I Heart Cara Sutra – Sex Toy Haul & ETO Show 2015

The ETO Show 2015

Working in the adult retail sector is super-happy fun times and most people working in the industry have full-time contracts or their own company, so as a freelancer you feel somewhat disconnected from everyone. It’s therefore unusual to form a bond with anyone who isn’t your client. You know and like lots of folk, but there’s never any real time to forge friendships.

Hella Walkington Hella Rude and Cara Sutra ETO Show 2015-2
Hella & Cara on their way to the ETO Awards 2015

I first met Cara Sutra back in 2010, she was active on one of my client’s communities and therefore we were chatting on a fairly regular basis. She was a highly popular member and her blog and social media channels were among the busiest in her circles. She was definitely destined to end up being a writer in the industry.

As Cara became more and more well known, online retailers and manufacturers alike began to court her. She migrated toward a rival client and during the evolution and growth between our respective companies, we kinda sorta started to not like each other. That’s the weird thing about company rivals, you can like a person who works with them but over time the nature of opposing work strategies and company life creates a negative vibe (and that vibe can be kinda strong at times!).

Years went by and we both moved onto different ventures, giving us an opportunity to start chatting again. The rival mindset soon quelled and we began forging a friendship, as well as a working relationship. Over the past couple of years I’ve become increasingly fond of Cara and now I count her as a dear friend.

She doesn’t bat an eyelid when I say or do something weird, like lick her face while drunk at last years awards or being a hyper, under-slept ball of energy during the most bizarre Periscope you’ll see for a while. She’s someone I can really talk to, and we can empathise about the good and the bad in the industry. Both of us accidentally becoming freelancers in the scene at around the same time and she is now the lady I turn to for advice, reassurance and anecdotal like-for-likes.

Over the weekend we hit the ETO show and I was especially excited to catch her as we’d not had a boob hug since Eroticon 2014! Not only did we have a girly night before the madness began, she brought me an extra-special goody bag to take home. HEART!

Hella Walkington Hella Rude and Cara Sutra ETO Show 2015-3

Seriously, how spoiled am I?
Seriously, how spoiled am I?

I’ll be doing some product reviews at Cara Sutra to say thank you, as well as procuring reviews for the remainder of the toys pictured above. It’s going to be a busy few weeks of articles and editing.
Hella Walkington Hella Rude and Cara Sutra ETO Show 2015-4Cara and I both freelance in the adult industry as well as working on our own sites. This year she partnered with Voluptasse to run a stand at ETO called Blogspot, providing people like us a peaceful and comfortable space to chat to others in the industry, charge our electronics (laptops and phones, not just rechargeable sex toys!) and gorge ourselves on free refreshments. I was attending the show with ElectraStim on the main part and Ms Sutra was lovely enough to have me based on her stand so I could talk electro sex, show off their sex toys and share some erotic tingles. Everyone who blogs knows and looks up to Cara for her successes, so many reviewers made a beeline straight for her stand to touch base before getting stuck into the networking. By the end of the show, her goody bags had made their way into the hands of some impressive bloggers and they’ll certainly be getting a treat!

On Sunday night it was awards time and once again Cara was up for the ETO Award for Best Erotic Journalist, along with a few other great names in the industry. Her skills have seen her win the ETO Award for ‘Best Erotic Journalist’ 2 years running, so it was no surprise when she picked up her third this year. So proud to call her a friend! Unlike other journos, Cara’s own site is her main point of publication and it’s made her a seriously strong brand with a great subscriber list. It’s probably going to be a looonnnnng while until someone else is able to pinch her crown as she’s so well loved and voted for that no one else gets a look in.

Cara has won the ETO for Best Erotic Journalist 3 years running
Cara has won the ETO for Best Erotic Journalist 3 years running

Sorry guys!

After the exhaustion of the show, it was sad to say goodbye to Cara and my heart warmed to see a tweet saying she already missed me. Having spent the best part of 3 days in her company, and our very first girl night one-on-one, I can say the feeling is very much mutual. I’ll be looking to meet up ahead of the next event we’re working and hopefully filming some more videos. It was such a giggle and probably my most fun vlogging experience yet (I’m not too much of a video fan).


Thank you, Cara, for being such a wonderful friend. For giving me a shed load of sexy things to play with (and this hilarious dress) and listening to me talk 50 to the dozen about all kinds of rubbish. Big love for the advice, support and cuddles. Huge smiley faces for being my empath. Major amounts of Periscope hearts for making me laugh so much, and the UTMOST respect for the inspiration you give to everybody breaking out on their own in this field. I love your bones, girl. xxx

– Hella Rude

About the author: Hella Rude works as a freelance writer, model, adult e-commerce consultant and occasional TV presenter and actress. You can find her sassy, sensational and downright sexy writings at her author page here at Cara Sutra.



  1. Thank you. Blushed all the way through reading this blog post. I’m not *that* amazing, jeez!
    Had a wicked fun time with you – it *is* so important to find people you can trust and have fun hanging out with, especially when freelance and you don’t have those post-work dos or nipping to the pub with the team on a Friday afternoon.
    Can’t wait to get together again!

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