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It’s Beth D Carter in the erotic author spotlight this week, who writes for Totally Bound as well as other leading erotic fiction publishing houses. Find out more about Beth in her spotlight below, and enjoy not just one but three amazingly hot free excerpts from her writings.

Thanks for being in the author spotlight this week, Beth!

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Beth D Carter

Thank you so much for having me here today, I am thrilled to be a featured author! I’ve often had people ask why do I write erotica romance? Do I really have to use those words? Well, yes. Yes, I do. And I’ve had it all. The raised eyebrows, the nose in the air, even the rolled eyes. Everything that screams disapproval. All because I say I write erotica romance. People can’t seem to get past the ‘erotica’ part of that statement.

But I can’t NOT write. I might explode if I’m not at my laptop trying to find a synonym for the words ‘gazed into his eyes’. And why erotica romance? Because I’m good at writing it. The sex is graphic because the love is intense. My stories are not about people like the Cleavers, or the Brady Bunch. My stories are about people with problems…about an ex-soldier fighting PTSD, women kidnapped for a human trafficking ring, a man who was inappropriately touched as a child, a woman who has survived alone in a wasteland for years. These characters are raw. Their emotions are encased in ice. These people are helpless, hopeless…until love finds them.

And I love a happy ever after.

What I write isn’t for everyone. I know that. Everyone has different tastes and opinions. There are people out there who think the word ‘cock’ is vulgar. Really, I get it. But I am a writer and I don’t deserve the eye roll. None of us who write erotica romance do. To my fellow sister and brother writers, I say give me more. Give me more sex. Give me more erotica.
I grew up in Southeast Missouri, in what is known as the Bootheel, and dreamed of one day escaping small town living to explore the world. Eventually, I made my way back and forth across the US; I’ve lived in Paris, France, and seen the wonders of Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Sweden, England, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. But Missouri will always be home. My idea of a good time is casting my fishing line out into Lake Wappapello and drinking beer while friends and family are laughing around me. I use settings I know to base my stories around, writing about the ordinary people thrust into extraordinary circumstances. I firmly believe in happy-ever-afters and enjoy spreading a little love in the world. I’m easy to find on the web and love to hear from readers.




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Erotic Writing

mad delights erotic book beth carter

Mad Delights
Related to the Red Wolves MC series


Unbeknownst to him, Romeo Barrigan has someone watching his every move. Chloe Matsumoto’s favorite pastime is studying the president of the Men of Hell MC. She’d become fascinated with him ever since he helped rescue her deaf cousin from the hands of a vicious human trafficking ring, and now wonders how she can repay him.

Daxton Squire is the Enforcer of the Men of Hell. He’s filled with self-loathing over not recognizing the threat from the former president. When he spots someone tailing Romeo, he vows to protect him at any cost. Only he didn’t expect to be so attracted to the little stalker.

Violence sweeps through the small town of Bair, Nebraska, threatening the town and the club. Romeo has a lot on his plate. Not only does he have to figure out who’s after his club, he’s got to figure out how the hell he ended up in a ménage relationship, as well as keeping those he loves safe from the menace.

Free Excerpt:

He grabbed her upper arms and spun her around until her back rested against the car door. He fitted his own body against hers, and, almost immediately, he realized his mistake as the hot outline of her pussy cradled his pelvis. His cock answered the call and hardened. Her eyes widened at his reaction. Their gazes met, held. Something wild and potent crashed into him going about the speed of a freight train. Her little pink tongue darted out to lick her lips and he had the craziest urge to kiss her until they both drowned in each other.
What the hell is wrong with me?
“Let me go,” she said, but the anger had melted from her tone.
She seemed to feel the electric charge between them too. It wasn’t just in his imagination. Her nipples beaded under her shirt, poking against him, and he couldn’t help grinding his dick into the cradle of her thighs.
She gasped but didn’t try to pull away. Instead, she studied him intently, like a bug under a microscope. He was hard pressed not to squirm from the examination.
“Not until you tell me your name and why you’re here.” The demands of his cock be damned.
“I’m Chloe,” she answered softly.
Her pretty face now bore uncertainty, something he could relate to. He’d never had such a visceral reaction to a woman before, and it was utterly unnerving.
“Who are you spying for?”
She didn’t answer, at least not right away. Instead, a myriad of emotions filtered through her almond-shaped eyes. There they stood, standing in the middle of the road under the bright moonlight, and Dax had the strangest notion to kiss her. The feeling only intensified when her gaze lingered on his mouth.
“Myself,” she said softly.
“I’m spying for myself.”
He blinked. “Why?”
“Romeo Barrigan saved my cousin,” she replied. “I moved to Bair in the hopes of repaying the debt.”
“So you’re what? Stalking him?”
“I call it learning.”
She licked her lips, and he lost his train of thought. She managed to wiggle one hand free and lifted it to his face. He was a whole foot taller than she was, so she had to stretch, but she traced over his whiskered cheeks with feather light touches. He didn’t want to acknowledge just how much he enjoyed it.

along came merrie beth carter

Along Came Merrie
Book one in the Red Wolves MC series


Merrie Walden is in the wrong place at the wrong time. She’s attacked by a vicious outlaw biker bent on shutting her up permanently when she sees something she shouldn’t, but luck is with her and she manages to escape by jumping out of a moving car. She’s found by horse rancher Braden McClintock, who takes her to his adopted brother, Leo Cloud Dancer, for medical attention.

