Naked Latex Maids for Mistress | FemDom Fantasy Story

Naked Latex Maids for Mistress

A FemDom Fantasy Story by slave penny

Naked Latex Maids for Mistress: The room was clearly set for a party. A table full of nibbles and canapes,  mini plates, glasses and decorations. Music was also playing but as yet no guests. I stood with a tray full of filled champagne flutes awaiting the arrival of the revellers. My tray was the fourth in a line of four trays each bearing similar flutes.

Naked Latex Maids for MistressThe stiff collar around my neck prevented me from turning my head beyond the trays themselves and I was unable to identify my fellow subordinates, the other latex maids. There was however no reason to do so. Each wall in the chamber consisted almost virtually of mirrors. I looked forward to see four absolutely identical naked females holding trays. They were not females of course. They were male slaves and I was one of them. Every centimetre of my body was encased in latex depicting an idiotic almost stereotypical large breasted blonde. Our latex faces were emotionless with ridiculously thick red lips and we each wore the same blonde wig.

People began to arrive led by our Mistress. She pointed to the trays. “Do take a drink and enjoy the party” she beckoned as they entered. They were our superiors and our betters. She had broken and trained us to perfection. We therefore accepted their superiority although she ensured that our acceptance did not prevent us from suffering the pain of our humiliation.

Pure Evil

Our Mistress smiled at us, pleased with her work. My tray was the first to empty and I saw Mistress whisper to a male guest with a devilish grin on her face and point in my direction. He came over and stroked the artificial nipple on my left breast. My real left nipple immediately stung as I felt the teeth of a device clasp it mercilessly. The expression on my latex face did not alter despite the audible sound betraying my pain. All onlookers obviously found it extremely amusing. My Mistress joyfully announced that our instruments of torture were spring loaded so each stroke of either of the eight latex nipples would cause fresh pain. Consequentially she was complimented on her ingenuity from all quarters.

Once the trays were empty she pointed to a table with the command, “put them there… and you know your places”. The height of our heels limited our steps to no more than a few inches and even the short distance to the table was made with difficulty. The four of us then dispersed throughout the room taking our places on all fours as foot stools for the guests.

The party would soon change to the orgy they had all come to enjoy. Drink would flow and with drink many guests would become more demanding and cruel towards their human toys, the latex maids. It was to be a long night but we knew better than to disappoint any of the guests. Mistress would not be pleased.

– slave penny

Fetish Friday

Naked Latex Maids for Mistress

There is a Friday project at Cara Sutra called Fetish Friday. My aim has been to publish a post on Fridays relating to the world of BDSM and kink, as opposed to more mainstream sex tips or erotica. Also, I’m also known as Mistress Cara in the BDSM scene. I have a passion for FemDom, male submission and male chastity in particular. Relatedly, I acquired a male slave who I named penny. As he has shared some of his chastity provoked fantasies with me, I thought it would be great to share them with you, my readers, too. Check back on Fridays for more FemDom Fantasy Stories. You can also follow my weekly kinky blog articles by following me on Twitter.

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