Kim Kardashian Electro Ass Challenge

Kim Kardashian Electro Ass Challenge

Could I ever achieve an ass which could break the internet?

As a Digital Marketing Manager, I spend a hella lotta time on the interwebs, mainly frequenting things like blogs and social media channels. In recent Twitter chatter, I asked my followers “If Slendertone really works, can I get Kim Kardashian’s butt using my ElectraStim Flick Duo?”

Way back when I first started modelling, I bought me one of those fancy Slendertone abs belts. It had two mega-sized conductive pads on the inside that secured to bi-polar connections, meaning the stimulation current travels straight across your abdominal muscles. I was only about 19 and definitely carrying a bit of baby weight, definitely didn’t exercise albeit from drunken dancing. And quelle surprise, it did nothing for me and ended up on eBay.

Kim Kardashian Electro Ass Challenge - Hella Rude-1

My older, wiser self wishes I’d kept hold of it. I’m pretty certain electro stimulation can be used to boost your muscle tone, but how much is up for a debate. It takes some heavy lifting and a good diet to build muscle, so can something as simple as an electrical current really take some of the effort out of it?

For the next month, I’ll be undertaking what I’ve affectionately called the Kim Kardashian Electro Ass Challenge, in which I’ll be subjecting my derriere to a daily 2-hour/4-pad kneading courtesy of pattern 5 on my ElectraStim Flick Duo.

Because it’s so ridiculously ludicrous and unscientific, I’m using the mediums of selfies (hey, it is a KK challenge), Snapchat, Vine and periscope to document these adventures for my blog, and I will be taking weekly measurements to check up on things.

It’s currently day 2 and as I speak, my butt is bouncing me up-and-down like a sack of spuds on a hick car chase.

Here’s where we’re at so far:

Day 1

I like my new ass pads, butt massages are nice… but not so much when you sit down. It’s hard to get comfortable when you’re sat down because the resistance from the seat feels like it makes the muscles work harder. The clenching is definitely firmer and more of the muscle gets involved. I kinda figure it like a scrum front row, the muscles are pushing forward (against the seat) and meeting resistance in opposition. I wonder if wearing a toning belt with weight on your stomach would cause this kind of effect.

My butt aches after, has to be a good sign!

Pad placement – Upper-to-mid-ass
Strength – Level 10
Pattern – 5
Ass at widest point: 37 inches
Rise: 10 inches

Say HELLO to my lumpy electro ass
Say HELLO to my lumpy electro ass

Day 2

My butt ached all day #OiOi. It was similar to after I’ve been for a skate but my legs weren’t ruined to boot. When I put the pads on, the muscles started aching more. Found myself getting up to Level 13 for the top and 12 for the mid ass – a few levels higher than yesterday. If this experiment just makes my ass ache and does nothing else, I’m gonna be disappointed. I’m over the ass kneading. I have another 1.5 hours to go.

– Hella Rude


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