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This week’s erotic author in the spotlight is Aliyah Burke and you can find out more about this talented erotic author (and enjoy her hot excerpts) in her revealing feature below. Thanks for being a part of the series Aliyah!

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USA Today Bestselling Author Aliyah Burke loves to read and write. Along with her husband–a Navy man–they have three Borzoi (the fourth is on the way) and one cat. She writes full time as well as holds down another full time outside of the house. She races, courses, and shows her dogs, part of which keeps her sane. At the moment, she and her family are living on the East Coast but will be relocating soon to the West Coast.

She loves to hear from her readers (they can contact her via her website) and cannot express her gratitude enough for the support they show for her work.


Aliyah Burke’s website

Aliyah Burke at Totally Bound

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driven by night aliyah burke

Blurb for Driven by Night:

Book five in the Astral Guardians series.

Sometimes we need to step from the shadows.

Tiarnán Malone is one of the best warriors of the Guardians. Sent to meet a woman to pick something up for his mentor, he saves the woman who is to be his mate. And his artifact. Circumstances throw them together, but while he knows they are meant to be, she isn’t as easily convinced.

Calida Michaels can’t complain about how her new savoir and companion looks. However, she’s not so quick to buy this ‘mates forever’ talk, especially when there’s another woman who takes precedence over her, time and time again.

Despite all that’s going on around her and her feelings for him, Calida eventually leaves, unable to withstand the pain. Will Tiarnán reach her in time or will she be gone forever, relegating him to a world completely driven by night?

Excerpt from Driven by Night:

“Tell me you don’t see the flames and trail of gold dust, Calida.”

They grew brighter after his question. Floating from him to her and back again. The gold remained around her but the pinpricks of flame moved. Eventually they grew so bright he could see her eyes.

They can see this around you. It tells Them you’ve been marked for one of the Guardians.”

She reached up and touched the ends of his hair. The flames slipped through and around her fingers like water would had she held her hand beneath a faucet. “Marked for one of the Guardians? That doesn’t sound good. What does it mean?”

He gave in to his need and slid his fingers through her hair, alight with gold and flames. Tugging her head back, he moved until their mouths were nearly touching. Until their breath mingled with one another. “It means, Calida Michaels, that you’re mine.”

Calida didn’t believe she’d ever heard anything so transparently possessive in her life. Somewhere inside her she knew she should be offended. Indignant. Or any number of other things for him daring to claim her as if she were a piece of property. However, what she was, was turned on.

His hazel eyes smoldered with barely restrained passion and desire as he held her gaze. That alone was enough to get her pussy wet with want. But he hadn’t stopped there, no—his voice had dropped to a low rasp that made her think sex. And only sex.

Even now she didn’t trust her voice so she swallowed and dampened her lips with her tongue. More heat flared in his eyes at her motion. Her heart pounded out of control as she allowed his cool strands of hair to flow through her fingers. The pinpricks of flame didn’t burn her. Quite the opposite. They were cool and soothing.

“No comment?”

Temptation. That was how she’d describe his voice. Pure temptation.

Embracing the moment and going with how she felt, she gave him a slight lift of her lips. “What does that mean for me? What comes with being yours?”

He spun her and laid her across the desk, grinding into her. His hardness had her wanting more. Widening her legs, she hooked her ankles around his waist and pulled him in closer. Wanting way more contact.

“Everything,” he rasped before nipping the shell of her ear.

His kisses moved from her jaw down her neck and to the start of her shirt. She writhed beneath his touch, desperate for more. He kept his hands wrapped in her hair and she slipped hers along the wide breadth of his shoulders. Nothing but muscle beneath her fingertips and his shirt.

As he sucked on her skin, she trembled. Tightening her hold on him, she said, “That leaves a lot of room for my imagination.”

“I will never cheat on you. You are the only woman for me. I will protect you with my last breath.” His words were low and rumbled along her skin.

He nipped and laved until she was a quivering mess. Would it be wrong of me to allow a man I barely know to screw my brains out? If it’s Tiarnán, I’m going to go with a no for an answer.

A Man Like No Other Aliyah Burke

A Man Like No Other Blurb:

Book three in the Code of Honour series.

Two headstrong, single-minded agents, one incredibly fiery passion, can they stay alive long enough to see where it leads?

Special Agent Taber Kysenzki is the DEA’s bad boy, he has no qualms of straddling the line of right and wrong, doing whatever necessary to get the job done. But when he botches up an undercover operation, he’s faced with a woman unlike any he’s met before. She saves his life but doesn’t deign to give him the time of day. He’d heard rumours of an agent with his reputation in the ATF but hadn’t met her until today.

