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This week’s erotic author in the spotlight is the fabulous Jeanette Lebo. Thanks for being in the spotlight Jeanette and sharing your sexy writing with us. There’s also a generous free excerpt to enjoy at the end of this feature.

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Jeanette Lebo Biography


Having worked in the film and fashion industries for over two decades, Jeanette Lebo is no stranger to the sexual exploits that accompany ambition and fame. Jeanette’s passion for writing and love of erotica combined with her life experience led her to pen her first erotic novel, Off Limits: a story about a successful film Production Director who falls hopelessly in love with a younger guy who is totally off-limits.

Jeanette’s second novel, Chandra, is based on one of the naughtier characters in Off Limits, and is scheduled for release in early 2016 . . .  stay tuned.

Jeanette Lebo Books


Off Limits

© 2015 Jeanette Lebo

Having lost her parents to a drunk driver when she was only ten years old, Lenora Gable protects her broken heart by focusing all her energy on her work. At twenty-five, Lenora is an award-winning, film Production Director living in New Orleans. She is beautiful, successful, wealthy and alone.

When Lenora makes an unexpected, emotional connection with Julian Landry, the sixteen-year-old boy who cuts her grass, she develops a schoolgirl crush on him. Tormented by her sexual attraction to Julian, Lenora must find other ways to satisfy her sexual desires without making herself vulnerable: legally or emotionally.

Set in the glamorous worlds of film and fashion, travel with Lenora and Julian to exotic locations in the U.S. and abroad as they satiate their sexual cravings while waiting for true love.

Off Limits is available in paperback and eBook formats at and for Nook readers at

Chandra by Jeanette Lebo

Based on one of the naughtier characters in Off Limits, Chandra, is the continuing erotic tale of a rising Supermodel who wants to succeed no matter the price. Chandra is scheduled for release in early 2016 so stay tuned.

