went straight for her neck where he smothered her long, tasty sexiness in wet, lovesome kisses making her hum in a heavy tone of arousing delectation. The exquisite humming morphed gradually to a cacophonous growl of a tigress lengthened through gritted teeth and a strained throat as her hound bit her neck, pressing his fangs in sharper, holding back from drawing blood until just the precise moment to induce an intoxicating concoction of pleasurable pain and painful pleasure. He could bite any part of her at any day of the week.

He licked up the trickling droplets of blood running down the glazed veneer of her neck then traced the tip around her seeping, punctured wound, lapped up the sweetness of her bodily liquid and making her neck clean as a whistle. The stinging aches in her neck sent her pulling her throat back, letting him bite every inch of her and licking up his handy work after as she sunk her nails into his back, clawed him as sharp as he bit her, it drove them both off the wall in furious powerfulness. Both attempted their hardest to hold their overzealous wolves at bay and prevent them clawing open the gates in an onslaught of gushing fluids colliding into one another in a sticky and wet outcome that would be messy but oh so rewarding.

Mario thrust and retracted his penetrating lance at a hypnotic, fluidly paced, expertly timed rhythm, never hitting any bumps or losing the momentum to take a quick cooling breathing space for his crimson poker. He was a love making phenomenon who with each and every push and pull, his blunt edge resharpened to a pinpoint acuteness. The slumbering animal reawakened, shaking off the docile fatigue, unearthed in lively vigour to roam the red leaved enchantment of the cherry woods in search to mate with a majestic she-wolf in their lovers paradise. His meaning of existence as a man to love, to hold and to protect a woman was validated.

The long dormant emotions held in obscurity spun around in his head like a raging tornado rapidly spinning the windmill of his mind. The locks were weakening on his cell, the chains were easing their tight hold. The enclosure was trembling under the ferocious weight of an autonomous man that was never meant to be caged up. He could take the imprisonment for not one more second, the charging bull of a man would destroy the shackles to shards, trample the gates to dust and eviscerate the ramparts to oblivion.

Should the jailer track him down to capture him in an effort to break his body, will and spirit again, it would not be a wise decision, less he was prepared to face the wrath of an angered beast defending what was rightfully his, the freedom to live undisturbed and partake in what he wished to do.

He couldn’t have achieved the bravery and the capability without the cooperative assistance of the woman with the volcanic magnitude of concentrated energy powering him up with enough emancipated intensity to feel the inspiration to let go, to have a rational motive to move on down the path, to have the shared support to take the fearless step together. She was his sweet, gratifying release, he couldn’t have been more happier.

The woman locked in his arms, huffing and panting in unison to his own as the pace quickened, growing harder in the thrusts and intenser in the storm of emotions, scaling to the heights of the open world ahead, she was the place a wanderer could stray, she was the lightning in the dark, she was the mystery, but he knew her, her name was paradise. When her eyes met his, he wondered what she did to him, suddenly he wanted her desperately. Never in his wildest dream did it end so recklessly, where she was, it was where he always wanted to be. When her lips met his, her very touch was ecstasy, taking him by surprise. He needed her, more than he ever dared to say, she was the only one he ever wanted this way. He could feel that his heart was there to stay with hers. He wanted her watching him, savouring every second of their sharing of deepest affection. Him and her, her and him, it was the way it was going to be. Tonight was saved for them, to consummate their innermost sincere fondness.

At the boundary of the poking limits, the heaving drew to a tense halt, Mario’s back arched, Emanuelle leaned as far as she could stretch. Sharing the exhilarating climax, both let out an empowering howl that shook the walls of the villa and echoed through the woods, valleys and hills, making their true lovers song heard and known.

Their vitality was washed out their bodies in the rinsing passing of their intimate climax, sucking their reserves bone dry, leaving them depleted of any energy to move a single exhausted muscle. Mario gently collapsed in Emanuelle’s arms, white enveloped in an nurturing embrace of black, two souls united as one in a soothing quilt of adoring bliss.

To be unbound from his prison was indescribable, he didn’t know how to fully feel as the numbness of it actually happening hit him. Released from the cell, he could not afford to go back in the confines again. With his liberated Emanuelle at his side, the likelihood of that transpiring was next to nill, he was a free man now from himself, but there was still a long journey to go to find the paradise of the world beyond these walls and she was going to introduce him to the finest things in life that truly were free.

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The Woman and The Boy

The Woman and The Boy

Free Excerpt

The Woman took The Boy passionately in her arms and rolled off the couch with him, they both landed onto the shag carpet. The two engaged in a burning hot kiss. While kissing, The Woman fumbled to get a match and ignited the fireplace up, backlighting them up with an orange glow that matched the raging fires of their blistering passion.

The Boy’s hands groped and touched up her breasts. The Woman’s hands groped and touched up his crotch.

The Woman and The Boy’s furious kissing stopped for a moment. The Woman sat up on The Boy’s crotch. She presented him a suggestive look. “Care to do the honours?”

The Boy leaned himself up, very keenly. “I thought you’d never have me do it.” He took a good hold of her straps, “I find it much more sexier when the lover undresses the other.”