Special Agent Serefina LeBenoit is the ATF’s equivalent to Kysenzki. She knows all about him, how he goes through women and she doesn’t have any desire to be another notch on his belt. She has a rule of not sleeping with certain men, he fit that criteria. All that changes one night a few months after their first volatile meeting, when he tracks her down in a bar in New Mexico.

Circumstances bring them together again when a killer from her past resurfaces. Together they work, skirting the line of the law, to get the murderer off the street. Sparks fly hot between them as they close in on the target. When the bullets stop flying and the smoke clears, will they ignore the chance of a lifetime?

Excerpt from A Man Like No Other:

She watched him in silence, eyes wary and slightly calculating. “Thanks for saving my life, angel.”

“Don’t make me regret it.”

“No need for regrets, angel. Not a ‘tall.”

“That remains to be seen.”

He stirred closer. “Name the time and place.”

Her lips twitched. “Pretty assumptive.”

“You want flowery words? Figured you to be straight to the point.”

A small grin crossed her face. “I am. Which is why I’ll tell you this so you don’t waste either of our time. I don’t do your kind.”

Anger surged. “My kind? What do you mean?” He stepped closer, thoroughly enjoying the flaring of nostrils on her cute little nose and the way her pupils dilated. “You can try but you can’t hide your attraction.”

“Desire doesn’t rule my life. I can find someone to sate an itch.” Another negligent shrug. “It’s not that difficult to do.”

If she sought to increase his rage, it was a success. He narrowed his eyes. “So ‘my kind’?” he prompted, pressing against her lower body, his erection settled at the apex of her thighs. Where he wanted to be in a much more intimate way. Lust hit him so hard his vision flickered. “Male, desiring you as much as you’re desiring them, what?”

Serefina rubbed against him, sending another electrical pulse through him. “Not used to women telling you no, are you?” Her smile was almost apologetic. Almost. “I’m sure you’re not, so go find someone else. I don’t sleep with DEA.”

Her hips bucked once and her tongue snuck out to moisten her lips. Then she ducked under his arm and slipped beyond the door. He was left alone with a raging hard-on in the women’s restroom. With a frustrated groan—one of sexual craving and something else—he dropped his head to the wood.

She didn’t sleep with DEA. Like hell. He yanked the door open and strode out, ignoring the knowing, shocked and amazed looks of those near. He had a reputation with women and everyone knew it. For a woman to walk away like Serefina had didn’t happen often at all. His gaze landed on her, on Serefina. She waited by the elevators, seemingly unaware of those around her. And yet he wondered.

He moved towards her and entered the elevator with her. They were the only ones and he couldn’t be happier about it. Serefina stood there, hands in her pockets, relaxed and stared straight ahead.

The door shut and for two seconds neither moved. With a snarl, he slammed his hand over the STOP button before crowding her into the corner, palms rested on either side of her head. Her brown eyes, so tempting to dive in to, gazed right back at him without fear.

Then he kissed her. Enveloped her mouth with his own. Her taste exploded over his taste buds, infusing its uniqueness into him. Imprinting onto his mind and soul was the taste of grapefruit. A luscious, picked at the peak of perfection grapefruit. Sprinkled with just a hint of pure cane sugar. And in that instant, Taber found himself totally and utterly addicted.

Not to mention fucked.

Her response was volcanic. She arched into him, sucking and slipping her tongue along his. Strong fingers sank into his hair and ripped the tie holding it back out. A growl rumbled up from his chest. His cock throbbed in his jeans, making them feel a few sizes too small.

As fast as it began, she ripped their mouths apart and had distanced them by ducking under his arm and going to the other side. The elevator had begun moving before he got turned around. Serefina watched him, her lips swollen from the force of his kiss, and her eyes burned with passion.

Swallowing hard, he opened his mouth simultaneously with the elevator doors. Her gaze singed him from head to foot before she walked off. He was left alone with a hard-on again, and this time, he was pretty certain he could drive railroad spikes with it. Within him grew this deep urge to run after her. He remained without moving until she disappeared. Then he stepped fully back and allowed the doors to meet. He pushed the button for his floor and sank back against the cool steel hoping his erection would fade.

“One day, angel. One day, we’ll meet again. And I won’t stop at a mere kiss.”
He couldn’t get her out of his mind.

Casanova In Training Aliyah Burke

Casanova in Training blurb:

Book one in the In Aeternum series.

A woman who is all about rules and a man who lives to break them, their scorching passion threatens all they hold dear, can they find a way to have it all?

