Are Rabbit Vibrators a Good Way to Orgasm?

Are Rabbit Vibrators A Good Way To Orgasm?

Schrodinger’s vibrator says yes and no. A rabbit vibrator is both amazing at giving orgams and a crappy disappointment, dependent on the make, model and your body shape.

No two vaginas and vulvas are the same and both have a say in how effective you find this kind of women’s sex toy. Some girls have clits whole inches away from their va-jay-jays while others are barely a whisper apart.

Regardless of your anatomy, a good rabbit vibrator is able to simultaneously tickle your clit and massage your G-spot thanks to the flexible nature of rabbit ear stimulators. With plenty of power on standby (but the option to turn it down a notch to give you a good build-up) and a good set of flexible ears, you should find that rabbit vibrators give you fantastic climaxes.

In honour of Lovehoney’s Big Rabbit Vibe Blowout, I’m looking at their offerings and giving you my best picks so you too can experience a bunny-based orgasm of explosive proportions.

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The price point for Lovehoney’s Rabbit Vibrator sale starts at £20, and I’m thrilled to say there is a good buy to be found at this price point!

Their own-brand Lovehoney Oh! Beginner’s Rabbit Vibrator has plenty of power, 4 vibrating settings and 3 rotational settings for the shaft. It’s one to pick if you like your internal stimulation on the small side.

The beads should give your G-spot plenty of love while the angle tip is suitable for A-spot stimulation on petite women, or in the early stages of arousal for the rest of us. The ears are flexible enough to band back on themselves without sacrificing power.

If petite but powerful does it for you, this £20 bargain (free postage included!) will be right up your street. Don’t forget the batteries! You need 3xAAAs which you can add to your cart from the product page. Follow my 10% off link to get a discount on your batteries!

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If you prefer something in a rechargeable vibe and aren’t too keen on rotating beads, the Tracey Cox Supersex Silicone Rabbit Vibrator might rock your world. The ears are shorter, so I’d recommend it for women who have a clit located close to the vaginal opening to ensure prime contact. No batteries required, just power it up for a few hours before you want to play.

There are two separate vibrators in this baby – one in the shaft and another in the rabbit stimulator, both working with a single set of controls. There are 2 vibration speeds (one rather mellow, the other with a bit more oomph – but don’t expect pneumatic power from this one!) and 5 patterns which are the perfect way to escalate to orgasm.

For me, this one is better as part of foreplay or to use during a good dirty movie session. It won’t get everyone there by iteself but it’s certainly fun to play with. At £20 for a rechargeable vibe, you can’t expect the moon on a stick!

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My final pick is for the ladies who want it ALL. The Lovehoney Double Bunny (actually called the Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit 2.0 Triple Rabbit Vibrator… but whatever!) gives greedy girls all the satisfaction they could want. Not only does it have a classic rotating shaft and bunny ear clit ticklers, it’s also equipped with a set of anal beads to take you from oh my to OH MY FUCKING GOD!

You get 7 vibrating patterns, 3 speeds, 3 rotational settings and 2 vibrators – 1 in the rabbit and a 2nd in the anal beads. WOW!

Again, Jessica is battery-powered and needs 3xAAAs but for those few power cells you get A LOT of fun. Don’t be afraid to buy some good high-powered rechargeables suitable for camera use instead of disposables. They’ll be just fine in your Jessica, just remember to remove them after play!

3-way pleasure is yours again for only £20!

Lovehoney’s rabbit vibe sale is a limited promotion set to end on June 28th 2015, right before pay day (damn them!) if you fancy a way to try a cheap rabbit vibrator then now is your chance, they double in price after that date. 🙁 After this date, you can still get 10% off sex toys with my Lovehoney discount link.
– Hella Rude


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  1. Rabbits are one of the best types of vibrators you could buy. Nowadays wwe could find sextoys with very futurisitc shape but rabbits are still the best to achieve an orgasm.

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