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It’s Billi Jean in the erotic author spotlight this week, with two tasty erotica excerpts for you and details of her latest book releases. She writes for Totally Bound and you can follow her on Twitter here.

Find out all about this lovely erotic author below (and thanks for your kind words, Billi!)

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Billi Jean

Hi, I’m Billi Jean. I’d like to first thank you for having me on Cara Sutra. This site is amazing. And, you know, this is exactly why I write erotic romance. I write erotic love stories because I like to give people who want a love story with more heat – a read that they can enjoy for both the sexual bits and the love story bits. It’s one of the reasons I write what I write. Does that make sense? For me, I guess, sites like this free a woman and give her the ability to discover her own sexual likes and dislikes. I dislike BDSM, I love sappy happy ever after with a lot of sex thrown in. *Shrugs* That’s me. Some women love BDSM and can’t live without it. Others hate erotic and want vanilla love stories. That’s what’s so great about all the choices we have now in the romance genre.

I’ve always written stories – or dreamed up worlds and characters. It wasn’t until I picked up my first romance novel a few years ago that I considered writing one. Well, maybe I should say the first romance, but not the first erotic book I’d ever picked up. You see, when I was a teenager, I found this book….and yes, you guessed it, it was an erotic novel.  I don’t remember the name, only the ‘holy smoke’ moment when I understood that those feelings I was experiencing about boys meant …well, what was outlined in the book! 🙂 Whew.

sisterhood of jade midnight star erotic books billi jean author

So, I also love fantasy stories. I grew up reading Tolkien (wouldn’t he laugh?) and C.S. Lewis (he’d probably faint) and Mercedes Lackey (doesn’t she write erotic?) so I love dragons and magic and elves…all of it. When I combined the romance with erotic, then added paranormal I came up with my first series, now known as the Sisterhood of Jade. I absolutely love to write in paranormal. I like to come up with my own ideas on the myths and legends. It really rocks to decide if your vampires shimmer or not. Don’t bash Stephanie. She wrote the books, if she wants shimmering vampires, I say let her have them! No one knows for certain! And that, for me, is what is coolest about writing paranormal erotic fiction.

come a little closer if you dare - erotic book - billi jean author

Now, I don’t just write paranormal. I have a few contemporaries in the Love’s Command series. Maybe I write contemporary erotic romance because I love Criminal Minds and Bones and think both need more…umph! I’m not sure, but I do fall a little in love with the characters. Contemporary for me is a way to dream up adventures that move two people together – and in some pretty hot ways. I mean wouldn’t it be nice for some big, strong, strapping cowboy to come haul you off your feet and take away all your worries and fears? I kinda think so….

Both series have new releases coming out over the next five or so months. So, I thought since I am a guest here and you are being so sweet to read my blog, I’d share a never-before-seen scene from Come a Little Closer if You Dare. Come a Little Closer is a new release in my Love’s Command series. And since this is such an amazing site, I thought I’d make it a hot one. This is Cody, getting his first taste of Sonya. I think they hit it off rather well….but you tell me. Check it out and I hope you enjoy!





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love's command come a little closer if you dare erotic book by author billi jean

Blurb for Come a Little Closer:

This is book five in the Love’s Command series, see the full series listing here.

Cody Johnson is a man not used to giving up—or losing a battle. But will the former Ranger find out that the battle is so much sweeter when you surrender?

All Cody Johnson wanted to do was forget everything—forget his fiancée who’d dumped him when he was wounded in Afghanistan, forget the military, forget even what it felt like to hold a woman close. The firecracker, Sonya, wasn’t allowing that, was she? She was more woman—more everything—than he’d ever met. The trouble was, the harder he fell, the more he feared he’d lose.

Sonya Petrok had never considered herself to be the kind of person to sacrifice everything for love, until the day she looked down her gun at a man who’d clearly seen more pain in his life than most. But could she be the one to shelter his heart when she wasn’t even certain she had one of her own?

Excerpt from Come a Little Closer:

“Men are sexy with scars,” she said simply, as if he’d asked the stupidest thing ever. “So you think you can fix this? I’m about an hour from where I need to go and I am not camping out in my truck.”

Her truck was worth more money than he’d made in the past two years. She’d be fine, but dressed in her black leggings, cute little hiking boots and white blouse, she might be cold. He found himself nodding and saying, “Sure thing. No worries.”

