Living As A Slave To My Ex, The Bitch

Living As A Slave To My Ex, The Bitch

A FemDom Fantasy Story by slave penny

Living As A Slave To My Ex, The Bitch: There was light. To some extent I took it for granted, but the fact that light from the small window, high on the wall of the cellar that was my home, should penetrate the blanket that covered my cage, would, by many, have been regarded as unusual and welcome. I’d been taken as a slave late in the spring so I had only known the summer months in my night time prison. It did not take a great deal of imagination to know how dull, dark and uninviting this place would be in the dark days of winter.

Living As A Slave To My Ex The BitchIt was presumably the light that had awoken me. How I’d ever trained myself to sleep in the confines of this cage were beyond me, but somehow I had. A very tight foetal position was the obvious initial attempt, but for some reason, it did not work. My body had somehow found a way, although I had to rely on nature to take over each night for me to repeat that particular formula. It worked and I slept. Unfortunately the constant pain in my lower back was the price I paid during my days of toil.

My physical deterioration pleased her. She had broken me financially and the fact that her once physically fit ex husband should age rapidly post dumped, added to her reputation and wisdom to the outside world. I refer to the outside world, but in reality, that world was now confined to their inner circle of loyal followers.

Gareth was known to be a bastard. He had accumulated his wealth by building an empire founded on violence, fear and ruthless exploitation.  With wealth came even greater power and authorities that had previously sought to quash him were now mere puppets on his string. He was a bastard and she was attracted to that. She was a bitch and therefore his kind of woman. They were both  aroused by power and relished it.

The light had woken me, but any sleep would soon have been curtailed. Heavy footsteps could be heard approaching over the hard cellar floor. The blanket was removed and my eyes had to adjust to the now intense light. It was one of Gareth’s henchman. The same henchman that had performed this task every morning since she had first taken me as her slave nearly 3 months earlier.  I did not know his name, we never spoke.

He unlocked the padlock securing the cage and left the way he had arrived.

My morning duties had become regimented.  A short walk along the cellar took me to a cold uninviting shower. I would shower and dry myself. I had slept naked, apart from one item. After showering I would leave the cellar, up a short flight of stairs into a kitchen. It was here that presumably loyal paid staff would be going about their business. Even after these many weeks there was still audible amusement at my virtual nudity.

The only exception to my nudity was the solid metal prison that encased my penis and balls. Apart from a necessary opening for the purpose of urination my genitalia was fully encased. Even that access was covered with a hard mesh preventing me from touching my own cock, which she had gleefully announced was now hers once the device had been fitted within an hour of returning with her to their domain. Within 60 minutes of her disclosure that she had information with which I could be destroyed, my sexuality was damned and completely hers to toy with.

The silver tray with the two full glasses was in its normal place, by the far exit from the kitchen for me to collect and take up the stairs from the adjacent hallway. I carried the tray up two flights of stairs to their luxurious bedroom, as I had done every morning for the previous 10 weeks or more.

My normal duty was to knock and once acknowledged, enter the room and stand at a set point, about a meter from the foot of the bed holding the tray in my right hand, my left behind my back. I was to stand facing the bed and wait for them to alight and take the juice, which both insisted was an essential start to their day. I was more than aware that the purpose of this ritual went beyond  their love of orange juice. They gained pleasure from the physical coital embraces but that pleasure was, no doubt, enhanced by the humiliation imposed on me, her ex, her reject, having to witness it.

Today was different however. His henchman, the one who had released me from my cage earlier, stood at the top of the stairs. As I reached the landing, he stopped me and secured a ball gag into my mouth. I did nor resist. Any form of resistance had been drained from me some time before. On this occasion it was his duty to knock the door, which he then opened, allowing me to adopt my normal position.

They were in embrace but both looked up at me with a smile that betrayed evil intent. I stood there for more than 5 minutes as they embraced and groped each other with accompanying giggles.

The door knocked again, and someone else entered. I was not allowed to look anywhere except directly at the Emperor and Empress. The person who had entered, passed behind me and to Gareth’s side of the bed. I could now see her. To my horror it was Lucy, Jake’s wife, the couple whose mortgage I had arranged. She was completely naked.

The bitch had always despised Lucy. “Goody two shoes” was her nickname for her. How had they done this to her.

Gareth reached out from the bed making a small dish shape with his hands. Lucy pushed her pelvis forward resting her naked sex onto his hand. He hadn’t taken her. She had, in fact, given herself to him.

“Welcome to our new recruit”  the bitch laughed. “This morning I am going to initiate her as I did you, and I thought you would like the pleasure of witnessing it”.  She laughed again.

I could see a droplet of sweat run down Lucy’s face. Was it a sign of fear? If the initiation was to be similar to mine, that fear would prove justified.

– slave penny


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