The Woman hummed delightfully as he sensually slid them off her shoulders “It’s so kinky, isn’t it?” The Boy pulled her dress down, taking his time to take it all in, gradually exposing her black bra and matching panties, enjoying her sexy figure a whole lot.

He lay back down, admired every curve of her mature perfection like the masterpiece that she was.

“Oh, you are a sexy work of art. The black bra and the knickers compliment your pale skin, bringing a sensual attention to both.” The Boy was sexually stimulated to the max just by looking at her, his eyes were entranced on her enticing bust. “That bra really boosts up your perfect breasts, they look so cosy and so tantalizing.” He gasped with an empowering rowdiness. “I really want to see you out of that bra. Take it off for me, I must see your breasts liberated.”

The Woman smiled sensually, his wish was her command as her hands reached behind her back and unhooked it.

The Boy was captivated at her beguiling little striptease that was causing a big impact. “It’s an art form to take off one’s bra and make it so alluring to a man.”

Slowly she slid the straps down and pulled the bra off. The Boy watched her every motion, loved every second of her seductive stripping session.

“And you are making it look so easy, you are a natural.”

The Woman moved the bra fully down, her mature breasts dropped free, her nipples hardened in the cool air touching them. The Boy was insanely turned on.

“I love seeing a woman remove her bra and watch her breasts drop free to breathe, her nipples hardening by the exposed air.” The Boy found it hard to lie back. “Breasts as perfect as these, I have no choice, I have to suckle on them, to not would be a crime.”

The Woman swelled with happiness, it gave her a great joy to see and hear that he liked her breasts, she was getting a real kick out of it. “You better start suckling them before the old bill shows up.”

The Woman leaned down, her breasts hung over his face, practically waiting for him. He let himself go wild as he suckled on her two breasts full of lustful passion.

The Woman closed her eyes, she loved having her breasts suckled by him. “That’s it, oh yeah, you’re a growing boy, you need to drink as much as you can hold.”

The Boy sucked them so furiously, he was losing control, his lust intensified. The Woman enjoyed the breast feeding with much delight, this was the best she had ever experienced, no man had idolized and worshipped her nipples and breasts like him. He really appreciated the beauty, sexuality and power of the woman’s femininity.

Despite his urge to suck her breasts dry, he wasn’t greedy, he felt himself reaching his quota, he would save himself room for more later. The Boy stopped with one final suction then leaned himself back down, satisfied with feasting on her succulent breasts.

“All full?” The Woman smiled.

“To the brim.” The Boy replied with much satisfaction, he had fulfilled his need for the time being. His addiction to partaking in the natural requirement for him, a man, to suckle on her breasts would return and he would be ready for it. And so would she.

“Good. Now it’s my turn.” The Woman said, feeling the empowering need to get her natural requirement of touching and tasting the body of a man with her womanly fingers and lips.

“Good. I’ve been waiting so long for your soft womanly touch on my body.” The Woman pulled The Boy up and removed his jacket. “There is nothing more grand than the touch of a woman.”

The Boy added, anticipating her sweet contact. She lifted up his shirt and vest, stripping his upper body, exposing his sexy body for her viewing pleasure, she lied him down, the moment they had both been waiting for was upon them, her sensual fingers and teasing nails ran all over his chest and down to his stomach, sending electrifying sensations to shoot all through him and her.

“As I figured, your touch is so extraordinary.” The Boy said with a trembling voice that matched his quaking body inside, gyrating by her contact.

It got better, The Woman travelled her hands down to his jeans, she whipped off the belt, undid the button, unzipped the fly and to top it off, pulled his jeans and his boxers off to expose his mighty rocket, primed and ready, like he said it was. He was a guy of his word.

The longer she gazed at it, the more The Woman was lost for words at the beautiful length. “I’ve seen many a cock in my time and that has to be the biggest and the best.”

She was transfixed by it. The Boy grinned, he knew she would be. He hadn’t met a lady that wasn’t speechless by his impressive asset.

The Woman closely examined the grand size of it like it was a work of art on display in a gallery dedicated to the phallus “ It’s genuinely a masterpiece of masculinity.”, its longness overwhelmed her senses “I’m not sure if it’ll fit all the way inside.”

“It’s big, but it ain’t that big.” The Boy chuckled “I’m sorry to say. I’m positive it’ll fit right down to my bollocks. Have a seat and see for yourself.”

The Woman took him on that offer, she slipped off her panties, showing off her perfect neatly trimmed bush.

The Boy admired her sublime womanly magnificence with an infatuated eye. “Of all the pussies I’ve seen, yours ranks as number one. It looks warm and inviting. And, best of all, the carpets perfectly match the drapes, a plus in my books.”

The Woman wasted no time sitting down on his manhood, taking it all in like he said she would. They both let out an elated gasp of pleasure as they entered one another.

“Making first contact inside a woman’s domain never gets old, the tightness and moisture combined with the heat feels so good every time. I never know how much I’ve missed it until I’m back in again.”

“I know what you mean, the feeling of the hot rod piercing into me makes me want to howl like a she-wolf. My body feels like it’s having a thousand jolts pumped into it. It’s like being high on a drug, I need to have the rush often. There’s no other substitute that can satisfy me like this does.” “You’ve took the words right out of my gasping mouth.”

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