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eto show and awards 2015-800px-Cara Sutra report-101Having a Hella Rude time at ETO 2015

As Hella has already brilliantly covered in her blush-inducing blog post, it’s absolutely fantastic to find someone in the industry in a similar position. Not on the payroll for just one company; freelancers with experience of distribution, retail and marketing specific to the adult industry and, as such, part of a niche group of individuals. As it were. Because we don’t have the whole team in the office day-to-day camaraderie, the after-work drinks and the Friday afternoon countdown to 5pm, it can often feel like we’re really working alone, all the time. True, I’m at home with partner and family but it should be fairly obvious that it’s not quite the same as being able to have a natter about work to an office co-worker.

That’s why when Hella and I meet up, we really make the most of what little time together we have.

The ETO Show 2015 was the most recent such occasion. I had to be in Birmingham and at the NEC midday Saturday, in order to get both of my stands set up ready for Day One on Sunday. Saturday night was going to be Girl Time. Couldn’t wait!

As it happened, our girl chats were preceded by a wonderful meal (and a couple of cheeky tipples) courtesy of Andy from ElectraStim. My partner Sable, slave penny and I sat with Hella and the ElectraStim team in the Little Owl pub, talking about work, life, tech, strategy and everything in between. Afterwards, Hella slipped off to her room… not like that! We’re good mates, and needed to get that natter-rant out of our systems.

As the night progressed we made a healthy dent into Hella’s bottle of Jager, and she showed me the Periscope ropes. It’s an app where you can live-stream video of whatever you’re up to to the people on that app, which somehow means all your Twitter followers. Ok so I don’t know all the ins and outs yet but written words are more my thing, not video. Despite that, Hella and I made a wicked vid that night on Periscope – if you get the app you’ll probably be able to follow Hella Rude there and catch it.

What did we do on video?

hellas bag of bitsI’d given Hella a Very Special Goody Bag as the poor girl spends so much time working as a strategist and marketer for the adult industry she doesn’t get sent many free sex toys to review. A shockingly dire situation, I’m sure you’ll agree. Good job she has a friend with sex toy benefits, as I handed over the bulging bag of samples; lube, condoms, bullet vibes, merch and even a Doc J dildo and a Fun Factory vibrator. We went through the goody bag on video, presenting each item. The Bad Dragon cum lube was particularly messy and ended up all over Hella’s top (oh noes!), and at one point I seem to recall doing cola flavoured lube shots off her knee. I know. Sexy.

As is usually the case when I’m with Hella she managed to get down to her underwear – I must state at this point that the cam was on me, fully clothed – while she changed into a little black dress I’d added to the bag. It is absolutely tiny and it turns out it’s not just tiny on me. It was an arduous job having to watch Hella get down to her lingerie and put on a miniscule black dress then take it off again, but someone has to do it.

The video ended with us both on the bed in fits of giggles, plenty of cleavage shots and kisses goodbye to the large audience who were sending lovely messages on screen.

Before the evening was through I helped Hella with her self-tan. This of course meant that Hella had to leap from mirror to bed, topless, while I enjoyed the view. This makes me sound like an enormous lech but really, what else was there to do? ūüėČ And yes, I did help ensure she had no white bits left. On her back, obviously. Perverts.

After an amazing girly evening talking, laughing, ranting, reconnecting, it was time for me to get back to my own room and get some sleep. It wasn’t even the first day of the ETO Show and I’d already had so much fun.

Thanks Hella! You’re a total babe. <3

eto show and awards 2015-800px-Cara Sutra report-102

eto show 2015

eto show 2015

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