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The casual naughty dater

People have different habits when it comes down to dating. Some look for a long-term life partner whilst others are just after a quick fling. That is because we are all individuals with needs which can vary from simple physical desires to more complex emotional ones. Most of the time our needs, wants and lusts all combine together into our personalities, determining what we are looking for when going out on that next date.

Looking for love

Who doesn’t want to be loved? Since the dawn of times, human beings have had the need for affection. The feeling of being adored by someone else makes us feel like a better person, and being able to reciprocate this emotion towards another person adds a sense of balance to our lives, as though it is something that is forever meant to be. The truth is that a lot of us often get confused between loving someone and being infatuated by someone. Some of us understand love to be a caring sensation, like the one we feel towards our parents who have looked after us our whole lives; whilst for others, love is more of an obsession; often linked to our emotional balance. Love is a very complex phenomenon and some believe it is what defines us as human beings.

Looking for companionship

Discovering companionship is probably the most satisfying outcome from finding the right date. Having someone to share our happiness and struggles in our everyday lives really makes it all so much more bearable. Life is not a journey to be taken alone and most people have a need to share their emotions and feelings with someone else. To have a person so close to use which understands and supports us defines the reason why we need companionship. We work better as a team, pushing each other towards happiness and success.

Looking for lust and fun

Not everyone is at a stage in their lives where they are ready to open their emotions and share their lives with someone else. This can be for many reasons, varying from having too much of a busy work schedule to just being emotionally closed due to negative past experience with others. Those of us who are in this situation should try to remedy to that by accepting people in our lives, but it would be unfair if we try to date people looking for a long term relationship. Having different agendas will no doubt get our partners hurt if we are not as ready to commit to them as they are to us. This is why when it comes to dating, people just looking for fun should really just find like-minded partners so that no one gets upset and everybody gets what they want.  Luckily, there are a lot of specialized dating websites such as which specialize into people looking for a casual sex fling. By using this kind of online method, our casual naughty dater will find what they want without having to lie or give anyone grief, making everyone involved in the process to be happy.

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