Capture by the Goddess

Capture by the Goddess

FemDom erotica by slave penny

Capture by the Goddess: It was an exciting new adventure and another major step in our lives.  Our very first home together. It was a small two-bedroomed town house, but it was ours. Our love nest.

Debbie and I were meant for each other from the start. She was petite, sweet and feminine and always made me feel so good about myself. Her lack of confidence in her own appeal was fetching but unfounded. She was a very pretty young woman and I was lucky to have her. I told her constantly how pretty she was, but somehow she never believed me.

Capture by the Goddess FemDom Fantasy StoryThe previous weekend was the first time we had actually slept together in our own home and own bed. We had previously only shared the bed in hotels and slept together in her bed when her parents had visited her grandmother who lived in Spain, which they had done regularly over the three years Debbie and I had been an “item”.

Like any young couple we relished our time in bed together. We were far from being great lovers. Her lack of self confidence masked my own inadequacies. In that respect we were both certainly compatible. She was far from demanding or needy. As far as she was concerned, our fumbling efforts were all her fault, but in reality I was as much, if not more, to blame.  It was not an issue. We were happy to be in each others arms. Despite my inability to penetrate her most times, I would normally cum and I could sense she was content at that.  There was, in any case, time for us to get our sex lives on track.

We’d moved in the previous weekend. That following weekend was to proclaim the arrival of our very first guest. Debbie’s University friend Zoe was visiting from the States and Debbie, with my approval, was allowing her to use our guest room as her base.

Debbie had been completely distracted over the visit of her friend and was clearly nervous. She wanted everything to be right. The guest room was clean, the bed linen was brand new. She fussed over the meals we were to have that weekend. We needed to give a good first impression. I just could not understand why Debbie was acting this way. After all it was just her friend from Uni. and we were doing her a great favour.

Her nerves were palpable on the Saturday morning. As the doorbell rang they suddenly intensified dramatically. I felt the need to hug and reassure her. I reminded her it was just her University pal. She smiled back at me and went off into the hallway to answer the door. Her nerves were to some extent infectious. I felt myself making a positive effort to look as though I was involved in doing something else. An effort to look nonchalant to counter Debbie’s  nervous enthusiasm.

I could hear female voices in the hallway as they said their hellos and Debbie’s nervous laughter betrayed her feelings. They entered and I looked up from the paper I was pretending to read. I immediately became aware of Zoe’s presence. Before she even spoke she filled the room. She was taller than Debbie and she was beautiful. The type of beauty that would subconsciously have previously caused me to exclude a woman from my radar.  Something inside would have told me she wouldn’t be interested in me, so I would move on and leave her to more able, capable and self assured men.

Her personality matched the power of her beauty. Debbie became virtually timid in her presence. For the whole weekend Zoe held centre stage and we had become her audience.  She had opinions on anything and everything and I felt myself agreeing with everything she said. It was hard not to.

Even in the privacy of our bedroom there was no respite. Debbie would glorify her wonderful friend and again I could do nothing but agree.

Capture by the Goddess FemDom Fantasy StoryI set off for work on the Monday morning having left Debbie snuggling in her bed. We kissed each other and wished each other a good day immediately before my departure. Debbie had pre-arranged to have both Monday and Tuesday off work for her and Zoe to “do girly things together” as she had ably described it.

It was a fairly routine Monday at work and the time invariably came for me to return home.

“I’m home”, I recall shouting as I entered the hallway. There was no response. I entered the lounge and the sight before me left me incapable of speech or movement. The car keys slipped from my fingers to the carpet and my mouth lay wide open betraying my shock.

Debbie was naked apart from a leather collar around her neck. She was on her knees and hands at the side of Zoe who held a leash attached to the collar. It was Zoe however from whom I could not take my eyes. Zoe was breath taking in a tight red leather cat suit and black thigh boots.  I could not move. The shock had somehow transfixed me to that spot.

“I always say first impressions are so very important”, Zoe sniggered, “and I can see your first impression of your Goddess Zoe has been quite profound” she laughed as she mused at the bulge in my trousers which betrayed the immediate effect she was inducing on my cock.

