Becoming A Cuckold

Becoming A Cuckold

FemDom erotica by slave penny

Becoming A Cuckold: Bob was waking, so he must have slept. There was no doubt that any sleep during that night would have been very little and of poor quality. The hard, two-seater sofa was hardly ideal for his six foot frame.

As he awoke, the surreal nature of the previous night struck him. He could hear voices above him. They were awake and they were still together. There was laughter. They were not only together but they were still enjoying each other’s company.

Things had happened so quickly the previous night.

He remembered their conversations in the bedroom as she sat in front of her dressing table staring into the mirror, making final adjustments. She explained that being the wife of him, the boss, put her under extra pressure.

He was the head of a section within a large, national, legal and financial firm. Tonight was the pre-Christmas party for that section, and as the wife of the boss, his wife Leonna explained, she had to look the part. Her timing was impeccable. As he clipped on his cufflinks and put on his jacket, she stood and checked herself in the mirror for a final time.

She was gorgeous. The silver satin dress she’d purchased the previous day was ideal for the occasion. She looked every inch the boss’ wife. Sophisticated and yet so very sexy. The dress clung to her perfect buttocks and breasts. He recalled how much he wanted to grab her, pull her to him and kiss those tempting lips, but no, he was firmly instructed not to smudge her lipstick. No matter, there would be later that night… or so he thought.

Becoming A Cuckold A FemDom Fantasy StoryWith 10 men and women in the section, it was expected there would be about 20 in total at the party. Each would bring their partner, wife or husband. No-one was sure about Ian, the newest member of the section. Ian boasted a stream of girlfriends. His arrogance and swagger with regard to his sexual predatory was annoying to Bob and other members of the section, although Bob did sense there may have been some justification for his egotism by the subtle reaction of some female members.

The party was progressing well. Bob was quite happy to stick to non-alcoholic drinks. Somehow it seemed appropriate for the boss to be the responsible member of the group, just in case drink got the better of any of the troop. He was, in any case, intent on driving home. The same reservations did not apply to his wife. She had consumed a few glasses of wine quite early in the evening. She was the fun girl who liked to party and Bob loved her to enjoy herself and let her hair down.

He remembered that at one point in the evening, the wife of one of his staff felt unwell and he helped them to a taxi that he had called for them. When he returned to the party, he was aware that a slow romantic smooch song was coming to a conclusion. He entered the room to see Leonna close to Ian, with whom she had obviously been dancing. She looked towards Bob, smiled and moved over towards him. She needed another drink she told Bob, as she guided him towards the table bearing the bottles and glasses. Bob dutifully poured her a glass of the wine she had been drinking as she leaned over to speak in his ear, compensating for the noisy disco.

“So that was Ian?” Leonna asked.

Bob had spoken about the arrogant newcomer to Leonna on a couple of occasions so she knew of him, although this was the first time they had met.

“Very nice,” she quipped in Bob’s ear, “and I could feel that he fancied me,” she giggled.

There was no need for explanation. They both new what she meant by that and at that time, as far as Bob was concerned, it was no more than a little playful teasing from his gorgeous, tipsy wife.

Becoming A Cuckold A FemDom Fantasy StoryThey sat to rest and did their best to hold a conversation against the party din. Another smoochy song was played and Bob heard Leonna exclaim, “oh yes!” as she stood. He had no idea what she meant until he looked up to see her stand and move over to a beckoning Ian.

They started to dance. One of Ian’s hands firmly grasped one of Leonna’s satin clad buttocks. There was no resistance from Leonna. In fact she clearly enjoyed the close attention. Ian’s firm hand ensured that his and her pelvis sturdily embraced each other and that movement in time with the music coerced their groins to dance together. Bob felt a wave of jealousy and with it, to his surprise, a hint of arousal. The jealousy and the arousal increased as, towards the end of the dance, both Ian’s hands clasped Leonna’s inviting buttocks.

The dance ended. There was a smile between the two dancers as they parted and Leonna returned to sit with Bob. Nothing was said about the erotic liaison and the party continued as if the episode had never taken place.

Guests were starting to depart when Leonna suggested to Bob that they should give Ian a lift home. After all he lived fairly close to them. Not wishing to betray his jealousy at the earlier events, Bob agreed and, probably for the same reason, he agreed that Ian should come in for a night cap.

Once in the hallway of their home, the cold, sober, Bob found himself being treated as if he wasn’t there by the other tipsy two. They embraced as they had during their dance and giggled. They entered the lounge and it was Leonna who went to the drinks cabinet to organise the night caps. She persuaded Bob to have a beer, after all they were home and there was no further driving to be considered. In view of earlier proceedings it was no surprise that after handing the beer to Bob, Leonna joined Ian on the settee.

