Erotic Author Spotlight Series: Tara Devaney-Thompson


This week’s erotic author in the spotlight is Tara Devaney-Thompson and she has a very hot excerpt for you to enjoy! Find out more about Tara and enjoy her steamy erotic writing below.

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Tara Devaney Thompson

Tara Devaney -Thompson is the author of Outback Heat.

Tara lives in Melbourne, Australia. She has two grown children, a daughter and a son, and the two most beautiful grand-daughters ever born.

She goes to the gym six days a week and loves to stay fit lifting really heavy weights.

She loves Books (derrrrr lol) movies, music, art (drawing portraits in HB pencil) and, well, anything new and exciting. Tara loves younger men, hates bigotry, racism, lies and deceit. She abhors the way woman are still counted as less than men in many areas and that men still perpetuate the myth of more muscle strength equals more worth.

Oh, and she is very opinionated and talks too much. LOL

Honest to the point of painful, as smart as a whip and very open about everything.

Tara loves to write and writes in many different genres so as not to be limited by labels.

Erotic Writing


Outback Heat Synopsis

Hannah and Nick have a different kind of love.
Can the relationship between an older woman and a
younger man survive the pain and fear of attempted murder?
Is their love strong enough to keep them together and safe?
In the heat of bushfire season in a small Outback Australian
town this couples love will be tested time and again. Will love
defeat a desperate killer?
One man who fears they will discover his terrible secret and ruin
his life is willing to go to any lengths to stop them from doing so.
As they begin to discover their love so too they discover that they
are the targets of this man’s anger and fear. Can they and their
friend, the local Police Sergeant, stop the killer before it is too late.
Only time will tell.

Tara Devaney-Thompson erotic author spotlight at Cara Sutra

Outback Heat Free Excerpt

Hannah didn’t know if he was being serious. She looked into those impossibly blue eyes and, hoping he wasn’t bullshitting her, she looked hard for any trace of sarcasm. She had been here before and wasn’t about to let herself get caught up in the moment again.

“Are you serious?” Hannah asked him the question she had just asked herself.

“Absolutely”, Nick replied.

“You can’t be serious! I am old enough to be your mother”,

“So, is that so important to you?”

“It’s…well, it’s difficult for me”, memories came flooding back and her eyes welled up.

“Someone young hurt you very badly, didn’t they? Well, just because one younger man did does not mean another will!”

“I know that but, at my age, I don’t want to go down that road again. It still hurts too much to want to try again”

“Look, I am not suggesting we start a relationship, I am just asking you to go out with me…you know…a date. I have no ulterior motives….yet”, again that smile that hinted at lots but promised nothing.

“What do you mean yet?”

“Well, I am a man and you are a woman…consenting adults and all that…I cannot say I will not want to make love to you at some point. However, let’s just take it one step at a time, shall we?”

Hannah was sure her face must be giving away the fact that she was hoping sooner rather than later. She turned to put her glass in the sink to cover her embarrassment. She felt him behind her before she heard him. He stood close enough for her to get an idea of what he had hidden in those workman’s shorts.

She had to catch her breath. He was hard, very hard. She could feel his breath on her neck. He reached up and gently moved her hair from the nape of her neck. He lowered his face and planted small kisses along her shoulder.

“Of course, we don’t have to wait…if you don’t want to” his voice was husky with desire.

She had no voice to answer so, turning to face him, she reached her hands up to hold his face and kissed him long, and hard and deep. He returned the kiss with equal passion. He explored her mouth with his tongue and she could feel her pussy become wet instantly. She reached down to find and touch that which she so badly wanted to have in her hand.

Once she had opened the zipper of his shorts and lowered them for better access she found much more than she had expected. He was huge, huge and hard as a rock. His sharp intake of breath told her that he was as aroused as she. He pulled back and loosened her grip and without a word lifted her until her legs were around his hips and stepping out of the shorts that had fallen to the floor  he carried her across the kitchen and into the dining room to the table. He had lifted her as though she weighed nothing. His obvious rush to be inside her was a further turn on and she feared she would come before he was even near entering her.

He swept everything onto the floor and placed her buttocks on the edge of the table. Moving his body back slightly to give her hand access to his cock he took the opportunity to undo the buttons on her shirt. She could see the rampant desire in his face as he freed her breasts. They were large, lush and firm and he kneaded them with his hands. He pinched her hard little nipples and she groaned. When he bent his head to kiss them and trace the outline of her now hard nipples with his tongue she could have fainted with the pleasure of it.

Her hands had been busy with his enormous cock and were moving up and down the shaft. She was almost out of her mind with lust for this man. All she could think of was having him inside her. So, she tried to pull him to her but, he resisted. He reached down and ripped off her flimsy lace panties flinging the tattered remnants across the room. His fingers searched for and found her clit. He began to rub her as she rubbed him.

She could feel her orgasm building and did not want to come without him inside her. Grabbing his hand and pulling it away from her wet cunt she pulled him to her. Lifting her legs and wrapping them around his waist she used them to force him close to her. Then he reached down add gripped his own throbbing cock and guided himself into her.

As he slid into her she groaned loudly and leaned back. He went deep inside her, deeper than any man she had ever known. He filled her completely. He paused for a moment when he reached her deepest part then, slowly began to pull back. He did this over and over until she couldn’t stand it anymore. It was as though he knew exactly the moment to increase the speed.

In and out he plunged. Then he grasped and lifted her ass with both hands to get ever deeper as he plunged into her again. She opened her eyes to see that he was watching her. His eyes were now a deep smoky blue half shut with lust and pleasure. His mouth opened and his tongue licked his lower lip which he then began to bite. She intuited that he did this to keep from coming too soon. She sensed his need to let go and this brought her to the brink. He threw his head back and groaned with the strain of holding on. Just at that instant she felt her orgasm begin. A wave of heat washed over her. Immense and raw, it engulfed her. She could feel his cock bucking and pulsating inside her as he came with her.

His plunged into her like a battering ram and she held onto the edge of the table and bucked like a bronco in response. She rode the tidal wave of release as it consumed her. Just when she thought she could not orgasm any harder, a final surge took her to a peak of pleasure unlike any she had ever experienced. She wanted to scream with the intensity of it but, she was left completely unable to do so. Then, breathless and exhausted, after that final onslaught she could do no more than let go and fall back onto the table top. He still held her ass in his hands but was standing perfectly still. Looking down at her and smiling. He had not made a sound.

She opened her eyes again. They were still sitting at the breakfast bar. He was still eating his sandwich. The whole fucking thing had been a fucking fantasy played out in her head. What the fuck was wrong with her. She got up and turned to the sink. Washing out her glass and rinsing her plate she tried to gather her thoughts and, hopefully, hide her feelings of embarrassment.

*** *** *** ***

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