When Should You Allow Your Partner To Film?

How To Avoid The Pitfalls Of An Amateur Sex Tape

when should you let your partner make a sex tape

More and more couples are making amateur adult videos, despite the setbacks. Here are a few ways to make sure you’re ready to star in your own private film

For those of us who aren’t D list celebrities looking to launch ourselves on to the A list, is it ever a good idea to make a sex tape? Internet news-sites are often updated with stories of private-sex-tapes-gone-viral and revenge porn has been a hot topic on the lips of many a social commentator. Yet, when done professionally, filming a sex tape can be an exciting, intimate experience and an ever so slightly naughty way of spicing things up.

Whether as a result of curiosity, experimentation or just plain boredom, many of us allow our partners to film our most intimate moments, and it’s easy to understand why. Who wouldn’t want to know how they look in the bedroom? Sex tapes can also provide a way of reigniting that missing flame – passion, and can serve as a souvenir to remember our most romantic and electrifying displays of affection. There are, however, a number of things to consider before allowing your partner to invite the compact-camera to bed.


If you decide to let your partner film you in the adrenaline-fuelled heat of the moment, the chances are that your video will be recorded on a mobile camera. A blurry picture, insufficient lighting and poor sound makes for a low-quality film.

Not to mention the fact that with a single camera angle and limited editing, every awkward movement, uncomfortable mistake, and embarrassing grunt will be recorded in one long sequence, resulting in a cringe-worthy amateur video rather than the lustful sex scene straight out of a Hollywood romance that you had imagined. The only way to make a private video that is really worth watching is to go professional.

If you are going to film, why not spice it up with some fun sex toys? This can keep the action moving and help to delay the climax for a longer shoot.

Going Professional

By going professional, it’s possible to enjoy all the benefits of making a sex tape, without the low quality and public distribution risks. If you really want to reap the rewards of private video and you’re ready to be filmed, ditch the smartphone camera and make your own professional adult video.

Professionally made films can guarantee high-quality camera shots, editing to remove unwanted hiccups, confidentiality, and hard-copy-only storage. With a professional adult video, you can ensure that you and your partner look good in action and ensure that your intimate moments never end up in the wrong hands.

Just remember, you are not a professional actor or experienced escort, both of whom are able to perform under pressure, so do not expect the results to be amazing, at least not the first time. Just enjoy the occasion and have some fun with your partner.

Consent and Storage

It sounds obvious, but recording any kind of sexual scene should not take place without the informed consent of all participants. Everyone should know they’re being filmed and everyone involved should genuinely want to take part.

Consent also extends to distribution. Stories of jilted lovers sharing explicit pictures and videos of their ex-partners online without prior consent, otherwise known as ‘revenge porn’ have been all over the news as of late. Since April 2015, the law explicitly makes it illegal for anyone to share private pictures or videos without the consent of those involved. A 2 year prison sentence and a fine can await those caught distributing private material without consent.

This isn’t to say that couples shouldn’t feel free to film themselves, and if there is consent, to share their material. If you and your partner both wish to follow in the footsteps of Kim K, then go ahead and distribute your video to the depths of the internet.

It simply means that if, like most people, you want to record a tape for the personal, private viewing of yourself and your partner, it’s best to make sure you’re filming with someone reliable and trustworthy and be sure to only store a hard copy – don’t make digital duplicates which can easily be shared online.

Nobody wants the anxiety of breaking up with a partner only to worry over who else might have seen the footage of that naughty night when the camera came out.

Make It Look Amazing

The sex tape taboo is slowly breaking. To make the most of your modern day sex life, only film a video with someone you trust, only make a hard copy, and get it done professionally – if you’re going to make a sex tape, make it look amazing!






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