They made small talk and Bob drank his beer as Leonna and Ian sipped their whisky. About two thirds of the way through his beer, Bob began to feel drowsy. His arm slipped off the armrest of his seat and in a dazed state he struggled to sit upright.  Leonna and Ian found this amusing.

“You know the effect vodka has on you, Bob,” she declared through a giggle.

“You really should try to avoid it,” she laughed.

It was now clear why Leonna, a woman who naturally expected to be waited upon, had volunteered to pour the nightcaps. Ian joined the laughter and placed his hand on Leonna’s knee. That was insufficient for Leonna who eagerly took Ian’s hand and slid it up her inner thigh to her sex. They excitedly embraced and caressed each other. She took his other hand and placed it on her breast.  They kissed fervently.  Her ecstasy was palpable as he kissed her neck and shoulders.  Even Bob could not ignore the solid rod that appeared in Ian’s trousers. Leonna grasped it and slipped her hand up and down its length before leaning forward and planting kisses on its end in a gesture of admiration.

They stood but continued to embrace and passionately explore each other’s bodies. Stopping for a moment, Leonna turned to Bob with a mischievous smile.

“Not finished your drink?” she asked rhetorically. “Let me help,” she insisted as she brought the glass to his mouth.

He willingly gulped the remainder of the drink despite the fact he now knew it had been spiked with vodka.

“I think we shall need to help him upstairs,” she giggled, as she turned to Ian.

Becoming A Cuckold A FemDom Fantasy StoryBob found himself being supported up the stairs into the bedroom. He was even assisted when removing his clothes, although his current state of intoxication meant he did little himself. Bob may have been incapable of any physical control but he was certainly still fully aware of events. He was naked and placed onto the bedroom chair.

Ian, who had been out of the room for a few moments, returned. Clearly, Leonna had told him where to find the rope with which Bob was firmly secured to the seat. His hands, arms and torso were soundly tied to the chair. His legs were parted and, from his ankles to just below the knee were tightly anchored to the front legs of the chair. His genitals were exposed, vulnerable and susceptible to ridicule.

Leonna did not miss the opportunity. She felt for Ian’s rod again, opened his zip and released it to the world.  She cupped it in her hand and gave an audible gasp of appreciation.

“Wow, look at that,” she said displaying Ian’s erection to the vulnerable and restrained Bob.

“A real cock,” she exclaimed. “The cock of a real man. Not like this pathetic piece of useless meat,” she continued, as she flicked Bob’s limp cock upwards with the fingers of her other hand.

She eased Ian towards the bed and guided him to sit on the edge, his cock still hard, erect and exposed. She knelt in front of him and gently started to tease the tip of his cock with her tongue. Ian’s pleasure was betrayed by his gratifying groans. At first he stroked her hair gently, but as she began to take the end of his cock between her lips he applied increasing pressure while she took his penis deeper and deeper into her mouth. The pressure from his hand aided the up and down movement of her head as she sucked and teased his shaft.  She gagged more than once as she took him deep into her throat, but on each occasion went down on him for more after just a momentary break.

At this time both were still fully dressed. Bob looked longingly at Leonna. She was still the sophisticated woman that had stood in front of that dressing table just a few hours earlier. Her satin clad buttocks and breasts were as glorious and inviting as they had been then. As were her lips. The lips she would not let him kiss for fear of smudging her lipstick. He remembered how, at that earlier time, he had thought about how he would take her upon their return, but somehow things had turned out so differently.

Leonna gagged once more. Instead of deflecting his and her arousal, it merely appeared to stir it. They both stood, passionately caressing and stroking the other as they removed their clothes. She stepped out of her heels and let her dress drop to the floor, exposing the stunning silver satin thong and bra which matched her dress. She had purchased these at the time she had bought the dress, at which time, her thoughts were of Bob. She could never have envisaged the events of that night and that her sexy surprise would be for the benefit of another man, a real man.

Ian was now naked. His cock, erect and throbbing, pressed against her bare waist as they lay on the bed. The bra and thong were discarded by Leonna and their naked bodies writhed and embraced one another.

