Getting His Money’s Worth In The Big Smoke

A sex worker erotic story based in the big smoke: London

She’d waxed and tanned and barely dressed, she’d courted darkness’ approach with a stilettoed dash through the twilight between taxi and apartment building, and now she stood facing her work for the evening.

Average, she decided. From the big smoke postcode and the cut of the suit trousers he was wearing he definitely had the means to back up his demands. But first impression looks-wise? Average.

Still, this was her call-out and she was a professional. The realities of the job are average height nerds with glasses and a pizza paunch, not that 6’6 Dominant sex god with a helicopter in the backyard and a spare room full of McQueen and Louboutins. Unfortunately.

The nervous excitement which always impinged upon her focus on a job wasn’t dampened any. Average guys usually work extra hard in the bedroom. Yes, she was going to do this. Yes, she was going to enjoy herself.

Getting His Money's Worth In The Big Smoke | London Sex Worker EroticaThe man beckoning her inside his small but modern and undoubtedly enviably located apartment was known to her only as Adam. Whether it was his real name or not, she didn’t know. She didn’t care either; it didn’t matter. The clients rarely gave much information out about themselves, other than the necessary: sexual health status, payment method, address, special requests and appointment time. ‘Adam’ wore remnants from a day at the office. Shirt, now open-neck after a long day, tucked into suit trousers, finished with the glint of a belt buckle and standard issue black brogues.

“Nice pad.”

They’d reached his small lounge together, and he turned at her words as she followed him inside.

“Thanks. You don’t get much for your money round here in the big smoke.”

He seemed to realise how that might sound, as they sat down on the small sofa together, and instantly turned beetroot red as embarrassment flooded through him.

She laughed then, a hearty, genuine laugh of amusement.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take that as a compliment. Just mind your manners for the rest of the night, yeah?”

She smiled at him with a warm smile, breaking the ice and with the hope they could make a start soon. She didn’t want to be too late tonight; her friend would be awaiting her call at 1am to assert that she was ok.

“Ok,” he smiled back at her. “Sorry – I haven’t done… this… before. I’m not sure what to do, really. I almost cancelled. Now you’re here, and… I don’t know…”

“Shhh.” She put her finger over his lips. “Follow my lead, I know what I’m doing.”

He was all too happy to comply. She took his hand, and, bolstered by her words he stood up as she did and had an air of sudden calmness and a little more confidence. That’s it, office boy. Get the testosterone pumping. Flex the sex muscles.

She’d always had a deep and sincere love of sex ever since her first carnal flirtations as a teen. Innocent kisses all the way up to pulling aside her knickers for a boy who caught her eye during lunch break, getting fingered ten minutes before maths started and almost cumming sucking her juices off his hand. Her seduction and fucking techniques had been honed by plenty of years between then and now and plenty of practice – not only with guys, either. Women, couples, trans, queer, fluid; she didn’t care. If they wanted her and she wanted them then, fuck yeah. Literally.

‘Adam’ had indicated his bedroom which was dimly lit by a bedside lamp. Another small room; single bed, window, wardrobe. Single bed, jeez. It’d been a while but ok. She sat him down on the bed and got to work.

“My name’s Gemma. In case you forgot.”

“Ok Gemma… uh, thanks.”

Swallowing back against a tut she smiled what she hoped was a seductive, sultry smile at him instead. She’d made sure her outfit was easy to remove and put back on afterwards – a simple black figure-hugging tube dress which flashed her stocking tops as she walked. Underwear in her bag for afterwards – not much point beforehand – and simple but classy shiny black stilettos. Easy but elegant. She liked that. Moving close to him she spread his legs and moved her face down as if she was going to kiss his lips, giving him a flash of her cleavage at the same time. Oh, that rush when they thought you were going to kiss them… at the last second she moved her head and placed a light, lipstick kiss on his jawline.

“Oh, and I really LOVE being a tease. They told me at the big smoke HQ that you requested a bossy type.”

He didn’t answer that one and instead his gaze fell to his shoes, breath still knocked out from the non-kiss.

