Event Report: Over 300 attendees enjoy Erotic World Book Day party celebrations


Erotic World Book Day was 5 March and as part of the celebrations there was an unashamedly spectacular party on Facebook. From 7pm UK time until well past midnight, every hour saw a new host share a wealth of tasty entertainment for the party attendees to enjoy.

Were you in attendance? Were you one of the 325 people who came to our party? You really should have been there. With shared excerpts from some of the top names in the world of erotic fiction, cyber cocktails, sexy chat, best-dressed competitions and over £1,500 of prizes to win, this really was an unmissable adult event.

Fundraising through partying

Erotic World Book Day originator Emily Dubberley declared the party officially open at 7pm with an overview of the night’s festivities and the charity fundraising reasons behind the celebrations. We hoped to raise a substantial amount for sexual health and well-being charity Brook – and in fact by the end of the night we crashed Brook’s servers (sorry!). As well as regular calls through the night for party folk to donate generously, either through the website link or text, there would be the official launch of our Erotic World Book Day charity anthology, An Intimate Education. 100% of the profit from sales of this erotic e-book would be (and still is being) donated to Brook.

Emily also shared an uplifting and beautiful piece of ancient poetry, which I would like to share with you here too.

Catallus was only 30 when he died in Republican Rome, leaving a small quantity of verse. His most memorable poetry focuses on his love for Lesbia and his changing attitudes towards her. This is his opening gambit in From Bed to Bed:

Sparrow, my Lesbia’s darling pet,
Her playmate whom she loves to let
Perch in her bosom and then tease
With tantalising fingertips,
Provoking angry little nips
(For my bright beauty seems to get
A kind of pleasure from these games,
Even relief, this being her way,
I think, of damping down the flames
Of passion), I wish I could play
Silly games with you, to ease
My worries and my miseries.

Potatoh Porn

5 March was selected as the date for Erotic World Book Day as it is regular World Book Day in the UK too. Kids all over the UK were invited by their schools to dress up as their favourite character from a book. How could we possibly be inspired by this idea for the Erotic World Book Day cyber-party? We asked people to turn a potato into their favourite erotic book or character. Of course.

Emily started us off with The Story of Potat-O.


It soon became apparent that this silly yet hilarious idea, added to the party to lighten the mood, was fertile soil for even more potato based porn. Kristina Lloyd wrote a spicy wedge of flash fiction and this soon turned into (probably) the world’s first ‘potatoh porn’ competition.

Enter with your best potatoh pic or masturbation-mash-flash. Eyes peeled for the winners 23rd March.

The party continued with various hosts through the evening, sharing sexy excerpt after sexy excerpt, breathtaking competitions and giveaways, hilarious and educational video clips, erotic poetry, calls to donate to Brook and of course pushing the link to our charity anthology.

A sexy session with Smut UK


The hosting carried on in expert hands with Smut UK. They had donated prizes to the party such as Smut UK goody bags worth £20 each and tickets to Smut events such as Smut by the Sea Scarborough in May 2015.

Rebecca Black and the Top 100 Contemporary Erotic Classics

Erotic author and editor extraordinaire Rebecca Black took the reins next, from 8.30pm. Rebecca shared another successful EWBD project, a compilation of the Top 100 Modern Erotic Classics That You’ve Never Heard Of. This list was assembled by erotic authors involved with project managing Erotic World Book Day and one of its aims is to encourage exploration of the rich and diverse world of modern erotic literature. It certainly doesn’t start and end (or even feature at any point) Fifty Shades of Grey.

After enjoying many hot excerpts shared by Rebecca and more spectacular giveaways (including a massive bundle of goodies kindly donated by Give Lube) it was time for me to take over the party for a while.

Getting kinky with Cara Sutra

My party slot was 9.30pm to 10.30pm and it flew by as if it were 5 seconds. Thankfully I’d planned my erotic goodies itinerary well in advance so I just needed to be there and share. I started with what I hoped was a highly anticipated competition, where one of the Fantasy by Cara Sutra Beginner’s Bondage Kits was up for grabs, in the winner’s choice of red or black. This kit is worth £69 and comprises of 8 pieces of high quality bondage gear.


I invited party-goers to enter many more competitions during my time slot, as well as sharing Shibari rope bondage tuition videos and some other excerpts. These included pieces and clips from one of my favourite book series of all time, The Sword of Truth by Terry Goodkind. It’s not strictly erotica but the Dominant, red leather catsuit clad women characters stirred my appetites when I read the series many years ago.

An Intimate Education

As well as taking advantage of my slot at the party to inflict my personal reading tastes (and a gratuitous Pink video) on the crowd, I also shared an excerpt from my short story in An Intimate Education. My story is entitled Her New Role and here’s the blurb:

Angela is fresh out of uni but inexperienced in the ways of sex and seduction. Her first day at work culminates in a disciplinary that teaches her a few valuable lessons.

Curious? Buy the book!

An Intimate Education - charity erotica anthology for Erotic World Book Day & Brook

Sex Ed Cabaret with Desmond O’Connor

My hour soon slipped past in a blur of evocative erotica and fun, and I handed over the party to Desmond O’Connor. No, not the smiley singing regular on the Morecombe and Wise show. The DJ and sex ed cabaret host live from Glasgow. With video clips of the performers and interspersed with more competitions and erotic excerpts thanks to Emily Dubberley, the late night entertainment was a winner.

Emily then took the party into the witching hour from 11.30 through til past midnight and close. There was plenty of after dark sexy fun, with paranormal perversions and spine-tingling romances.

EWBD fun through the year

The Erotic World Book Day party was a huge success and the fun isn’t over either, by a long chalk. Like the official Facebook page, follow the #EWBD hastag on twitter and make sure you bookmark the official Erotic World Book Day website.

You can help to raise money for Brook throughout the year by not only buying An Intimate Education for yourself but sharing the link with your social media and blog readers, if you’d be so kind. This is the universal link which will take people through to their specific Amazon: http://mybook.to/intimateeducation

The competition winners will be announced on 12th March – so there’s a few days to get those last minute entries in. You can find a very handy list of all the Erotic World Book Day competitions and giveaways here.


Erotic World Book Day has sailed through its first celebration and looks set to become a beloved annual event, both for those already in the erotic writing and adult community and anyone who wishes to celebrate with us.

Thank you

On behalf of the event organisers I’d like to thank everyone who came to the party, shared any statuses and tweets and bought the charity anthology. Honorary mentions must go to James Gent, Neil Davis, Helen J Perry, Kristina Lloyd, Zak Keir, Oleander Plume, Charlotte Howard, Tabitha Rayne, Tamsin Flowers, Jonathan Caws-Elwitt, Liv Honeywell and so many other people who helped make this a success.

Huge thanks also goes to ETO Magazine and the various press outlets who helped with coverage of the event and fundraising, and to the many adult product companies and erotic publishing houses who showed their support through generous donations of over £1,500 worth of prizes.





  1. The party was great fun! Really fast paced and the night flew in! Think for a first it was fantastic! Can’t wait to receive my prizes and get reading my new books! Roll on next year!

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