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This week’s erotic author in the spotlight is Dorothy Freed who has written several erotic stories which are published in some of the bestselling anthologies around. Amongst them are Sex Still Spoken Here: An Erotic Reading Circle Anthology, Cheeky Spanking Stories, Twice the Pleasure, Ageless Erotica and The Mammoth Book of Quick and Dirty Erotica. You can read a free hot excerpt from her story in Rachel Kramer Bussel‘s Twice the Pleasure, Seduction Dance, at the end of this feature.

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Dorothy Freed is the pseudonym of an erotica writer who lives near San Francisco. Her stories have appeared in anthologies including, The Mammoth Book of Quick & Dirty Erotica, Cheeky Spanking Stories, Twice the Pleasure: bisexual women’s erotica, Ageless Erotica, and Sex Still Spoken Here, as well as online on For the Girls, and Unbound Magazine. Her blog, Sixty-Nine and Still Sexual is contained on her website, Her Twitter name is DorothyFreed1.

About Dorothy Freed: I am, as of this writing, sixty-nine-years-old and still passionately interested in all this erotic: art, literature films, and fantasies—not to mention hot, personal interactions when opportunities arise. Although I was led to believe that in my post-menopausal, estrogen deprived life, I would come to prefer travel, cooking, hiking, or gardening, to the allure of intimate encounters—this has  fortunately proven to be untrue. My sexual life now spans a half century , and against all odds and aside from age related restrictions, imposed by my body, it continues to unfold.

Dorothy Freed is a pseudonym—the name of the central character in my soon-to be completed book, Perfect Strangers: One Woman’s Journey Through The Swinging Seventies—an upbeat, tongue-in-cheek account of self-exploration and sexual liberation—and of the process of inching toward personal empowerment, via three-plus years of rampant promiscuity. Somewhere along the way, the vibrant, uninhibited character I created took on a life of her own and devotes herself, with great enthusiasm, to the erotic side of life. This arrangement works well since it leaves the person bearing my legal name free to write about everything else.

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Erotic Writing

Seduction Dance – a short from Twice the Pleasure: Bisexual Women’s Erotica

twice the pleasure bisexual women's erotica rachel kramer bussel

A free excerpt

Something about the woman in the blue merry widow and matching slave collar caught my attention. I liked the way her panties fit over her pubic mound, and the sleek look of her long dancer’s legs, in black thigh-high stockings and four inch heels. She looked to be in her late twenties, several years younger than I, with huge blue eyes and a head of wiry brown curls fanning out to her shoulders. Her small, perky breasts rode high on her chest; her asscheeks were firm and round. She was very pretty—in a strictly female kind of way. I saw her arrive with a couple, but watched her constantly as she moved gracefully around the room without them, and had the sense she was alone.

I was a little surprised by the strength of my interest in her since I’m kinky, but basically straight. Oh now and then in scenes with other couples the men might encourage some girl on girl play—which was enjoyable, but not really my thing. There’s even a term for it: incidental bisexuality. Something I did to please Leon, my husband and Master. I’ve never sought out a sexual experience with another woman on my own—until I saw the woman in blue at the BDSM party in San Francisco that Saturday night.


The party was a quiet one in a private home on Twin Peaks, with maybe eight or nine couples and not much playing going on. We’d been there about an hour socializing over wine and snack food; the fully clothed Doms were comparing toys and disciplinary techniques, their women collared and in various stages of undress.

I stood beside Leon’s chair. His hand was up my skirt caressing my ass and teasing my pussylips as I moved to the beat of Madonna music. I was feeling my inner slut that night; sizzling hot in a blood-red camisole, black mini-shirt, and the crotchless fishnet pantyhose we’d purchased in Paris, the year before last.

Across the room the pretty woman swayed her hips to the music. Our eyes met and locked. My bold smile announced my attraction. She bent her head in coy response, and flashed me a smile back, showing even white teeth, gazing up at me through her lashes. I saw beyond her good looks when she did that, to the vulnerability in her. And that her need, like mine, was to be taken, to be forced to give up control. I imagined her bound and helpless on a bed with her arms and legs wide apart, quivering and exposed, pussy swollen with excitement.

She’s charming, I thought, enchanted, as the dormant Top-woman in me stirred, yawned, opened her eyes, and began to awaken. Looking at her, I understood how Leon felt when he looked at me—and for the first time in my life, I desired another woman.


Leon noticed the girl on girl flirtation. “That’s a pretty woman D.”  He looked up at me, dark eyes questioning. His hand stroked my leg. “Is she someone you know?” he teased, “Or someone you’d like to know?”

“Someone I’d love to play with Sir,” I confessed, blushing, looking down. A shiver of excitement crawled along my skin.

“Really?” he inquired, brows raised in pretended surprise. “Here you had me convinced for years now that you’d just as soon leave the girls alone.”

I blushed again and looked directly into his eyes as I was required to when I spoke to him.  My voice was thick with desire. “May I Sir?”

Leon grinned and smacked me hard on the ass. “Go for it baby. Take her. Bring her back here to me.”

“Thank you Sir,” I said, kissing him, and, eyes on the prize, I began my seduction dance.



– Dorothy Freed

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