As she heals in the home of the two men, Merrie begins to realize that she’s falling for both of them. Braden is taciturn while Leo is outgoing and both reach a deep seated need that she hadn’t even realized she had.

But before she can figure out if they can share a happily ever after, she has to survive the biker who’s found out where she is. Because even if she doesn’t know what she witnessed, he sure the hell does.

And he wants her silent.

Free Excerpt:

“Shh,” he soothed again. “It’s going to be okay.”
“It’s not okay! He’s going to find me and he’s going to hurt me again. I need to get as far away from Wyoming as possible because he’ll hurt you too. Oh, I was so stupid to stay here for this long. I’ve got to go—”
Braden shut her up by kissing her. One minute she was raving like a lunatic and the next moment he claimed her mouth with his. At first, she didn’t respond as surprise rippled through her. She simply took in the fact that her stoic, taciturn cowboy was, in fact, kissing her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and opened her mouth, letting her tongue meet the seam of his lips. He opened immediately and swirled their tongues together. It was different from Leo’s kiss but no less sensual. Her fear melted into desire and, when he pulled back to stare at her with his blazing blue orbs, her fear evaporated.
He swept his gaze over her head and she suddenly remembered Leo.
She withdrew her arms and Braden’s fell away. She took a deep breath and turned. Leo watched them with his head tilted to one side, as if he were observing something fascinating.
“Leo, I’m sorry.”
“About what?” he asked.
She took a deep breath. “I’m not playing one brother against the other. I swear it. The kiss… It just happened.”
“What is she talking about, Leo?” Braden asked.
“I’ve often wondered why Tam Apo led you to our door,” Leo said, a soft smile playing at the corner of his mouth. “The Great Father often leads destiny to us but seldom reveals why. I’ve seen the way you look at Braden and him at you when he thought no one was looking. I know how you feel in my arms. It’s been confusing and troublesome but I think I understand now.”
“Well, that’s great,” Braden said. “Perhaps you wouldn’t mind sharing. I’m a little confused.”
“The earth, the sun and the moon exist in harmony,” Leo explained. “It is a perfect trinity for life—and for love.”

true north beth carter

True North
Book two in the Red Wolves MC series


North Tabion and Givon Halloran have been friends for all their lives. Each has survived an abusive father, only to end up on opposite sides of the law as adults. Givon is the town Sheriff while North is the leader of the outlaw motorcycle club, the Red Wolves. But they’ve managed to maintain a friendship that means everything to them.

Allison Evening is on the run, hiding out from an ex bent on vengeance and tending bar when she’s kidnapped to be sold into human trafficking. In a desperate attempt to free herself, she runs, only to be shot down and left for dead.

North and Givon are in the right place at the right time. They save Allis and as they nurse her back to health, the three find a bright, burning love. But when her past catches up with her, the only way to save herself and her newfound love is if she, North, and Givon can follow love’s true path.

Free Excerpt:

When her ice tea was finished and the noonday sun had passed into the realm of later afternoon, North finally stepped back from his work, picked up his discarded T-shirt and proceeded to wipe the rivets of sweat running down his body. Her pussy clenched as she imagined washing him, slowly running the soapy washcloth over those washboard abs. Excitement stirred in her belly, rousing all the butterflies that had settled for the afternoon. They were a constant flutter whenever she was around North and Givon. Each man aroused her in different ways. Givon was her support, her rock. North was her safety net as well as her ignition. She could only imagine what it would be like to have both men surrounding her, loving her. Filling her. It was a wet dream she hoped to one day fulfill.
North flung his now dirty shirt over one shoulder as he walked back toward the house, his blue eyes narrowed against the setting sun and focused directly on her. Everything about him only intensified the need surging through her. Heat flooded his gaze, causing all her girlie parts to stand up and purr with desire.
“You look a little flushed, sweetheart,” he murmured as he hooked one booted foot through the slats and crossed his arms over the railing to lean toward her.
“And you look like you need a tongue bath. Ah, I mean sponge! Sponge bath.”
He threw his head back and laughed. There was something fascinating about his Adam’s apple moving up and down that made her want to lick it before leaving a little love bite on his neck.
North left the rail to walk around to the steps. He picked up a chair and brought it next to her. Before he sat, he leaned over to her and kissed her on the mouth. Her lips parted under his gentle probing, opening up to him. His twined his fingers through her long hair, gripping it and holding her head in place as he had his wicked way with her mouth.
When the kiss ended and he pulled back, she let him go with a little whimper. She still wasn’t ready for sex but damned if her pussy wasn’t throbbing with need.
“Hell, girl,” he whispered, adjusting his cock within his pants before he sat. “You got me harder than fucking stone over one little kiss.”


– Beth D Carter


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