House Guests


Knowing whose house this was made christening each room with the sound and smell of our fucking even sweeter. We’d started as soon as we unlocked the door with that unfamiliar key, twisting it this way and that and eventually almost falling through the doorway in our haste to enjoy private pleasure. The hallway fuck was fast and hard; he’d made sure I’d be good and wet with his exploring, teasing fingers in the car en route. The driver could scarcely keep his eyes on the road with our perversions on the back seat. Now we were inside the house he turned me round, yanked my shorts and knickers down far enough to gain access and pushed his ready cock inside my just as ready pussy.

My palms were flat to the ghastly wallpaper and I pushed backwards on to him, pleading with my body for more, harder thrusts, deeper fucking. His rock hard, fat cock filled my tight cunt, which twitched around this sudden invasion. I needed everything he had to give but he fucked me with fast enough strokes that soon he shot his first load deep inside me. My arms hadn’t had chance to get tired from the exertions; my head hadn’t rested on the peach floral patterned paper. There was no time to muse over the fast fuck though. Yanking my shorts and underwear back up, with little regard for his hot spunk which was beginning to seep out of my cunt, he grabbed my wrist and led me into one of the rooms. The lounge, or front room.

Pristine white nets hung in the bay window with pleats so evenly spaced they’d probably been measured. He didn’t bother to close the curtains even though the street was right outside. I caught a brief look around the ordinary lounge before he pushed me down on the cream coloured sofa by my shoulders, so I was sat amongst the scatter cushions and he stood in front of me. He hadn’t bothered to zip up his jeans from the hallway fuck and his belt buckle hung heavily against his pocket. Looking up I caught his beautifully evil smile, merciless dark eyes meeting mine. There was no need for explanation. I watched as with one expert movement he brought his still semi-hard cock out of his boxers and, with its close proximity to my face, I automatically opened my mouth.

Pussy juice and the salty taste of his cum mingled together as I swept my tongue over his exposed, shiny cock head, getting it wet and slippery. My lips closed over the sensitive skin of his cock collar as I followed up that intimate kiss with the tip of my tongue. Deft little licks and flicks searched out every millimetre of his cock head and underneath that ridge, making him groan above me and thread his fingers through my hair. He struggled to not just immediately shove my face down on to his cock as far as it would go. We both knew it would be better to let me suck him my way; I knew how to give him the best blowjob.

My right hand had come up to hold the base of his now completely erect again cock, keeping it steady so I could work my mouth over the very tip of it. My other hand curved round to his arse through his jeans, helping to steady the pace. I enjoyed teasing him like this, stretching out the pleasure and making him need more, need me. Shifting my hand slightly so my thumb was moving gently over his tight balls, a slow back and forth motion which touched his perineum before travelling back up the seam, I shuffled forwards as I took more of him into my mouth. My own salivation meant a frictionless slide until he was deep inside my mouth, my tongue and sucked in cheeks welcoming him with an embrace which I hoped mimicked my tight cunt.

Once his cock head touched the back of my throat he couldn’t control himself any longer. With his fingers weaved through my hair and gripping the back of my head he held me right there, the full length of his cock filling my face and almost making me forget that I could breathe through my nose. His breaths alternated between deep and ragged, with audible gasps and moans as I attempted to move my tongue and struggle for breath around his cock in my mouth. Although it seemed an age, he held me there for just a couple of seconds and then pulled me back by my hair, slowly working my mouth up and down his shaft. My struggle to snatch breaths and not drown in my own drool just added to his arousal.

I could tell his orgasm would be soon when he was holding on to my head more for support than to guide my mouth over him. It was difficult for him to remain standing with the almost overwhelming sensations travelling from the pit of his stomach, through his now high up, tight balls and making his cock stiffen and pulse in my mouth. Those small but familiar warnings were all I had and then the explosion; another jet of hot cum fresh from the source and I swallowed and swallowed, determined not to spill a drop.

The thrill of sucking his cock had caused my pussy to clench and ache with the need for him inside me again, but the seed he’d shot into me in the hallway had managed to mostly escape despite that. My knickers were a slippery mess of cunt juice and cum beneath my little shorts, and a spot or two of dampness had permeated the cream sofa underneath where I’d been sat.

It made me want to leave a few more hard to explain patches and stains around this unfamiliar house.

