Can Bloggers Go to Trade Shows?

Can Bloggers Go To Trade Shows?


Can Bloggers Go To Trade Shows Hella Rude
Voluptasse, Hella and Cara Sutra

You are part of the modern press and you are therefore someone manufacturers want in attendance. You provide publicity for the brands while at the event by tweeting, blogging and even periscoping what’s going on and you’ll write honest things about their creations in exchange for products. You’re masters of digital marketing and if you’re good at what you do, your PR is invaluable.

If you want to attend a trade show or exhibition for manufacturers, register your interest on the website and they’ll email you everything you need to do in order to register.

I’ve just got back from a trade event where I was working with a client as well as networking for Hella Rude, my own business which includes an element of product review, article writing and promotion. So what did I gain out of turning up for the weekend, other than being paid for the time I spent working for my client? Soooo much!

1. I got to meet up with people I do business with and boost productivity with real-time exchange of ideas in the midst of pure inspiration – the products we all work with!

2. I got to see and hear about new things, in some cases before they’ve hit the UK retail market or press pieces have been published.

3. I met lots of bloggers and companies who I didn’t know, so lots of new friendships were forged.

4. I got to show some things on social media and increased my following there.

5. I came back with dozens of ideas for new blogs.

6. I also came back with a ginormous pile of products to review!

Bloggers and journalists should always make an effort to attend trade shows. It’s your best chance to meet the folk behind the companies you love and there are always opportunities to pick up samples for review if you’re good at what you do.

You’ll meet lots of other people who do what you do, so plenty of opportunity to talk shop, exchange details and social media follows and make new friends to work alongside.

I had a blast at the Erotic Trade Only Show, working with Cara Sutra and Voluptasse. I was there for ElectraStim giving product demos to folk, some of whom had never felt electro sex toys before. It was so much fun and I’d like to extend my thanks to them for hosting me.

Sunday was definitely the busiest day for bloggers, which meant I had plenty of free time on Monday to visit stands, see the latest releases and meet the companies that I’m interested in working with.

Can Bloggers Go To Trade Shows 2
Extra-special review bag from Cara Sutra


Can Bloggers Go To Trade Shows 3
My full Erotic Trade Only Show 2015 take-home. Reviews coming soon!


I have a lot of blogs coming up off of the back of ETO and also some Hella Rude announcements later in the week. Things are about to become exceptionally busy around here!

– Hella Rude


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