She laughed lightly, playfully, but said nothing else. He was hers now. Putty. Ready to fuck. She’d place serious bets that his cock was straining to salute her dominant assertions; putting her stocking clad leg between his just affirmed that for her. Oh yeah. He was rock hard and HOT. This nerd is packing a seriously sizeable weapon. Nice.

While checking cock status she’d been working his shirt buttons but now gestured for him to finish that off. She kneeled on the floor between his spread legs and unbuckled his belt, then slid it through the loops and discarded it. As ‘Adam’ finished undoing his shirt and removed it, she fiddled with his trouser button and zip, to a barely audible but definite moan of need from his mouth. Jesus, how long had it been since he fucked a girl? Too long, she reckoned.

She let him shuffle his trousers down to pool around his ankles but didn’t let him discard them entirely. There was something hot about a man desperate for her sexual attentions while he had his trousers still round his legs. Same with his trunks; she admired the impressive outline of his needy and engorged upwards-pointed cock through the stretchy material for a moment with her eyes, then followed it up with a light trailing fingernail from balls to tip.

Her eyes flickered upwards to savour his instant full body shudder and his eyelids fluttering closed, as she knew would happen. A satisfied smile spread on her own face in response. Fuck, her cunt couldn’t wait to envelop that monster. But patience – she sighed inwardly – that would come. As would she. But first, her client.

Peeling the thin band of material from his tummy where it now strained around the head of his penis, she unveiled tonight’s treat. A moment longer than strictly necessary to greedily devour those bulging veins along his thick erection with her eyes.

Looking up directly meeting his eyes she delivered the killer.

“I didn’t bother wearing any knickers under this dress, seeing as how I’ll be riding the fuck out of this cock very soon. I just hope I don’t make too much of a mess on your carpet as I’m sucking you off first.”

She lowered her head to that delicious strangulated sound men do when their arousal and need reaches their peak. God, she loved that noise.

One hand around his warm, pulsing cock, holding it free of the underwear for her mouth’s attentions, her other hand finding his and putting it to her tits. Maul me you little bastard. Let me know how much you want me as I’m sucking your dick. Her mouth sealed an O around the tip of his cock, and using her saliva to moisten the route, she started to blow him with all the skills of a seasoned professional who loves her work.

Making sure to move her hand up and down to give him part handjob, part blowjob, her tongue rotated in circles over his cock tip, around the collar, over that sensitive frenulum and down the sides of his shaft. Teeth safely out of the way, she sucked in her cheeks allowing her mouth to form a tight welcoming embrace for his huge cock, stroking his already oversensitive skin and treating his sexual nerve endings to unrivalled sensations. He was so big that every thrust into her mouth had his cock tip hitting the back of her throat, making her gag slightly – but that just seemed to make his cock throb and twitch even more violently. Sensing that he was getting off on throat fucking her, she took the gagging up a notch, making it a proper feature, making sure he was ramming his cock down into her throat cavity forcefully.

His fingers were struggling to keep on her tits and find her nipples at the same time, no doubt he was unable to concentrate on anything beyond having his cock sucked by someone who knew how to do it right. And fuck, did she. There were few better ways to start a night of damn fine sex than with a blowjob, in her opinion. She just hoped he had the stamina to give her what she wanted, too.

A particularly languid, sensual exploration of his cock tip with her tongue and lips between throat fuckings and, suddenly, it happened. He came in thick hot jets of cum down her throat, and as he held on to her shoulders firmly she pushed her head down further on to him, making sure he could feel her swallowing his cum against his pulsating, spurting dick.


She wiped her mouth quickly, disentangling herself and looking up at him.

“Yeah, you liked that huh? I could tell.

Now, it’s my turn I think. My cunt needs some action here.”

His smug, just-blown expression took on a hint of worry. She laughed.

“You better be ready to satisfy me lover-boy, you don’t want me to get cross and have to start doling out spankings, do you?”

Peripherally, she saw his cock bounce with excitement at the thought. She laughed again, lightly.

“Let’s go.”