Free Excerpt – Off Limits

Off Limits
Copyright © 2015 Jeanette Lebo
Naughty Monkey Books 2015
The setting sun painted the sky with golden light. Lenora floated
on an oversized raft in the middle of the pool, a warm stillness
blanketing her. A swarm of insects hovered overhead and the sweet
perfume of blooming magnolias hung in the air.
The gate clanked open, interrupting the chatter of crickets, and
Julian and Marjory walked into the backyard hand-in-hand. Marjory
looked ridiculously petite next to Julian. Everything about her was
round and soft, yet by no means chubby. She skipped playfully beside
him, her voluptuous curves bouncing up and down.
Julian waved to Lenora, who was already paddling over to the
edge of the pool.
He introduced Marjory, who put her bulky bag on the deck next
to the pool and bent down to shake Lenora’s hand. “It’s super nice
to meet you. Thanks for having us over.”
“I’m so glad you’re here. I told Julian ya’ll are welcome to use
the pool and Jacuzzi anytime.”
“Yeah, Julian said. That’s so awesome, thanks.”
“Did ya’ll bring your suits?”
Marjory had her shirt halfway off before Lenora finished asking
the question. Julian gestured towards her as if presenting a game
show prize package and said, “Tada.”
Marjory stripped off her shorts and bounced up and down excitedly.
“Let’s go sit in the Jacuzzi.”
“C’mon,” said Julian extending his hand to help Lenora out of
the pool. Leaning close to her, he whispered, “See what I mean?”
“Yeah, she’s adorable.”
“Told ya.”
Marjory had skipped over to the Jacuzzi ahead of them and was
already sitting in the bubbling water. Julian climbed in and sat down
next to her. Marjory slid over until she was pressed against him.
Lenora sat across from them, observing.
Marjory reached up and pushed Julian’s bangs out of his eyes.
He immediately flipped his head forward making them fall back
down. Marjory slapped his arm, stinging her hand enough to make
her say ow. Julian laughed at her, and a tickle fight ensued.
Lenora sat quietly, staring at Marjory. A coal-black bob framed
her heart-shaped face and the waning daylight made her intense
green eyes sparkle like peridot. They were large and round with
pronounced lids that gave them a Margaret Keane, big-eye quality.
Thinly tapered, arched eyebrows lifted her entire face upwards,
and a poochy little mouth narrowly perched under her delicately
upturned nose. She looked like a sexy china doll stuffed into a teeny-
weeny bikini, her breasts spilling out of her top as she wrestled
with Julian.
Marjory pushed Julian away and turned to Lenora, “Is he this
rude to you too?”
Lenora failed to answer before Marjory proceeded to smack Julian
on the arm again.
“Truce, truce,” sputtered Julian, trying to restrain Marjory.
“Okay,” she said, once again nuzzling up to him.
As soon as she caught her breath, Marjory started asking Lenora
all kinds of personal questions, seemingly anything that popped into
her head, appropriate or not. She wanted to know all about Gable
Productions, Lenora’s company, and if Lenora knew a lot of famous
people and which ones had been to her house. Did she ever have a
famous boyfriend? Had she ever been to Cannes and what was it
like? How much money did she make? What famous movies did she
work on? Had she ever won an award? And although Lenora didn’t
like to talk about herself, Marjory’s enthusiasm and curiosity was
so infectious that she delighted in answering most of her questions.
Lenora understood why Julian couldn’t resist her.
Then, without warning, Marjory jumped up and shouted, “Let’s
do body shots.”
Lenora didn’t like the idea but before she could object, Marjory
ran over to her bag and pulled out a full bottle of tequila, a baggie
stuffed with lime wedges and a saltshaker.
Lenora shot Julian an accusatory glance, but he just shrugged
his shoulders as if it was all Marjory’s idea.
Marjory returned with the tequila, limes and salt and climbed
back into the hot tub. “Ladies first,” she said. “Sit back Lenora!”
“Do your parents let you drink?” Lenora asked.
“You’re kidding, right?” retorted Marjory.
Lenora wasn’t sure if that meant yes or no and the look of concern
on her face made Julian say, “It’s okay. Our parents are fine
with it as long as we don’t drink and drive, and we walked here so
we’re good.”
Lenora leaned back against the edge of the tub with her upper
body out of the water. Marjory opened the bottle of tequila and put
it on the deck next to her. She picked up the saltshaker and opened
the baggie, taking out a lime wedge.
“Ready Lenora?”
“I guess so.”
Marjory sprinkled a line of salt on Lenora’s shoulder. She put
down the shaker and picked up the tequila bottle. “Here we go!”
Marjory leaned against Lenora and ran her tongue slowly along the
salty trail. The ends of Marjory’s hair swept lightly across Lenora’s
bare skin, causing her to shiver. Marjory paused at the nape of her
neck and gave it a biting suck eliciting a muffled ow, from Lenora.
Marjory soothingly licked the spot before lifting the bottle of tequila
to her lips and taking a big swig. She crushed the lime between her
teeth, shuddering and choking as the sour juice and fiery tequila hit
the back of her throat.
“It’s not too much for you, is it Marjory?” Julian asked.
Marjory dragged the back of her hand across her salt-stained
lips and handed the bottle of tequila to Julian. “Let’s see you do it,
hot shot.”
“Okay. Lie down over here,” he told her.
Marjory climbed out of the hot tub and reclined on the deck next
Julian. He put a wedge of lime between her breasts and sprinkled a
scant trail of salt from her knee to her bellybutton, an innie that he
proceeded to fill with tequila. The delicately rounded mounds of
flesh surrounding her navel retained the shallow pool until she giggled,
spilling the reservoir of liquor onto the deck.
“Stop laughing! You’re wasting it,” Julian said, spanking her
thigh before refilling her bellybutton. He ran his tongue along the
salty trail from her thigh, to her stomach, and began lapping up the
pool of tequila. Marjory squealed and tried to push his head away.
He grabbed her wrists and pinned them against her sides until he
lapped up the last drop.
When he finished, he crawled up her body and squeezed her
breasts together, enveloping the lime. Playfully wiggling his face
into the soft, inviting crevice, he bit down on the wedge and sucked
up the sour explosion. Marjory screamed and shoved him away.
“Okay show off, it’s Lenora’s turn.”
“I just want a regular shot,” said Lenora.
“Really?” asked Marjory with a ridiculously pouty face.
“Really. I’ll leave the body shots to ya’ll.”
“Oh, that’s no fun. Come on Lenora, one body shot. Pretty
Marjory’s vivaciousness and sweetly imploring voice were difficult
to resist, but Lenora felt she had to or she might lose herself to
the attraction of it all. “Just a regular shot please.”
Amused by Marjory’s assertions and Lenora’s resistance, Julian
chuckled and handed the tequila bottle to Marjory. “Here. Play nice
with our hostess.”
“I am!” said Marjory, handing Lenora a lime wedge. She sprinkled
a light dusting of salt on the back of her own hand, then put
down the shaker and picked up the tequila. “Lean back please,” she
instructed Lenora.
Lenora leaned back reluctantly and Marjory held her hand in
front of Lenora’s mouth. Her fingernails were short and painted the
color of strawberry milk. They looked like scrumptious little candies
dangling deliciously from her dainty fingertips.
“Lick it please,” Marjory demanded, moving her hand towards
Lenora’s mouth. Lenora hesitated then licked the salt from the back
of Marjory’s hand.
“Open like this please.” Marjory tilted her head back and opened
her pouty mouth to demonstrate. Lenora did the same and Marjory
poured a steady stream of tequila into her gaping mouth, quickly
filling it. She kept pouring and the overflow doused Lenora before
she could push the bottle away.
“The lime! Suck the lime!” Marjory screamed.
Lenora smashed the wedge against her teeth exploding the pulp
inside her mouth. She winced and shook her head as she swallowed.
“Wow! That really gets ya,” she wheezed, inciting simultaneous
laughter from Julian and Marjory.
“You just need more practice,” said Marjory. “Ready for another
“No, thanks. I better let this one sink in first.”
“I want another one,” announced Julian.
Marjory bounced over to him, bottle in hand, her voluptuous
buttocks pushed up by the churning water. Julian gave it a painful
squeeze causing Marjory to twist and wiggle trying to keep her bottom
away from his groping hands. He grabbed her around the waist
and pulled her onto his lap. She managed to keep the bottle above
water, but spilled a big splash of tequila on Julian’s face. “Stop it.
You’re making me spill it!” she yelled.
Julian tickled her causing her to wiggle violently, spilling more
tequila. “Stop! Stop!” Marjory screamed. Unable to break free, she
threw her arms around Julian’s neck with the bottle dangling from
one hand, and kissed him firmly on the lips while laughing. Julian
finally relented. Softening his embrace, he returned her kiss.
Lenora sat motionless, transfixed by their lust. An uncomfortable
heat burned throughout her body. She watched as Julian gathered
up Marjory’s breasts, embracing them forcefully, his muscles
flexing with every movement. Their open mouths moved eagerly
over one another.
It was like watching yourself in a dream when something is
happening to you but you look like someone else. Lenora was Marjory
and she could feel Julian’s hands on her breasts, his soft, commanding
lips locked over hers. Aching with desire, Lenora couldn’t
watch any longer. She had to get away from them. She climbed out
of the Jacuzzi, turning back to take one last glance before disappearing,
seemingly unnoticed, into the house.
She ran to her bathroom and grabbed a towel, the air conditioning
unpleasantly chilling her wet skin. She slipped off her soaked
bikini, patted dry and wrapped herself in an oversized hotel robe
she got on her last trip to New York. Feeling dry and warm, she
became acutely aware of the abundance of moisture collecting in
her tormented sex. She reached down and touched herself. Her eyes
closed and all she could see was Julian and Marjory entangled in the
hot tub.
Possessed by curiosity and desire, she turned off the lights and
walked over to her bedroom window. The blinds where closed but
she could see the side yard through the thin spaces between the slats.
Julian and Marjory were still enmeshed in the hot tub. The illuminated
Jacuzzi was like a spotlight on their performance, and Lenora
couldn’t look away.
Marjory shoved Julian away and jumped out of the tub. She zigzagged
wildly across the yard trying to evade him, disappearing behind
the overgrown azaleas. Lenora heard her distant laughter, and
then she saw her run back into view as Julian got close enough to
untie the upper string of her bikini top causing it to fall down around
her waist. She tried to cover her breasts with her petite hands, but
this only slowed her down allowing Julian to catch hold of the side
strings on her bikini bottom. The suit pulled open and fell off as
Marjory darted away.
Julian picked it up and dangled it from his finger. “Oh, Marjory.
I think this belongs to you,” he sang.
Marjory stopped running and turned to face him. “Keep it,” she
said backing away slowly with Julian approaching at the same pace.
Marjory giggled hysterically, her ample breasts spilling out from
behind her girlish hands. A pitch-black triangle of neatly groomed
pubic hair screamed against her snow-white skin. She tried to snatch
the swimsuit away from Julian but he lunged, grabbing her around
the waist. She pounded his chest, screaming and laughing at the
same time. “You’re such an ass!”
Julian pushed her backwards in the direction of Lenora’s bedroom window.