The room at the back of the house, which presumably led to a yard or garden of some kind, was the kitchen. Again, standard fare, sink with another white net curtained window above it and the countertops and cupboards around the side walls. Pushed to the wall which partitioned from the lounge was a sturdy looking wooden table and a few matching wooden chairs with tie on floral cushions. By now, the amount of peachy and mint florals in the house were getting to me and I knew they weren’t exactly his cup of tea either.

We both caught our breath from the lounge-fuckery and rehydrated with a shared tumbler of water. Silent shared contemplations then he spoke.

“A kitchen-diner. Time to dine, then,” he said, giving me another wicked look.

“But I only just…” I stuttered out, unsure what he meant.

“Not me… You. I’m hungry,” he countered, and suddenly I knew what he meant.

He gestured I should sit on the edge of the table, but made sure my shorts and knickers were pulled down to my ankles before I did so. As he was pushing my knees apart I had to let them fall to the linoleum below. He pulled up one of the chairs between my spread legs with the air of a man about to enjoy a much anticipated meal. His appetite was incomparable to any man I’d ever been with.

As I began to lie down to give him better access he suddenly stopped me, struck with inspiration. Half turning, he untied the floral cushion from his seat and placed it on the table behind me – a pillow for my head. So thoughtful. As I lay down I could hear him fumbling with another chair before sitting back in his own again – he’d untied another cushion and was shoving it underneath my bottom. My hips were now raised up, presenting all of my pussy for his delectation. Then another realisation. My cunt and cum juices would spill out on to the cushion below. He knew it too. The full impact of his evil genius caused even more arousal juices to pool between my thighs, a droplet escaping already. I couldn’t see him as I was lying on the kitchen table top but I felt the warmth of his breath as he moved his face close to my desperately needy pussy. This was undoubtedly the most exciting meal ever eaten in this kitchen.

I’d known for some time that he loved the taste of his own cum, but if there was something even better it was the blend created when mixed with my pussy juice. The not-yet-dried combination coated my puffy labia and some still remained just inside my entrance. He devoured his meal with fervour but with the polished skill of a culinary master, fingers spreading my cunt for his examinations before gently sucking my lips clean and lapping at my pussy juices for refreshment. The flat of his tongue roughly brushed over my now exposed, hard clit, making my hips rise from the table and prompting him and reach up and push me back down firmly. One hand remained on my stomach, his thumb stretching down and pulling my skin upwards so my clit was even more exposed to his diligent mouth. His other hand reached up to grab one of my wrists, my hand balled into a fist as I struggled to hold back the squeals of the over-stimulated, letting me know he was there and to be calm. To enjoy. To let him graze on me and absorb his pleasure.

It wasn’t long before his tongue trailing over my lips and between them, dipping in and out of my pussy to lap at my readily flowing juices and flicking up and around my clit forced him to keep me steady with an even firmer grip. He had a hand on both my hips now, holding me in place so he could work me to climax using just his mouth. The combination of lapping at my cunt and the quick, flicks and circles around and over my clitoris reached a steady pace and that required rhythm for my orgasm. I came hard, legs spasming and body thrashing in his grip, yelling out swears and letting out guttural noises the neighbours would be gossiping about for months.

His head used my inner thigh as a pillow as I slowly returned to earth, not helped by his cruel teasing of my freshly orgasmed pussy with directed blows and nimble fingers. He’d left me wet but with washed with his mouth rather than the dried stickiness of sex and cum. Leaving my sodden knickers on the floor to be discovered at a later time, I pulled my denim shorts back on as he took my hand for the next adventure.

Time to explore upstairs.

Padding barefoot up the plush carpeted stairs, we found ourselves on a large landing with doors off to the various rooms. A window looked out to the small front lawn and the street below, while the carpet here was being protected by a large rug. Sunlight streamed through the window and seemed to highlight the perfect spot for a bit of landing lust. Not caring who would spot us through the thin veil of the nets, we stripped our tops off, and relished the feel of sunshine on our bodies. Our tees and my bra lay discarded underneath the window. The naughtiness of what we were up to was intoxicating, and as we luxuriated on the faux-fur covering, he in jeans and I in shorts, we kissed and cuddled and enjoyed the many sensations of the day so far.

