Forced Bi Fuck Buddy Slaves for Mistress

Forced Bi Fuck Buddy Slaves for Mistress

A FemDom Fantasy Story by slave penny

Forced Bi Fuck Buddy Slaves for Mistress: I had learned to arrive punctually when fulfilling any command my Mistress had imposed. She could not abide tardiness.

It was exactly 7.45 pm as I entered the large entrance to the hotel.  The atrium was impressive, Four stories high. You could see the balcony for each floor from which the rooms could be entered through identical doors.

Forced Bi Fuck Buddy Slaves for Mistress FemDom Fantasy StoryNerves were clearly there but experience had shown me how to push through them. How to do and not think.  There was no need to approach reception. During my journey to the hotel a text had been received bearing a number. 306 was showing twice on my screen, presumably to ensure that there was no typing error. I only had a laptop to carry so I did not waste time waiting for a lift. I did not want to have to wait. Delay would only induce further nerves.

I dashed up the stairs to the third floor and the room was only 3 doors from the stair well. I knocked. The door opened.

“I’m penny,” I said to the stranger who opened the door, introducing myself. He was clearly nervous and had more difficulty in concealing it than did I. I could sense a slight stutter as he confirmed himself to be tracy.


I entered and the door closed behind us. There was no idle exchange of conversation or formalities,. He showed me the place he had pre-selected for the laptop.  I quickly unpacked, plugged in and booted up the device. At the same time he produced a card containing the hotel’s internet password. The nerves in the room were palpable. The laptop in place and internet connection achieved we both stumbled hideously around the room rapidly removing our clothes. No time was spent examining the hideous anatomy that was exposed. We were both well past our physical prime and our bodies betrayed that. Our Mistress had described me as “repulsive” and there is every likelihood tracy had received a similar compliment.

We sat anxiously facing the laptop. I was stripped down to my thong and chastity device. Tracy was the same except that he wore more conventional knickers. At this time I chose not to take too much notice of his attire.

I leaned forward, clicked a connection with the laptop’s cursor and sat back to wait for the screen to relax. There was a sense of relief as Mistress appeared on the screen. Her eyes and smile validated her pleasure. She sat relaxed and reposed. A glass of wine and the table to the side of her visible and augmented the impression of enjoyment and leisure.

“Ah, penny and tracy, how sweet,” she asserted.

“You look like the ideal couple,” she continued. “Have you kissed each other yet?” she asked through a slight hint of laughter. “No Mistress!” we both sputtered simultaneously.

“Ah, before you do…” she interrupted thoughtfully. “The keys?”

It was a question that sent a shiver down my spine. In my rush, the key she’d sent was still in my coat that I’d hurriedly hung in the wardrobe. “Sorry,” I replied as I dashed over to the wardrobe to rummage for my key.

She was not pleased.

I returned with key in hand.

“Now let me see,” she continued. “I think it would be nice if your unlocked each other, don’t you?” she asked rhetorically. “Now let’s see, mmm yes, penny? Unlock tracy,” she commanded.

“Yes Mistress,” I replied and instantly used my key to unlock my companion. His hands took his device as if to remove it, but the Mistress intervened.

“No tracy, let penny do it, leave it to him. In fact put your hands behind your back and leave them there until I say”.

“Yes Mistress,” was tracy’s immediate response and his hands disappeared. I removed the clips, pulled the cage from his shaft and the ring around his balls slipped off easily.

“Are your hands still behind your back tracy?”  she asked. “Yes Mistress,” was his immediate reply. “Good boy,” she continued. “Then look at me and keep looking.” He again acknowledged his compliance.

“Now penny,” she said, as she returned her attention to me. “Look at how hot and sticky tracy’s cock is. It’s been in there for over a month. Poor cock,” she giggled. “I think it needs kissing better,” she mused sympathetically. “Kiss it,” she commanded harshly. My instincts were to merely peck his shaft but knew that would not suffice, so without encouragement I gave it a long passionate kiss. I could hear and sense her approval although she said nothing. His dick went hard and erect as I kissed but I know that such reaction was being induced by the Mistress and not from my lips.

“That will do penny,” she eventually intervened. “Now unlock penny,” she commanded tracy. Without instruction I put my hands behind my back as my cock was released and welcomed its freedom. This time it was my turn to look at my Mistress as his lips caressed my shaft. As his mouth made contact. she raised the wine to her lips. There is something about the way she does that which always arouses me. My cock reacted to this arousal to time perfectly with tracy’s endearment.

“You two don’t look at all relaxed with each other,” she laughed after concluding tracy’s attention to my cock. “You need to let your hair down, show each other how pleased you are for their company. I think you should kiss. Yes, you should kiss each other and as you do so, wank each other’s cock.  That would be nice, wouldn’t it?”  She didn’t require an answer. “Do it,” she snapped in a commanding voice.

I leaned forwarded and clumsily groped for tracy’s cock. I started to stroke and at the same time leaned across for my lips to meet his. I felt his hand on my cock which slid up and down the shaft. Our first kisses were tentative and I’m sure we were both aware this would be far from her expectations, but despite a desire to please her I was fighting some unease.

