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It’s time for another erotic author feature – and this week it’s JP Philips in the spotlight. Find out more about JP in the revealing exploration below, and discover his incredibly hot writing. Personally, I’m really tempted by No Angel – I need to read this story.

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JP Philips erotic author feature at Cara Sutra blog

J P Philips describes himself as, “a perfectly ordinary, happily married, forty-something-year-old man who accidentally stumbled upon a talent for erotic writing.” He’s just opened his brand new website, My Darkest Desire, where you can find his entire collection of short stories and novellas.

I came up with the idea for My Darkest Desire several years ago, when deciding I wanted to take my passion for writing to the next level, yet was left frustrated by the publication options available. I knew there were thousands of people out there like me – ordinary, perfectly decent men and women who occasionally enjoy indulging in a dirty story or two, yet who struggle to find no-nonsense erotic fantasies that are written with care. It also seemed obvious to me that the home for such writing should be online, yet there were seemingly no quality websites devoted to it. In the end I wondered if I could maybe have a go at creating that place, myself, and so the journey began. It wasn’t the smoothest of rides, however, and I made a good few wrong turns along the way, but I got there in the end, even if it did take me a mere three-and-a-half years.

My hopes for My Darkest Desire are twofold, really: that it presents my work in a classy, relaxed environment, and that it can go some way towards promoting the work of others who I respect, too.

In terms of my life as a writer, it began purely by accident back in February 2006, when I was newly out of my first marriage and feeling as though a giant weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I’d stumbled across one of those crappy magazines aimed at particularly stupid young men not brave enough to buy real pornography (Nuts or Zoo, I can’t remember which), and while mindlessly flicking through it, I came across a Girlfriend’s Confessions page. After reading about Tracy from Acton’s unlikely romp with the UPS hunk in the elevator, I spotted that the magazine editors were offering the princely sum of £25.00 for submissions. Now, I can categorically state that I am not now, nor have I ever been, a girlfriend with a desperate urge to confess my sins to the gullible of Great Britain, but I was sure I could write a far better confession than the ones I’d just read, and that it might be a fun challenge for me to do so. And that evening, I sat down at my computer to type. In the end I wrote far more than the magazine stipulated, but it didn’t matter: a tiny, flickering flame had been kindled, and I soon went on to write more stories, publishing them online in an amateur capacity, where I won several prizes and built up a considerable readership.

Eventually, I decided I no longer wanted to offer my stories to third-party websites, and so I created Jonathan Philips Erotica.

JP Erotica was a lovely little website, but I was still giving my writing away for free, and as things in my life began to change, I could no longer justify the many hours I spent at the computer if there was not even a little financial incentive for me to do so.

JP Philips My Sweet Degradation Erotic Book Author Feature

And then, out of the blue, a publisher approached me. I was at a turning point in my writing career and, despite a little voice at the back of my mind screaming, “Run away, run away!” I thought, what the hell, and my short story collection My Sweet Degradation was duly published.

For a number of reasons, the experience wasn’t the greatest of successes, and although my publisher desperately wanted more from me, I decided I needed to be in charge of my fate once again. That led me to think about creating what eventually became My Darkest Desire.

For those who don’t know my writing, I’ve thought long and hard about how best to categorise it, and I’ve come up with the snappy title, slightly-larger-than-life-story-led-hardcore. Nice, eh?

JP Philips The erotic adventures of little red Erotic Book Author Feature

The slightly-larger-than-life bit comes down to the fact that I’m really not interested in gritty reality when it comes to erotic fantasy. I’m happy for my stories to be that little bit unrealistic. I want the characters to have firmer than average boobs and longer than average cocks (only rarely at the same time, I hasten to add). Wet patches, fanny farts, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation play no part in my tales – you’ll no doubt be delighted to read.

Story-led is simply that it’s incredibly important to me that there actually is a central storyline, and that my writing is not just a succession of sex scenes. Just like great sex in reality, what makes it great is not the act alone: it’s the person, or people, you’re with, it’s how you came to be with them, it’s what has happened in your lives to get you to the point where you find yourselves together.

Hardcore should be obvious. Over the years I’ve come to the conclusion that my readers don’t need, nor want, to be shielded from graphically descriptive sex scenes. If you’re reading an erotic story then you want to read about sex, right? I shouldn’t protect your sensitive, little souls with flowery metaphors and similes, should I?

JP Philips My Darkest Desire Erotic Book Author Feature

My Darkest Desire is in its very earliest days. In a way its an experiment I’m well aware has the potential to fail, but it’s an experiment I strongly felt I had to try or I’d end up wondering, what-if for the rest of my life. One thing I know for certain, however: it’s incredibly exciting waiting to see what happens next…


To learn more about JP, to find free samples of his stories, and to discover how and where you can download his entire library of work, please visit

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