His hands came up to tweak my nipples as he put his mouth to mine, while my hands roamed over his shoulders, back and waist down to his denim clad arse. A new environment and the kinky aspects of fucking through someone else’s house gave us an even more insatiable appetite than usual. His jeans were still loose, he’d not bothered to do them up properly. Reaching down as we kissed each other deeply I soon found his warm bulge beneath his boxers with my fingertips. Having had time to recover from my oral attentions in the lounge, and resurrected by lunch in the kitchen, I could tell it wouldn’t take much toying with to reach that level of delicious pulsing and throbbing once again.

A half smile through the kiss as he mumbled against my mouth, “tease…” and I simply murmured agreement without argument. Yes, I’m a cock-tease. Unlike others who got teased, he’d get his way. I wanted him. I always wanted him.

Straddling him as he moved on to his back, I teased him even more by rubbing my cunt over his semi-exposed boxers. The stimulation from my shorts on my bare and smooth pussy underneath was exhilarating, and I felt that stimulation from my cunt and clit up through my stomach, directly to my nipples and caught in a knot of sexual tension in my throat. I felt like a sex goddess, teasing my man before he’d inevitably take me again, right here in this house which wasn’t even ours.

Eventually the half clothed frottage between cunt to his boxers restrained cock was too much and he shifted me off to the side with a tell-tale grunt of want. Leaping up, impatient for his pleasure, he grabbed my wrist again and we burst through doors until finding what we wanted. Bathroom – no. Not yet. Airing cupboard – no. Spare room with a single – no.

Master bedroom. How ironic.

Yes. This one.

The sheets on the double were fresh, as I knew they would be, and we took great delight in stripping off naked and pouncing on the bed. Was it always this delicious fucking in someone else’s bed?

Putting me on all fours, my hands grabbing the gold coloured bars of the metal headboard, he spanked my arse a couple of times then sought out my wetness with his fingers. Positioning himself behind me he placed the tip of his cock to my pussy entrance to re-enact the hallway fuck, but this time in comfort and at his usual pace. Fucking me long and hard, taking his time to draw out his pleasure and mine, gathering momentum and making me beg for him to cum inside me.

He began. Sliding his cock inside me but not fully, he held it there for a moment until I tried to shuffle backwards on to him with a frustrated moan. He laughed.

“Patience, slut.”

There was a low growl threatening to escape in the back of my throat which I quickly swallowed back. He never did respond well to me trying to force him to give me what I wanted; in fact that would just make him adamantly refuse until I was in tears defeated. No arguments. His way or no way. Mark of a man.

original erotica by Cara SutraI held my position and suffered the turbulent emotions of him just holding there, inside me, while I desperately wanted him to fuck me harder than he ever had. Just as I knew he wanted me to suffer. Only when he was ready did he completely sheath himself with me, the intensity of this sudden meeting of my needs almost making me orgasm immediately.

My hips were being held firmly held again as he guided himself in and out of my cunt, and he took his pleasure and gave me mine on that unfamiliar bed.

As we fucked and prepared for a long and messy night of sex and mutual pleasure, I casually wondered just how well slave penny would sleep that night, if in fact he slept at all. Knowing that his Mistress and her real man had taken over his and his wife’s house for the weekend, purely for the purpose of fucking each other senseless in every room. Knowing that he had to sleep in his car that night, on the street outside, not even allowed inside his own house. Knowing that every time he entered a room inside his own house in future he’d be wondering just how his Mistress and her real man had fucked in there. What we’d used. Whether he’d find any evidence of our fucking. Whether his unknowing wife would find any. The timing of his wife’s visit away to her family had been perfect.

I’d wanted a kinky summer break and now I’d got one.  We were going to make sure it was a weekend that none of us would ever forget. As my real man and I took complete advantage of the situation, slave penny cried in the car outside, securely locked in his chastity cage.




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  1. I love really messy stories like this with an abundance of spunk. This one is really well-written and held my attention until the very last word.

    • Oh thank you! I love hearing the responses to my writing. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment and I’m so glad you enjoyed it.
      More ‘coming’ soon 😉
      – Cara xx

  2. […] My recent erotic story over at sex blog Cara Sutra motivated the following confession from slave penny. It really amuses me when he has his little tantrums so I have instructed him to let me know about every occasion in which he gets really ticked off. […]

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