Crowned Jewels offer unique & body safe luxury to pleasure connoisseurs

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What is a ‘luxury’ sex toy?

Luxury sex toys offer their owners reliability instead of a quick and often disappointing buzz which fizzles faster than pound shop batteries. Luxury toys last for many years, are made from tested body safe materials, often come with a satisfaction and manufacturing quality guarantee and therefore lead to worry-free masturbation and sex.

Sex toys on the cheaper end of the scale are often made from materials which contain chemicals which, while cheap and flexible, can introduce potentially harmful toxins to the body. Cheap materials like jelly are often porous, meaning that even though you wash the sex toy as thoroughly as you can, bacteria can remain on and even seep into the material. This causes the sex toy to become even more dangerous to use over time. If you’ve ever thrown a suddenly defunct rabbit vibrator at the wall in frustration wailing about your £20 down the drain, or found a long-forgotten jelly vibe under the bed which now resembles a fluff covered blob of goo, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

You do not have to put up with disappointing, dangerous, waste-of-money cheap bin-ends any more.

It’s an industry standard tagline but that’s because it’s generally true: you need to invest in your pleasure. That doesn’t mean you should whack out your credit card for any sex toy upwards of £100. My sex toy reviews are testament to the fact that a £150 sex toy can be just as disappointing as a £20 jelly rabbit. So how do you know where to invest your hard earned pennies? How can you avoid paying the bill for what ends up being a disappointing experience?


The more transparent a manufacturer’s policies, the more their claims can be backed up by external authenticators, the higher the chance that you’re dealing with an ethical company which prioritises their customer’s safety and pleasure, not just the contents of their wallet.

Why I love Crowned Jewels

Crowned JewelsCrowned Jewels are one of those rare sex toy manufacturers and retailers who genuinely care about the safety of your sex toy as well as providing the highest levels of pleasure possible.

“Our passion at Crowned Jewels is for creating beautiful, body-safe toys and accessories to explore and enjoy your body, enhance its potential and improve your sex life with style and confidence.”

Above all, we care about people who care about their bodies and want to unlock their wild, sensual side with pure, safe, sensual toys. We want you to have fun, enjoy yourself, enjoy your playtime and love your sex life!”

The vast majority of Crowned Jewels products are made from titanium, although they do sell gold and silver sex toys as well. Crowned Jewels sex toys are hand finished by artisans here in the UK, on an idyllic sounding sprawling country estate in Norfolk. Yes, I’m angling for an invite.

Before speaking to Crowned Jewels, the only metals I’d heard sex toys being manufactured from were steel, gold and silver. I’d never heard of titanium sex toys, or why it should offer people a variety of different benefits than steel, for instance.

What makes titanium different?

Titanium is a body safe metal which is not only sculpted and smooth on all Crowned Jewels titanium sex toys, but nickel free meaning those with nickel allergies can use them safely. The titanium is approximately 50% lighter than steel, giving you the cold to warm thrills that steel metal sex toys do, without any associated wrist ache. Crowned Jewels titanium sex toys are easy to handle and use as well as offering stunning aesthetics.

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You can opt for Crowned Jewels titanium sex toys in a variety of colours – but don’t worry, it’s not a coating. The different colours are achieved by safely anodising the titanium (aka Doing The Science). The metal is placed in an inert solution of mildly acidic water and special salts and a current is then passed through it. This changes the refractive index of the metal ( how it reflects light), and different currents yield different colours. It’s all fascinating stuff, even if you don’t own a lab coat.

Colours you can choose from include natural grey, The natural grey is actually a shiny silver colour but is labelled as natural grey because 1) it’s not actually silver and 2) Crowned Jewels do actually sell silver sex toys and want to avoid any confusion.

The product range


Crowned Jewels offer dildos, butt plugs, cock rings, love eggs and kegel balls. Due to the metal nature of the materials used and the high quality, body safe engineering, the majority of these sex toys are non-vibrating. This allows you to concentrate on the penetrating pleasure that the cool metal forms offer.

If you are shopping for a vibrator from Crowned Jewels, you can indulge your desire with Pimlico, a sterling silver bullet vibrator made in Britain and which offers engraving options.

The versatility of Crowned Jewels titanium, gold and silver sex toys is astounding. Not only are they expertly designed and beautifully sculpted, they can also be left out in your boudoir as sexual objets d’art. Sensuality is further evoked when you consider the temperature play options; titanium, silver and gold sex toys can be warmed up or cooled down in warm (not boiling) or cold water before use.

Compliment every season of the year and each changing mood with the Crowned Jewels sex toy style that is right for you.

Bespoke options

Unlike other sex toy shops which offer set toy shapes and no additional extras, Crowned Jewels give you, their valuable customer, the chance to have a hand in your toy design. This is just one of the advantages of a handmade sex toy, crafted by artisans, engineers, goldsmiths and experts.

Crowned Jewels can make any of their dildos with a greater or lesser curve – or even completely straight if you wish. Think about your last G-spot dildo. Was it curved enough to reach your particular G-spot? How about anal probes, do you prefer them straight or with a slight tilt to the tip? You can get as picky as you like at Crowned Jewels – they’re making the sex toys for you, a unique individual who has unique individual desires which deserve to be satisfied.

The bespoke service doesn’t cost you a penny more either. The Crowned Jewels team just need a couple of extra days to fulfil any bespoke order, which in my opinion is a completely reasonable and understandable request.


Your dildo or probe can be further enhanced by a personal love note or message inscribed on the surface, and gemstones can also be added. Contact the Crowned Jewels team for more information about this service. Imagine giving your partner the thoughtful gift of an inscribed luxurious body safe sex toy, made just for them. Supremely romantic.

How your order arrives

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve experienced the pleasure of a couple of Crowned Jewels sex toys myself. This gave me a real insight into not only the toys, but also how they arrive in the post and how they’re presented.

Crowned Jewels orders are packed very carefully to avoid any damage or movement of the toys during transit and delivery. The outer box is completely discreet, a normal cardboard package, with no mention of sex toys or adult goods inside.

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Once you open the package, be prepared to feast your eyes on the first step of Crowned Jewels beauty. The sex toys are housed within black cylindrical boxes, sealed with a matching black ribbon and contrasting red wax seal bearing the Crowned Jewels logo. Inside the box, your sex toy is inside its very own drawstring storage pouch, which is held in position in the cylindrical box by plenty of black tissue paper.

Keep the government out of your bedroom

There’s nothing Crowned Jewels and I can do about any snoopers’ charter, if that’s what you were thinking. Sorry. However, every Cara Sutra reader can get their Crowned Jewels sex toys tax free – with a massive 20% off every order. Just remember to use the discount code CARATAXFREE at checkout. This offer will expire on 31 July 2015 – so hurry!


You can also find Crowned Jewels sex toys at Coco De Mer, Xenses and Mise en Cage.

To read about my personal experiences with these gorgeous sex toys, read my recent reviews of the Crowned Jewels Shaftesbury Dildo and Crowned Jewels Upminster Butt Plug.

– Cara Sutra

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