“Great. Thank you, really. And sorry for pointing a gun at you.”

“Yeah, no problem. But, you know, you shouldn’t point a gun unless you’re going to use it.”

“I never do, Cody. I never do,” she said giving him a challenging stare.

He watched her walk over to the SUV, and realized two things.

One, she meant that.

And two, by the way she gave his groin a speculative glance, she might be thinking he shouldn’t aim things without intending to use them either.

Even thinking that, the last thing he expected to hear from her was, “Maybe you can come join me for dinner when we get this done.”

The way she said ‘come’ had him wincing from where he crouched down to test the bolts. “Sure thing, but if I’m coming, I should know your name.”

“Sonya,” she said after only a moment of making him wait.

Sonya. Of course. A sexy name for one hell of a woman, what more should he have expected?

He got the first bolt unstuck with sheer muscle, but by the time he had the wheel off and the new one on, his body felt like he’d been tortured, especially his dick. Had he ever been so hard? No, he didn’t think it possible. He cleaned his hands with a rag she’d handed to him when he started and tried to get his erection down. Useless really.

Since it hadn’t listened to me before it went on strike, why do I expect it to now it is back in working order?

“Well, that was amazing—and so fast,” she murmured.

He turned and ran right into her, saving her from damage by circling her waist with his arm and anchoring her to his body. Every important, incredibly soft inch of her pressed into him. The lush feel of her full breasts to his thin shirt really should’ve been illegal. He swore he could feel her nipples harden against his chest and didn’t dare check for fear of that being exactly the case. She smelled like heaven, too. Light, kinda flowery, but not too heavy with it, just a touch of something he knew he’d never get enough of.

This could be heaven or this could be hell.

“My, you are ready, aren’t you?” she asked, sliding one perfectly manicured hand down between them to smooth over his chest and stomach. “And so hard,” she added, sounding impressed.

Dream. He had to be dreaming. But the feel of her hand along his jeans followed by her grip on him through the barrier of the material felt real. It felt damn good, too.

“Hell, I might not survive this,” he said harshly but broadened his legs to give her more room.

“Oh, I think you will,” she breathed and with one hell of a lot of skill got his belt undone and his cock out in her warm hands. “What were you thinking?”

At the first feel of her hand he lost the ability to think. “Think? No thinking needed,” he assured her.

He tore her leggings down and, in a hurry, pressed her leg up and open. She positioned him and with a hot moan, she stroked along the ultra sensitive head. He had to tense every muscle to hold still for her.

She was wet. More than wet. She was soaked, so wet for him he bent, took her mouth in a rough kiss and fucked up into her without a thought other than how bad he needed her.

“So wet,” he growled. “For me?”

“Yes, oh my God, you’re so perfect. All for you,” she whispered, releasing him but grabbing hold of his shoulders instead and moaning for him. “Give me all of it.”

He nearly came. It was so damn close he gripped her leg tighter and hauled her flush to his body. He cupped the back of her head so he could kiss her, and feeling more desperate by the second, slid inside. Instantly, warm, silky tight pussy sheathed him. His body went on autopilot, thrusting so urgently in and out of her that he couldn’t breathe properly from the suck and tug on his neglected cock. After years—which suddenly felt like decades—without this—a hot woman so ready for him she was tearing at his clothes—his control was out of the window.

Sonya made it a hundred times hotter. She bit his lip, stroked his tongue breathlessly with hers and cried out in what he thought was an orgasm within seconds of his first complete possession.

“Yeah, oh hell yeah,” he groaned and bucked his hips so he could feel the tug and slide of her body sucking on him. Her pussy was hot and soft, making each pass feel like every inch of his erection was being stroked with wet silk. He’d never felt a woman as smooth and tight around him as Sonya.

He took her lips again, addicted to the cinnamon after that first taste. He gripped her ass with his free hand and feathered his fingers along the depths of her lush crevice, making her moan louder when he quickened his hips. She took him with a firm grind of her body to his. Moaning into his mouth, she pulled at his hair to hold him close and started rolling her hips like a belly dancer.

gambling on trouble billi jean

My Sisterhood of Jade series also has a new release coming up for early download in April. Gambling on Trouble is the love story of a pretty intense witch, nicknamed Trouble, who finds herself in love with a mortal, Jack. Together they fall into all kinds of tricky situations but they always agree over breakfast, or at least they do in this scene….enjoy!

gambling on trouble - erotic book - billi jean author

Gambling on Trouble blurb:

This is book eight in the Sisterhood of Jade series, see the full series listing here

Jack Sinclair is gambling on Trouble, and hoping like hell he wins not just her hand, but also her heart.

