How Does Viral Marketing Work? New Social Media App Plag** Shows You!

How Does Viral Marketing Work?

Lessons From New Social Media App Plag**

If you already think that your world is driven by social media, it’s time to batten your hatches. With this newbie app, things are about to get a whole lot more viral – and it’s actually a good thing.

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Digital marketers like myself create campaigns for a variety of brands daily but there’s a limit to how well we can measure our KPIs (key performance indicators) for viral marketing material. We send our stories out, we check Analytics but it’s nigh-on impossible to see who has cut and paste you into their own story, who’s seen your story and what kind of viral buzz you’ve created. We need clicks and without clicks, we’re pretty lost as to how far our brand has travelled.

Picking up from where Reddit never bothered going (WHY?!), the new social media app Plag** is transforming the transparency of viral marketing. The premise is simple, you download the Plag** app and share your content. It’s then showed to all Plag** users in your local area who either swipe up to up-vote the content or swipe down to mark it as dull. When a post is up-voted, it appears to more Plag** users.

The idea is inspired by plague infection, with a 28 Days Later vibe to the marketing posts surrounding it. This alone makes it appealing to a subset of digital natives, many of us are hard-encoded geeks with a penchant for zombies. You’re using our weaknesses against us, Plag**!

You can see how many people your article reaches initially, followed by the subsequent numbers of ‘infections’ your marketing material achieves. It doesn’t just track it via your initial post, it tracks it via subsequent viral shares – something that gives it a real leg-up over other social media platforms for KPIs.


WebIf you need some help understanding where your post as spread, there’s an awesome World map module which animates routes in red from the post source to the location of infection, just like the Plague Inc. game does with its infection routes. Pretty nifty! At the moment there are only 4 nearby users for me to infect, but once the PR train on this badboy gets rolling my viral potential should sky rocket. I could also take a trip to London for a big story boost, like I need an excuse!


Even with such a tiny local infection possibility, my first post still reached 58 people, with 34% spreading the post further. My furthest reach was to India, who in turn pinged it onto Sweden. Pretty cool!

You can download Plag** for Apple or Android in the appropriate app stores.

– Hella Rude


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