Adult Sex Ed Month 2015: Coming Soon

Adult Sex Ed Month 2015: Coming Soon

The incredibly popular collaborative effort of Adult Sex Ed Month is organised by leading sex blogger and educator Bobbie Morgan, of A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind. Adult Sex Ed Month 2014 was a far reaching affair, with tweets incorporating the official hashtag #AdultSexEdMonth sharing vital sexual education and reshared by the official twitter accountAdult Sex Ed Month 2015 promises similar far reaching educational efforts. Several sponsors are already ‘on board’ at the official website and tweets are beginning to appear drawing interest to Adult Sex Ed Month, the website and the whole topic of adult sexual education.


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June is the official month of sharing adult sex education. You can expect to enjoy plenty of fascinating sex advice articles covering every shade of the sexuality spectrum. Newly written adult sex ed articles aren’t mandatory. Relevant articles are welcome from sexual educators worldwide since the end of June 2014 until now.


There’s two main reasons why it’s a good idea to support and engage with Adult Sex Ed Month 2015. Firstly it’s a fantastic way to interact with and meet other sex educators.  The campaigns attracts those interested in sexual health and issues such as readers, lovers, customers and companies. You will also be a part of a sex positive project with much-needed education as its core value.

I’m sponsoring Adult Sex Ed Month 2015 and I urge you to do the same if you can. Find out how, here. Your banner or link will be live on the site for the next year and seen by everyone who visits the Adult Sex Ed website in that time. You won’t be relying purely on organic or search engine traffic either, because the month of June is sure to see another breathtaking amount of hashtagged Tweets and linked Facebook posts which is sure to convert to referrals through your ad.

More Adult Sex Ed

For now, you can find all my adult sex ed and sexual advice posts at Cara Sutra here. Keep an eye on my Twitter for more news of Adult Sex Ed Month 2015 and related advice articles.


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Official hashtag #AdultSexEdMonth

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