Serving Mistress As A Chaste Slave

Serving Mistress As A Chaste Slave

A FemDom Fantasy Story by slave penny

Serving Mistress As A Chaste Slave: The mere softness of the bed looked so inviting. In fact the imagined comfort of the deep cushioned bedroom chairs would have been pleasure beyond imagination. It had been many years since I had experienced what, at one time, would have been a routine amenity. Their inviting softness were just a few feet away but those few feet could have been a million miles.

Comfort was no longer for me. Since my breaking more than 7 years before I had become accustomed to hardship and discomfort.

Serving Mistress As A Chaste SlaveApart from the periodic supervised cleaning of my genitals and the device, my cock was permanently locked in its plastic prison. My cock had one principal purpose and that was its arousal which was the bases by which my worship and obedience was achieved and maintained. I am a chaste slave. Denial was a very certain means of achieving that. Having said that, about 5 years earlier when her security measures were in their infancy, two slaves did manage to wank, achieve sexual release and escape.  Within three weeks however, both had returned begging to be re-caged and re-owned by her. They were taken back by her and severely, very severely, punished as an example to us all.

Her security measures are now far more robust and such “slip ups” virtually impossible. In any case, I am certain we all know that like the two previous escapees we would beg to return. To many we lived a living hell, but she is a true Goddess and this is what we are now fully conditioned to be.

Part of her unique chaste slave training was to ensure we did not merely accept those things that our betters enjoyed were not ours and ignore them. We were to desire and crave them and to envy those who gained pleasure from those things. Diverting or closing our eyes so as to try and put these things out of our mind was not the way we had been conditioned. We were to concentrate on the very thing that created desire, emphasise its denial and allow ourselves to be consumed with craving and envy and bear the consequent suffering.

We were not even conditioned to accept and merely acknowledge our role of slaves. Our minds were submerged in resentment. After all there was clearly no escape, so resentment was a further mental turmoil.

The Goddess was a mental sadist. She loved to toy with our minds and make us suffer mentally. She had conditioned us in such a way that she knew, every time she looked into the eyes of one of her slaves, the mental turmoil and suffering behind them. That pleased her.

Slaves of other Mistresses would have tried to ignore the bed and those chairs, but as soon as I realised my longing, I instinctively homed in and their inviting comfort. I desired, I was denied and I suffered.

I was not the only person in that bedroom. On the opposite wall was another slave. His obvious physical discomfort reflecting mine. His almost naked body exposed his similarly chaste cock, and like me he was wearing a wide, pink, leather  posture collar. A ring on the back of the collar was attached to a ring on the wall. Pink leather cuffs on each wrist were joined by a chain to a pink cuffs on the adjoining ankles which in turn were attached to rings on the wall more than a metre apart.

The Mistress had a predilection to the legs of her slaves being spread as it brought our height down to a level below hers making many punishments easier to inflict. It also exposed the chaste cocks of her male slaves and the vulvas of her female slaves for her amusement and leisure.

The pink ensemble was completed with a pink rubber ball gag gaping our mouths held in place with on a pink leather strap. A slave only needed to communicate as and when it was required by the Mistress. The ball gag was a permanent part of our uniform. I do remember the incessant jaw ache when I first wore one on a more permanent basis many years before but now I had become accustomed to it and it was part of me.

I was one of her first slaves. Slaves had joined her stable over the years but I knew nothing about them as we could never talk to each other. I knew their slave names merely by noting which slave reacted when the Mistress or one of her delegated superiors called a name. When working together on tasks co-operation was achieved via nods and pointing.

My envious concentration on the comfort of the bed was broken by the sound of giggles and laughter in the hallway. They were clearly of my Mistress and she was getting closer. The door opened and her stunningly beautiful naked body skipped joyously into the room. She was followed by another naked female. She too was beautiful but no match for the Goddess. Mutual pleasure was clearly already in full flow. The Goddess and her companion were followed into the room by two shackled and gagged female slaves. Each of these slaves held a tray both supporting a full glass of wine and one also carrying the remaining half full wine bottle.

Our female counterparts were clearly just coming to terms with the suffering caused by the attachment of severe nipple clamps which both were displaying on their pert nipples. Clearly this had recently been a part of the evenings entertainment for the Goddess and her friend.

The Goddess fell back on the bed her feet still on the floor legs apart invitingly.  Her female friend needed no further inducement and she knelt at the foot of the bed and commenced teasing our Mistresses clit expertly with her tongue. The groans emanating from our Mistress betrayed her obvious pleasure.

It was to be a long night of decadence and delicious debauchery surrounding this chaste slave.


– slave penny


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