Having Fun Abroad – A Traveller’s Guide to Prostitution Laws

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prostitution laws around the world a traveller's guide to sex workers

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By Suzanne Kent

Travelling abroad can be a great deal of fun, and can also make you feel as though you are able to do things on holiday that you wouldn’t do in your own country. Some travellers go abroad in order to engage in activities which would be illegal in the UK, including taking drugs and using the services of a prostitute.

If you are prepared to engage in these kinds of activities abroad, then before you take a step out of your front door, you need to have a good knowledge of the prostitution laws for the country you are visiting. Knowing the basic facts will help you to make good decisions while you are abroad.

Many men are tempted to sample the real thing after watching HD adult videos featuring Asia, European, African and South American women. The problem is that most men will seek a prostitute on impulse, often after having a few drinks first, and this is often when people land themselves in trouble.


In Europe, prostitution laws will vary, depending upon which country you are in. There are currently eight European countries where prostitution is not only legal, but is also regulated, so that prostitutes are monitored for health and safety.

The Netherlands is perhaps the most well-known country in Europe where prostitution is legalised, and customers can pay to be entertained by prostitutes there. The ‘Prostitution windows’ in Amsterdam are a familiar metaphor for the country.

Germany is another major destination for sex tourists in Europe. Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Latvia, Turkey and Greece also have legal prostitution.

In Belgium, Spain and Czech Republic, prostitution is not legal, but it is also not a criminal offence.

In other countries, it is illegal to pay for the services of a prostitute, and so tourists are likely to be prosecuted, for example in Sweden, Iceland and Norway.

The Eastern European nations tend to be more conservative, and this means they are likely to prosecute the prostitutes, rather than the clients. In the UK, France and Ireland, there is a strict anti-prostitution position which can result in both parties being prosecuted.

North and South America

The prostitution laws in the Americas vary wildly. In large parts of South America prostitution is legal, including Brazil and Argentina. However, prostitution is only legal when it is a single-person outfit; brothels and pimping are both illegal.

In Mexico, prostitution is decriminalised, and most prostitutes here have to be at least 18, and have a licence to work in the country.

The USA has made prostitution illegal, except in the state of Nevada, where brothels are licensed. The Canadian law on prostitution is currently in flux, with previous laws making prostitution illegal being struck down in June 2014.


Australia and New Zealand both have a more tolerant and positive approach to prostitution, with New Zealand prostitutions being completely legal, and Australia being split, with the East side of the country also allowing prostitution, and the West side involving more regulation and less inclination to support prostitution.

The Middle East

Prostitution is illegal in the Middle East, and there may be severe punishments for both parties if they are discovered. Tourists are generally advised not to participate in prostitution in these areas.


Here, almost all countries have outlawed prostitution, with the exception of Ethiopia, Senegal and the Ivory Coast, where the prostitute must approach you first.


As you might expect, it is illegal in most parts of Asia, except Japan, where it is officially illegal, but where ‘soaplands’ workers may provide a massage, and you can have sex (paying for the massage is paying for the prostitute).

If you are planning a trip abroad it is wise to know the rules even if you are not actually planning to visit prostitutes. You don’t want to end up in jail for making a rash decision on a night out. And, most importantly, always remember to pack some condoms.

About the author:

Suzanne Kent is the Founder of Kent’s No1. Escort Agency, Suzanne’s Escorts. Her knowledge of the industry is second to none and happily gives advice to customers who are planning to travel overseas. Of course, you do not have to travel overseas to enjoy the delights of exotic women, just arrange an evening with one of Suzanne’s many continental and Asian girls.


  1. It’s amazing that only one state in the US permits prostitution. We, unfortunately, still do not have control over our bodies in the US (and the UK). I hope one day both countries fully reform their laws and give citizens the liberty to make their own choices in life. When it comes to drugs and sex, adults should have the right to decide if they want to engage in these things without all the unnecessary and unhelpful governmental interference.

  2. Asia – Singapore allows prostitution and it’s regulated with health tests and licences. Generally the legal forms are limited to licensed venues.

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