“More passion, you know what I want,” she asserted. We responded immediately. Wide mouths intermingled, our tongues touched, we pulled each other closer. Her pleasure was clear and the sound of her laughter and her joy served to escalate our efforts.

“Wonderful, wonderful my slaves, that will do,” she proclaimed through her laughter. “Now for what we are here for,” she continued. “You are here to fuck each other aren’t you? You so want to fuck each other to please me, don’t you?”

This time an answer was expected and we dutifully replied in unison, “Yes. Mistress.”

“Who first,” she pondered.

“I’ve decided tracy will fuck penny first,” she announced calmly.

We followed her choreography and I leaned over the side of the bed facing towards the laptop and the vision of our Mistress which was on a dressing table near the other side of the bed.

“The lube?” She queried. Obviously a query addressed to tracy who had presumably been given orders previously to bring the lube with him. He replied “Yes Mistress,” as he held a tube up in front of the laptop.

“Put some on your finger and then apply it to penny’s anus and into his arse,” she instructed. I felt his finger delve into me. “Now rub some onto your cock,” she advised.

“That’s a little limp and useless isn’t it tracy,” she observed. “I think you should wank and look at me for a few moments, don’t you?” she queried. I could hear his hand sliding over his recently lubed cock and very quickly his breathing deepened.

“That’s better,” she declared. “Now put it into his arse,” she coached him. “Slowly in but all the way. I want your inner thighs tight against his cheeks”.

I could sense his shaft violating my space, slowly slipping deeper and deeper until his torso was pressing hard against my bum.

“Look at me tracy,” she commanded softly “is that nice?” She answered for him “Of course it is.”

I felt his penis swell inside me, obviously aroused by his Mistress. “Now fuck him,” she ordered. His obedience was immediate. I could feel his cock pump out and in, but this was not good enough for her.

“Fuck him I said,” she demanded. “Harder, harder,” she shouted. “Fuck him, take him,” she encouraged. The pace quickened and the violation evolved into abdication and conquest. There was some discomfort and pain, I jolted forward each time his thighs slapped hard onto my bum. I could hear her encouragement and sense her delight. Despite the soreness I felt myself being aroused. Was it my response to her joy at my humiliation and demonstration of her power, or was I, to my consternation, taking pleasure from being buggered?

Her encouragement was intermittently broken with cries of “don’t cum,” and “don’t you dare cum,” and her command to “stop” was no doubt timed to ensure that particular command was adhered to.  In just a few seconds our roles were reversed. I was inserting my lubed finger in his anus and then lubricating my shaft. I was aroused by her voice, her joy at the surreal event she was conducting and the obvious pleasure she gleaned from our humiliation. My cock was already hard enough for its anticipated purpose and I slid it into his arse slowly until my inner thighs pushed hard against his bum cheeks. I pumped and thrusted as she commanded.

Desperate to please her, I anticipated her demands to quicken. I began to ride him roughly and her encouragement was akin to an equestrian riding a horse and inducing it to gallop faster and faster. I felt powerful. This was the first time in many years I had mastered anybody. I could clearly see her amusement. Was my arousal a reflection of her joy or was I, against all natural impulses, taking pleasure from buggering him.

Her command to stop was timely. I knew that just a little longer and my fight against ejaculation would have been lost, with consequences beyond consideration.

Our wet, naked bodies sat in front of the laptop as we gasped for breath following our exertions. She paused, smiled and sipped more wine.

“Now,” she started. “You will each lock yourselves back into chastity and swap the keys. You will each check the other is properly secured and then you will both shower.”  She paused and laughed. “Now that you’re forced bi fuck buddies you might like to shower together,” she giggled. “That’s entirely up to you.”

She took another sip of her wine. “In exactly 15 minutes tracy will go down to the restaurant and organise a table for 3 and penny will come up to Penthouse 3 to escort me down to the restaurant. I want to have dinner with my new forced bi fuck buddy slaves” she laughed.  She leaned forward to her laptop and was gone from the screen.

The true power of a Mistress is reflected in how she can encourage and induce her slaves to push and break through limits. A few months before the thought of willingly participating in the forced bi act I had just performed would have been thinkable. I now know that to please her and to assuage her cruel desires I could be led to places and situation beyond my dreams or my nightmares.

– slave penny

Forced Bi Fuck Buddy Slaves for Mistress FemDom Fantasy Story

There is a Friday project at Cara Sutra called Fetish Friday. My aim has been to publish a post on Fridays relating to the world of BDSM and kink, as opposed to more mainstream sex tips or erotica. I’m also known as Mistress Cara in the BDSM scene. I have a passion for FemDom, male submission and male chastity in particular. Some time ago I acquired a male slave who I named penny. As he has shared some of his chastity provoked fantasies with me, I thought it would be great to share them with you, my readers, too. Check back on Fridays for more FemDom Fantasy Stories. You can also follow my weekly kinky blog articles by following me on Twitter.

Forced Bi Fuck Buddy Slaves for Mistress FemDom Fantasy Story

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