Make your piggy bank overflow with erotic crowdfunding for girls

piggy bank girls erotic crowdfunding for women

Money. We often don’t have enough of it to do what we want, and most people’s lives include an element of trying to get more. Usually this is to cover at least the expense of everyday life, sometimes for a specific ambition or dream. That designer dress, the car that caught your eye on the forecourt, the deposit for your first home. Even if you’re one of the lucky ones who receive a regular income from employment, you might be caught in the continual work-to-eat zone, where your income pretty much matches your expenditure and you’re just keeping your head above water as best you can along with the rest of us.

So what can you do about it? You’ve got two choices: keep on playing the lottery every week or take action which will actually help you achieve your dreams. I know, you’ve got nothing to sell and you’re already working all the hours available. What else can you possibly do?

piggy bank girls logoWelcome to Piggy Bank Girls, the first erotic crowdfunding website for women.

It’s one of those ideas which is so simple you wonder why it’s taken so long for anyone to think of it. The 2015 XBIZ Award nominated company is based in Berlin, Germany, and they host a crowdfunding platform at where women can run campaigns to raise funds for whatever they like. It’s like Go Fund Me, but sexy. Stop with the bland cries for help with your bank balance on a boring funding site, get your sexy tush over to Piggy Bank Girls. It’s free to sign up!

Women who sign up to run a funding campaign on Piggy Bank Girls receive monies from donators, who, in return for their monetary contributions receive tokens of appreciation from the women. Yeah, I’m talking sexy tokens of appreciation. This could be a set of sexy photographs, a video, a session on webcam, worn underwear or other item of clothing… use your imagination.

In my opinion, Piggy Bank Girls is a fantastic idea. It embraces the desires of both types of visitors to the site, the women who are trying to raise funds and the men (or women) who want to contribute to those projects and get turned on in return. I’ve paid towards projects in the past, before working as an industry writer, by exchanging services such as BDSM Domination or worn underwear for cash contributions. Now there’s a platform where you can rest assured that the transactions are completed fairly, so there’s no worry about not getting your funds or conversely not getting your sexy treats.

piggy bank girls erotic crodfunding

Thanks to Piggy Bank Girls’ fair trade porn concept, women who take part in crowdfunding through their website are paid as much as possible after the company’s own expenses. This is a huge 80% of what gets into the funding account for each campaigning woman. The remaining 20% covers Piggy Bank Girls’ server costs, billing operators and advertising.

Want to know more or perhaps set up a campaign for yourself? Perhaps you’ve got money you could contribute to help make a girl’s dreams come true in exchange for some arousing gifts?

Visit Piggy Bank Girls here – it’s free to join. You can also follow on Twitter and like on Facebook. Questions? Contact the support team here.


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  1. Damn – Thanks for discovering this 😀 – I sure have spotted a couple of nice campaigns to back – Oh hell, might just as well back them all!

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