Trouble had one thought when she met Jack, or maybe two. Neither had anything thing to do with falling in love with the sexy ex-solider. But can she have him, and keep him safe? Or is he simply more punishment for her past?

Jack stepped out of an undercover operation and ran right into Trouble—a woman he can’t get enough of. The more he gets to know the dropdown gorgeous woman, the more he knows she’s The One. Now to just convince one of the most powerful witches on the planet that he can do more than hold his own. He can hold and protect her.

Excerpt from Gambling on Trouble:

Jack took one look at Trouble, sitting in a booth toward the back of the huge and empty diner, and nearly stumbled. If she wasn’t wearing a fuck me smile, he was a monkey’s uncle. He managed to reach the booth without embarrassing himself, but as soon as he did, he pulled her up and tugged her the two feet required to shove her into the family style bathroom. In a rush, he managed to lock the door and still have her lips on his within another heartbeat.

The day of stress, the night of tossing and turning, was forgiven. She was warm, so willing she was ripping his shirt over his head and immediately going to work on his belt before the material landed on the floor. All he had to do was lift her sundress and tug her panties aside and in less than sixty seconds he was inside her.

“Oh, yes!”

“Oh, goddamn I need this,” he groaned at the feel of her wet, soft heat around his hard cock.

“More.” She grabbed handfuls of his hair to kiss him with enough passion that he knew exactly what she wanted.

Now wasn’t the time for a tender, slow sex. This was demanding, hard, possession at its most primal. He cradled her ass in his hands and pressed her to the wall for the support he needed to start a rapid thrust of his hips. As soon as he got his rhythm she dug her nails into his shoulders and shot off into a climax. He swallowed her cries and kept going, so turned on by her clenching around his cock he was right behind her, panting out his pleasure into her ripe breasts because he feared biting her sexy lips if he kissed her.

Breathless, sweating and struggling not to fall down, he tugged her hair with one hand and tipped her head back so he could bite down on her throat to keep his groans to a minimum. His orgasm grew to that extreme level he only reached with her. His legs trembled. A groan broke free when she shuddered in his arms, hitting her second climax.

“Sweetheart,” he gasped, driving her down hard onto his erection so he possessed her as deep as he could. Another burst of cum rippled down his cock and out, making him pant in pleasure.

“Jack, oh, oh!” She dug her nails into his shoulders and trembled harder.

Seconds later, he gained enough energy to lift his head and meet her lazy green eyes. Trouble smiled and he bent to take her swollen lips in a passionate kiss, trying to relay how fucking unbelievable she was with it. She caressed her smooth fingertips over his skin and along his scalp, sending shivers down his spine and right to his toes.

They broke apart and he stared at her, wanting to memorize every inch of her beautiful face as if he might not see it again.

“This was so much better than breakfast,” she teased, tugging his hair. “You left enough for me.”

“Of course, I take orders pretty well.”

“I’m still hungry.”

He grinned and bounced her in his arms. “I got that covered.”

She laughed. He wanted to hear more of that, her laugh.

“Oh I can see that.”

Letting her feet touch the floor, he pulled free at the same time. She went down with a look that made certain he knew what she wanted for breakfast.

Finally, I’d like to share a scene from my very first book, which came out as a re-release with my awesome publisher, Totally Bound. Midnight Star is from the Sisterhood of Jade and tells a story of miscommunication, prejudices and more importantly, the hot romance between Star a kickass vampire, and her mate, Ranger – one hell of a hottie that ends up getting that education most men need. In this scene, Ranger’s gotten Star naked and now is completely misbehaving….

There were several things Star had never experienced in her life. Most of them things she really had no desire to even try. Sky diving. Nah, why bother, when she knew damned well she could jump from a hundred story high-rise and not even falter on her landing? Or liver and onions. One whiff told her nah, why bother? If it smelled like dirt, it probably tasted like it.

On the other hand, there were things she wanted to experience but never had. She longed to walk on the beach with a male. Or watch the sunset over the ocean by her home with someone who loved her. Or wake up next to a man, completely wrapped in his warm, strong body. Naked.