I sensed Debbie start to speak. The tone indicated it was to be an apology, but a sharp pull on the leash by Zoe and with a clear indication of pain, any attempted speech was curtailed.

Zoe moved towards me and Debbie hobbled on all fours just behind her. Her leather gloved hand stroked my face.

“I think I know you very well already”, she said. “You’re exactly the type of wimp who would find themselves with this pathetic worm”, she continued, as she looked down at Debbie who clearly was the worm she referred to. A short push with the vamp of her thigh boot had Debbie on her side, much to Zoe’s amusement. A sharp tug on the lease had my lover struggling back to all fours.

Capture by the Goddess FemDom Fantasy StoryI found I could not respond. She was right. I was that wimp.

Her gloved hand slipped to the bulge in my trousers. She adjusted the bulge releasing my cock within my trousers enabling it to forge a direct route towards my belt.. What was a bulge was now a ridge from my balls to just below my belt buckle. I could sense her thumb and two fingers of her gloved hand teasing the outside of the ridge formed by my penis. They slid up and down as she looked me straight in the eyes. She knew the effect she was having on me. My arousal intensified and was epitomised by my irregular breathing.

“I’m sure you would love to feel my leather gloved hand on your cock, wouldn’t you?”, she whispered. She did not pause for an answer. “Well, even my leather glove is too good for that pathetic piece of meat”, she continued.

Nothing further was said and she just continued to look me in the eyes. It was as if she was reading my mind and I was unable to avert my gaze. My mind was hers. My cock was hers.

I was about to explode when she suddenly stopped. Her timing was perfect. I was left desperately wanting. She smiled. It was as if she knew how effective she had been.

Within a few minutes, I was also naked, collared and on a leash. That evening we knelt, naked, in front of her.  We were attentive as we had been over that weekend but now, instead of absorbing her opinions, we were imbibing our new lives as her slaves. We acknowledged and accepted our fates as we had previously supported her beliefs. She was and is a very powerful woman.

Three months have passed since that arrival and so many changes have been imposed. Our dream property is no longer ours. It has been signed over to her. We have both left our jobs and now slave in the business owned by her and a Master friend of hers.  I answer to the name “wimp” and poor Debbie answers to the name “slut”. A name which clearly reflects the use often made of her.

I haven’t slept in a bed since that day. I am treated like a dog with “a place” in the corner of the utility room where I go when told or at night. Fellow slave, slut, has a similar place in a different room, although she will often be taken into a bed when desired by Goddess Zoe or one of her male or female friends.

Slut and I are not allowed to speak to each other. In effect the last time we spoke, the last time we will ever speak was when I kissed and wished her a good day that Monday morning. That was the last time I kissed her, the last time I will ever kiss her.

My cock has been imprisoned in a plastic chastity device for the last 10 weeks. I now appreciate that my cock was never meant, nor was capable of pleasuring anyone. My genitals are not intended for sex but to merely endorse my role as a slave through arousal which, in turn, leads to worship and obedience. The plastic device is just a temporary measure. I am having an ultimate steel male chastity belt being manufactured in Germany. Three weeks ago I visited a place near Dortmund for measuring and will return their for a final fitting very shortly.

Goddess Zoe has no compassion towards her slaves. She is as hard and cruel as she is powerful and beautiful. She will punish and torture her slaves as a means of correction and training, but also for her own sadistic whim.

She has a particular dislike for slut. I do not know why that is, nor will I ever know. The Goddess has ensured that slut’s life is pure hell. She either skivvies in the business or the home, or is being raped or sexually toyed with. That kiss on that Monday morning will almost certainly be the last cuddle or kiss she will ever have.

It is perhaps a measure of Goddess Zoe’s power that I have no sympathy for my former lover. My Goddess’ dislike for slut has induced her to command that I despise her also. I do.

Initial resentment has now capitulated to genuine worship, adoration, respect and obedience. My capitulation to Goddess Zoe is right and proper. How slut feels, I do not know. I no longer care.

– slave penny


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