Lieutenant Commander Giovanni “Casanova” Cassano is a top test pilot for the military, and is the epitome of an ace. Cocky, arrogant, handsome, and true to his callsign. His best friend’s death brings a new pilot, a woman, to his squadron. That’s not even the real reason it’s hard. She’s the one that had left an indelible imprint on his soul after a twenty-four hour rendezvous. Now she seems to have ice in her veins, not the fiery passion he knows rages beneath the surface.

Jaydee “Dusti” Amos is following orders, this time those very things have landed her at a test facility. She’s here to ascertain what caused the deadly B-2 crash. The situation becomes harder once she discovers who is stationed there. The one man she never believed she’d see again after their impulsive and passionate encounter. He pulls her focus from the job at hand and tends to make her break the stringent rules she lives her life by.

They work together to unveil the truth and feelings deepen between them. But there is a traitor in their midst. Will the fallout tear them apart or will Gio find some way to convince Jaydee to give him a chance at forever?

Excerpt from Casanova in Training:

His breath caught in his throat as his mind identified who the lone person was, walking around the bomber. Jaydee. He readjusted his course and headed for her. Her flight suit was only half on, bunched at her waist to expose bare arms to the cool morning air.

“Morning, Jaydee,” he said, leaning against the landing gear.

Jaydee inhaled deeply. The crisp air carried with it a raw masculine scent that belonged to Lieutenant Commander Cassano. Or, as he was more aptly called, Casanova.

It’s too early to deal with this. With him. With the lust he slams into me.

“Morning, Commander,” she said, flicking a glance over her shoulder. Her heart pounded hard at the man standing there. Sex. That was what he brought to mind. All-day, no-holds-barred sex. Like they’d shared already.


“Excuse me?” she asked, tearing her gaze from his impressive physique to focus back on his face.

“Call me Giovanni.”

She raked hungry eyes over him one more time. “That’s a mouthful.”

“You’d know.” A mocking lift of his lips nearly made her groan.

She coolly arched a brow. “So something shorter then. Gio?”

His eyes narrowed and he stepped closer, again making her focus on other things.

“What are you doing here so early?” he asked in a low tone that bordered on intimate.

“Working.” Which you tend to distract me from.

“That’s a very vague answer. Why are you out here so early?”

Instead of answering, she peered up at the black jet that loomed over them like a large, dark shadow. She could feel a soft smile teasing the corners of her mouth.

“Have you ever taken the time to just look at these birds. You can feel their power. The majesty.”

He moved up behind her, cloaking her with his warmth. Without glancing at him, she allowed him to close in near. His breath fanned the back of her neck as his hands settled upon her waist.

Her heart skipped a few beats before returning to the breakneck pace it had around him. This contact was highly improper and yet she couldn’t find it in her to pull away. Hell, she could hardly keep from sinking into his strong chest.

“Why?” he asked, the question rumbled in her ear.

Jaydee licked her lips and weighed her words. She knew he was asking about her being assigned here, to the squadron.

“I already told you, I am here on orders.”


His fingers, strong fingers, dug into the flesh of her hips and she swallowed. Those fingers had brought her such ecstasy. Her nails scored into her palms and she fought to keep her control intact.

“What reason would I have for lying?”

“I pulled your record. You’ve never been assigned to a squadron, so why the hell would they send you here to this test facility?” He spun her around to face him. In the early morning’s light, his hazel eyes flashed dangerously. “Who the fuck are you?”

Her heart pounded erratically. Holding his angry gaze, she removed his hands from her waist. I’m not even going to ask how he managed to pull my record. “I’m not lying about who I am or why I’m here. I’m just here to do the job they tell me.”

“You’re lying. I don’t know yet how much, but you can bet your cute little ass you’re full of shit.”

She ground her jaw. “My ‘cute little ass’ is no concern of yours,” she said. “In fact, none of me is.”

He moved like the wind, grabbed her arms, and spun her out of the open into the immediate inside of the empty hangar. Pressed against the cool metal wall, she had nowhere to go. He blocked her in with his hard muscled body. She could barely make out his features in the foredawn light but it didn’t matter. The desire poured from him—she could have been blind and still seen it.

“The hell it doesn’t,” he growled by her ear. She plastered herself further back against the wall, praying the metal would keep her from reacting. “Damn you!” he swore before covering her mouth with his own.

Her resistance lasted less than a second. With a groan of surrender and submission, she sank into him, arms twining around his neck. Oh hell! His addictive masculine taste—which she couldn’t cleanse from her memory—flooded her.

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