Ian pressed down on her. With his hands on the pillows each side of her head, he raised the upper half of his body up. His shaft pressed hard against her as he looked down at her. They paused to look into each other’s eyes. Ian licked and caressed one of her nipples between his lips as one of his hands moved down her body. It toyed with the other nipple then slipped down over her stomach to her sex. Two fingers cupped themselves from the front to the rear of her labia. The tips of those two fingers slipped forwards, gently probing and exploring her opening. There was a sudden gasp of uncontrollable lustful indulgence from Leonna. A sense of empowerment could be sensed in Ian’s eyes. He had her. She was is.

Ian’s gentle touch turned into a more aggressive grip. He replaced the finger with the tip of his cock, which he rubbed over the same spot, slippery with her excitement. Leonna was breathing heavily with arousal and anticipation. Even Bob, from his chair, could see her body open itself up to welcome Ian’s shaft. Ian obliged as his cock penetrated the warm and welcoming vestibule. Instead of licking and kissing her nipple gently, his hand now grasped and kneaded her breast.

As his pelvis began to thrust and his cock penetrated deeper and deeper into her cunt, both hands were now free. He pressed them around her neck, the thumbs over the front of her fragile throat. He squeezed and throttled, and Leonna groaned and gasped in response.

Throughout this period, Bob was suffering a mixture of emotions. His wife, the woman he loved, being willingly fucked by the arrogant upstart in his office before his very eyes was both humiliating and hurtful. At the same time, he was aroused – and that arousal could not be hidden or disguised as his legs were tied apart and his newly induced erection was on full display. Now, however, as Ian began to treat his wife with apparent contempt and physically hurt her, his desire to intervene and protect her was paramount. Despite that fact, his cock still swelled and hardened at the sight.

Ian released Leonna’s neck. Bob was convinced she would rebel against Ian’s rough handling but, far from it, she encouraged Ian to continue his physical assault. Cries of “yes, yes…” betrayed her continued pleasure. Ian continued to pump his cock deep inside her. There were periodic slight pauses but the pumping continued as Ian toyed with Leonna’s breasts. He grabbed her head raising her off the pillow. He then pulled her hair, thereby forcing her head backwards and in so doing she thrust her breasts forward giving them to him.  He would, at times, return to her neck and throat. He would tighten his grip, causing her to choke and gasp. He was in charge. He had control and she so relished it.

Ian’s thrusting went on and on, as did her groans and cries of pleasure. After some considerable time they noticeably quickened. Leonna’s cries turned to pleas.

“Mmmm yes…” she muttered in a slightly more relaxed way as Ian’s body slumped down on hers. He had obviously cum deep inside her.

“You’re wonderful,” she said looking up to her lover. She turned to Bob.

“He’s wonderful,” she repeated towards her cuckold husband. She smiled and laughed as she saw his vulnerable and exposed erection.

“Mmmm, I see you think he’s wonderful as well,” she giggled.

The naked bodies of Ian and Leonna lay entwined with each other’s. They kissed passionately and tenderly. To Bob’s surprise this hurt him as much, if not more so, than the sex itself.

How Bob finished up on the sofa that morning he did not know. He only knew things would never be the same again.

As he was stirring he had heard steps on the stairs then the front door opening and closing. Someone, presumably Ian, had left.

Bob struggled up the stairs to his bedroom in order to shower and dress. As he entered the bedroom, his wife Leonna was lying naked on the bed, barely covered by the duvet.

“Is that my wimp of a husband?” She asked rhetorically. He did not answer. There was no suitable answer.

“So”, she continued, “what are we going to do with you?”

Again, no answer was expected.

“There’s divorce of course, or you could stay under our terms,” she continued.

Bob paused and faced her.

“Your terms?” he queried.

“Yes,” she continued. “Ian seems to believe you will want to stay here as our slave, and, if that were the case you will be put in chastity. After all, that thing has no use”.

She looked to Bob to see his reaction, although no answer was anticipated at that time.

“Ian is so confident of your answer that he is off to the sex shop in the city to get a chastity device. He seems to know so much about these things, and,” she continued, “he’s bringing his car around with him when he returns. If you choose to stay as our slave, your first task will be to give it a thorough clean and polish inside and out.

Showroom condition!” she exclaimed.

“After all, surely that’s what he deserves for pleasing your wife so much, isn’t it?”

That night, Ian’s car gleamed on the driveway of their home. Bob sat naked on the bed in the spare bedroom wearing no more than a chastity belt with his hands in cuffs chained to rings on the side of the belt. Ian and Leonna had decided that Bob should be restrained in that way when, in the house and not ‘in use’. Ian and Leonna were sipping whisky and embracing in the warmth and comfort of the lounge. A new life. A new beginning.

– slave penny


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