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This week’s erotic author in the spotlight is JC Winchester who has written a variety of erotic books and has provided some sexy excerpts for Cara Sutra readers to enjoy! Discover more about this talented erotic author in the feature below.

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JC Winchester Erotic Author

JC Winchester has been writing erotica since 2003 and discovered a choose-your-own adventure erotic story site, Chyoo. He enjoyed the challenge of adding onto other’s stories, blending his own voice in with theirs. But before too long he was called to serve his country and put down the pen. Nearly a decade later an old friend challenged him to join a Survivor themed writing contest on Literotica. It sparked his muse and before he knew it the stories were rapidly flowing, helping him to place 4th that year. Since then he has slowed down his pace to focus on combining his love of the outdoors and for writing.

When not writing he can usually be found outside trying some new adventure or coaxing his horses into believing they really don’t need to eat as much as they do (probably will never happen but he can wish!).


Twitter @JagFarlane


Fraternity Fluffer 1

Fraternity Fluffer 2

Shelley: First Meeting

Trail Magic

Valentine on the Mountain

Witches Brew

JC Winchester Erotic Author Books-6

Yoga in the Buff

JC Winchester Erotic Author Books-7

Free Excerpts

Fraternity Fluffer 1

JC Winchester Erotic Author Books-3

Coming out of the test, Lisa felt the best that she’d felt in ages, actually feeling confident that she’d done well on it. Hell, all things considered if she even passed it, she’d be thrilled. Fortunately for her the test had been on a scantron sheet and the teaching assistants had it scanned and entered by evening. She kept having to refresh the online gradebook, not believing the 89 sitting alongside of Exam 1. That test was simply the highest score she’d gotten since leaving high school and Philip had taught her all the material in one night. Obviously she owed him a big thank you for all of the help and slowly her lips twisted to a smile as one came to mind.

She pulled the shirt down a bit before raising her hand and gently knocking on his door. It was open, most people here kept their door open when studying, but she still wanted to be polite. When he finished the paragraph he was working on, Phil turned to acknowledge her. She asked to come in, and when he said yes, she stepped in and gently shut the door behind her. Lisa told him about the score as she approached the desk. While listening to his congratulations, she kneeled before his chair and looked up at him. “So, let me thank you properly.”

Before he figured out what was going to happen, she had pulled down the front of his sweatpants and boxers. A quick glance to see the shocked look on his face before she dropped her head and took his flaccid cock in her mouth, giving him a soft suction as soon as her lips wrapped around him. It didn’t take long for him to harden in her mouth, her tongue slowly stroking the shaft as it filled her mouth. Taking note that he had leaned back and was just enjoying the blowjob. Hands slipped her t-shirt up to her neck, unhooked her bra, and let his cock go for only a second to slip both articles of clothing off.  Upon retaking him in her mouth, she decided to take her time with him, knowing he probably wouldn’t last very long.

Shelley: First Meeting

JC Winchester Erotic Author Books-5

Even though they’d known each other for a couple of years now he’d never actually seen her outside of the restaurant. It was cozy, fairly typical single person’s apartment, one bedroom from what he could tell. He followed the sounds coming from the kitchen and sat down on a stool in front of a breakfast nook just watching her get together the mugs of coffee. She placed mugs, a sugar bowl, and creamer on the nook, “Help yourself when it’s down brewing. I’m going to get changed out of these work clothes.” Off to the bedroom she headed, closing the door behind her.

When the door was closed, Shelley leaned against it for a moment, just breathing and giggling to herself that Matt really was in her apartment. She stripped out of her work clothes and tossed them into the hamper, then went to the mirror to give herself the one over. Due to the hormones she’d been taking over the last few years she had finally started to grow breasts and just recently celebrated when they hit the small B mark. So they didn’t get much attention, but they were all natural and all hers! Tummy was flat enough, maybe a pound or two heavy she thought but dismissed as something she couldn’t change at the moment. Eyes finally drifted lower and she looked over her currently raging hard cock. It wasn’t huge by any means, about four or five inches long but it had a large head and a slight curve to it.

Trail Magic

JC Winchester Erotic Author Books-1

“The other part of your birthday gift, silly,” I gave him a little smile and hooked my fingers in the elastic band of his boxers. “I know you haven’t gotten any since Lauren left you and well, who best to help out a friend in need than your best friend? Besides, it wouldn’t be right to have a birthday without getting any.” As he blinked at my statement I sucked in a little breath and yanked down the material, exposing his cock to me.

I’ve known Dan for coming on six years now, we’ve been friends since high school and are now splitting an apartment near our college. Yet the closest I’d come to seeing him nude was the time I walked in while he was dancing in his boxers mimicking Tom Cruise. Now I’d crossed that line, exposed him to me, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’d thought of this day for a long time. His cock was exposed to me, limp and sweaty from the climb but I was more than ready to take care of that.

My tongue caressed over my lips as I glanced up at his face, “so for your birthday I’m giving you a blowjob in your favorite place on a trail that we’ve spent countless days on. So just sit back, enjoy, and keep an eye out for other hikers.”

Valentine on the Mountain

JC Winchester Erotic Author Books-2

Tammy blinked a little at the thoughtfulness, wondering just how lucky she’d been to find Mark after her injury. There was the creeping thought that she wondered how lucky she would be to find a guy like him at all, all things considered. She’d had the bad habit of going for the guys who weren’t so good for her, and always wondering why she went for them. Those thoughts went out of her mind when he shut off the water and rose up. “Just yell if you need anything,” and out the bathroom he went, shutting the door behind him.

She thought of latching the door lock shut for a moment or two, but didn’t want to upset him if he heard and honestly she couldn’t care too much if he saw her in the nude. For now she was just looking forwards to the warm water and eagerly stripped herself of the clothing on her torso, then slowly worked the rest of her clothing off, putting it neatly onto the floor near the tub. Grasping the edges of the tub tightly, Tammy wiggled her way into the water, lowering herself as slowly as possible.

A soft moan escaped her lips as sore muscles were enveloped with the hot water and gently she settled into a seated position. Looking up she saw a skylight and the incoming clouds at the front of the weather system. Tammy wondered if perhaps she might be able to spend some time here the next day and watch the snow fall, it just seemed like an ideal setting for it. She closed her eyes and leaned the back of her head against the rim of the tub, soaking in the heat. After about ten or fifteen minutes, Tammy finally opened her eyes and picked up the wash rag and bar of soap, wetting the rag and rubbing a layer of soap on it. Gently she began to scrub herself down, wincing a little each time she hit a bruise or a scratch, being sure to take her time and slowly get each part of her body scrubbed clean.

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