They were only a few feet away when he stopped
and pulled Marjory close, kissing her firmly on her bud mouth.
He worked his way down her swanlike throat towards her chest,
roughly kissing her breasts.
Marjory’s demeanor softened and she yielded eagerly to Julian’s
forcefulness. She ran her dainty hands down his back, slipped
her candy-pink fingertips under the waistband of his swim trunks,
and pushed them down. Julian’s manhood popped up to greet her
and she gave it a few friendly strokes. They dropped to the ground,
writhing with lust.
Like a perverse voyeur, Lenora stood at the window breathlessly
watching. She untied her robe, letting it fall open. The chill
from the cool air relieved the heat emanating from her impassioned
body. She ran her hand over her wet, aching sex, working it back and
forth. Indescribable pleasure collected under her touch, and as she
neared climax she heard Julian moan wildly and Marjory scream,
“That’s it! Don’t stop!”
Lenora watched them stiffen with pleasure, and without pause
her own orgasm consumed her. She crumpled to the floor and lay
there, chest heaving, unable to move.
Soon, the urge to sleep embraced her ravished body. She was
drifting off into languid submission, when a loud knock on the bedroom
window startled her.
“Lenora,” Julian said through the glass.
Stunned, Lenora lay on the floor afraid to move, her mind racing.
How did Julian know she was there? Had he seen her spying
on them? Panicky and flushed she closed her eyes and wished him
away, and then there was another knock, only this time softer.
“Bye Lenora. See you tomorrow,” Julian whispered.


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