Woman From Cirencester Crashes Car While Using Sex Toy

Woman From Cirencester Crashes Car While Using Sex Toy

Are Rabbit Vibrators a Good Way to Orgasm - Hella Rude-1When we talk about safe sex, road traffic accidents don’t usually come high up on the ‘must-mention’ list. One very foolish woman from Cirencester is out to change that with what has to be one of the most ridiculous sex-related stories in the news this year.

The woman in her 30’s was stationary at traffic lights when her Mini Cooper jutted forward and crashed into a fish van. Details were exchanged and both drivers went on their merry way, but upon checking the rear-view camera footage, the driver of the van was stunned to discover he’d been recording an on-road solo porn film.


She was only wanking in slow-moving traffic with a rabbit vibrator!


The M&J Seafood company said of the incident:

“A driver was called into the office and feared he was getting the sack. He’d been on his first shift after looking for work for ages.”

“The bosses told him it wasn’t his fault and then said ‘Have you seen this?’. He was like ‘what the f**k’. They all had a good laugh. Apparently the lady was pretty fit.”

Welcome to the West Country!

So in case it needed saying, DON’T wank and drive.

Original story via @Western Daily Press


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