Getting His Money's Worth In The Big Smoke | London Sex Worker EroticaPushing him back on to the bed, she removed his trousers, finally, and his trunks too. He was watching her with a strange combination of wariness and extreme self-satisfaction on his face. Her cunt was screaming at her to hurry the fuck up. That hard cock wouldn’t wait forever. She needed to ditch this dress and stockings. Now.

Turning around she peeled off the skin tight dress down to the floor. Not out of any sense of shame or embarrassment but rather so he could see all of her waxed entirely bare pussy as she kept her legs straight the entire time. She even spread her legs slightly as she shuffled the dress off from her ankles, giving him a tantalising glint of just how aroused sucking him off had made her. Wetness coated the tops of her inner thighs as well as her puffed up, slicked labia. Before turning back around to him, she pinched open her strapless bra at the back and let that drop to the floor as well.

Wearing only her 5 inch heels and lace top sheer stockings, she turned back to face him. Yes, that had done the job. He was quite obviously struggling to keep his hands off his dancing-of-its-own-accord cock, knowing something much, much better awaited it.

“Don’t you dare touch yourself. That cock’s all mine, lover-boy.”

“Yes Miss.”

Oh goody, role-play. He’d taken to that fast. She upped the ante further.

“…And… you’re not allowed to touch me with your hands until I say you can. Got it?”

She hadn’t thought it were possible for him to look even more excited right now, but he somehow managed it.

“Yes Miss,” he near enough squeaked.

She didn’t say a word in reply, just made some noise of approval at his acquiescent response. One step and she was at the bed. Another and she was astride him, her inner-thigh wetness barely glancing his still-slick tip threatening to make him explode already.

One more thing before she made her move; a rubber grabbed from her handbag on the side. She sheathed him, her fingers on him making him gasp. The pre-lubed condom made sure there’d be no friction on entry. Perfect.

She let go of him. Without even having to handle his cock any further she manoeuvred herself so his tip was right between her slippery labia. She took a moment to savour that pre-fuck feeling, then wiggled her hips so he entered her to the hilt.

He actually moaned out loud, his fingers gripping the sheets beneath him to her sides, remembering her command not to touch her.

“Holy… fuck…”

“Oh god,” she murmured in response. He really was very well equipped. This was the thickest cock she’d had in a while, and she was enjoying it.

Sliding him in and out of her increasingly pacified cunt she used her fingertips to coat her erect clit with some of that arousal juice. Making small circles in that familiar, self-stimulatory way, she barked out her next command at him.

“Touch me now. Feel my tits. Squeeze my nipples. Fuck me.”

Getting His Money's Worth In The Big SmokeHe complied immediately. His eyes had barely left her generously proportioned breasts with small, hard, aroused nipples – but for having his eyes squeezed closed against the over-stimulation of his spoilt cock. His large hands mauled and manhandled her tits, squeezing and feeling. His thumbs teased gently over the raised bumps on her areolae, then were joined with index finger to pinch her nipples harshly, sending her cunt into spasms around his twitching cock.

Their fucking reached a frenzied pace and the big smoke & the rest of this world was lost to physical stimulation of two bodies needing sexual gratification right now. Fingers felt and squeezed and stroked and teased, nails raked over skin and hair was pulled. Vicious names and utterances were spat out in the heat of the moment. Her fingers reached back time and again to flick and stroke her clit like it demanded, like she needed, and his hands were on her waist now fucking her like a doll sat astride him. She couldn’t see anything except a blur of bodies and her hair and tits and his face screwed up against the pleasure in the dim light. The blood rushed in her ears and time didn’t exist anymore for that short while.

She had to concentrate on her orgasm – his would take care of itself. Another stroke, another circle… and there. She could sense it. Now, focus some more. Nothing else matters. Almost… yes…

With one final slippery circle of her fingertip over her exposed clit she yelled she was coming, she was coming, oh my god fuck – and then she was hearing him, yes, I’m coming, fucking hell I’m coming again…

The world shattered into small fragments of light and pain and sound and feeling.

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