She dreamed these things. She’d never experienced them.

Until now.

She did a quick survey of herself upon waking and discovered many things. First, her hand and arm were healed. Second, she didn’t have one stitch of clothing on. Third, a naked, warm and aroused male spooned her. Not just any warm, naked, aroused male either.


That third fun fact had her frozen in place. Her heart picked up speed, clearly ready to race out of her chest.

Not only was a naked man behind her, curled around every inch, even warming her legs with his bigger ones, but she liked it—even though his legs were ticklish with the hair dusting them. He’d tucked himself completely—completely—against her from head to toe. The thick, hot fullness of his arousal was distinct. It pressed to her lower back, making her chilled and too warm all at the same time.

He shifted, and a slight nudge of his hips thrust his erection even tighter against her.

Gods, how can a male be so big?

A low growl rumbled from his chest.

In response, a full body shiver hardened her nipples. Her stomach clenched. Her inner thighs slicked up, and her pussy softened for him. If that wasn’t shocking enough, her fangs tingled and her mouth filled with the anticipation she only got right before she fed. And she wanted to – to sink her fangs in his warm flesh. Just the thought had her breath catching.

Gods, no.

She’d died and gone to hell. Surely this was punishment for something, because he felt so good and that had to be very, very bad. This was Ranger. Ranger hated her.

Her mind stilled in mid-thought. He gave her another long, slow stroke of his entire hot erection. She even felt his sac. The softer flesh was covered in a light dusting of hair that pressed firmly against her bottom while the entire length stroked along her lower back as if it belonged.

Images, ideas, fantasies shifted through her mind with devastating results. She couldn’t hold still. She wanted things—really, really wanted things she’d only dreamt of before. Maybe even his delicious flesh between her thighs, rubbing her core, touching her so she could come.

His hand twitched when she moved and she froze again. He slept still.

The sound that had woken her? Him snoring ever so slightly.

She remained frozen for several seconds, unable to move for fear of him waking or worse, of him faking sleep. She had no clue what to do. She thought she’d been prepared for anything life could throw at her.


Nothing prepared her for this. For waking up to an aroused male who up until a few days ago, she would have sworn hated her completely.

Only a few things could explain his behavior.


Or he wants me the way a man wants a woman.

Insanity weighed a bit more in her mind, since he hated her. Right? Even if he’d said he wanted her that had been a trick. Right?

“Female, what is going on in that head of yours?”

She froze. She had no idea what to say to him. She was completely naked. No one other than other females had ever seen her completely naked. And now he not only saw her, but had stripped her down, then curled around her like a living, breathing male blanket. Correction—aroused male blanket.

They were alone, in a cave together. Maybe that explained it. Maybe these things happened when two beings were alone together for a period of time. He was male. She was female. Things just might happen when that combination occurred—stress of the fight and all.

When he stretched causing his big erection to stroke along her butt, somehow her cool logic didn’t cut it.

“Star? Are you still sleepin’ then?” He turned back to her, curling around her and fitting his big erection between her butt cheeks as if it belonged there.

And I called him scrawny?

The size of him spread her butt he was that big. She couldn’t help it, she squeaked when he nudged her and stroked his cock upwards.

“Stop it!” Scooting away, she managed to cover her breasts with her arm and tug his shirt over from where he’d thrown it to cover herself all at the same time.

“You shouldn’t have undressed me.” She scrambled back from him, wincing as a rock dug into her butt. Ouch! The bastard. That was his fault as well as the way her blood roared in her ears worse than the waterfall. Every inch of her seemed hyper alive – like she’s sucked on someone who’d just drank a dozen Red Bulls.

“Ah, female, come on. If I hadn’t, you would have frozen in your wet things and you know it.”

Glancing over proved to be a huge mistake. His erection was as large and mouth watering as she had imagined. How did a male get so big? Oh gods he was well equipped – of course. His penis got larger as she watched. The perfect shaft glowed a reddish-gold except where the purple head looked swollen and tight. The length grew and the thickness increased with it until the slit along the mushroomed head began to glisten with moisture. Would he taste as good there as I think he will everywhere else?

sisterhood of jade midnight star erotic author billi jean books

Well, I hope you enjoyed what I shared today. It was a pleasure to be invited over and I’ll try to stop by again real soon!  If you’re interested in more of my books, there are a few free chapters available on my publisher’s website: Happy reading!

– Billi Jean

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