Erotic Author Spotlight Series: Jacqui Sinclair


This week’s erotic author in the spotlight is Jacqui Sinclair, author of The Imperfect Gentleman. You can read a guest review of this book here, as well as a hot free excerpt below. Thanks Jacqui!

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The Imperfect Gentleman

Jacqui Sinclair is one of the most popular writers for Her first novel, The Imperfect Gentleman, is the story of an ambitious, struggling college student whose life suddenly changes when she meets a much older, wealthier man.

Seduced by his mind, body, and wallet, this perfect relationship quickly spirals into a twisted tale of sex, lies, and deceit, with a stunning twist that will blow your mind A tribute to sexual exploration and self-discovery, The Imperfect Gentleman is a rollercoaster ride of sexual exploration and self-discovery—and proves that there is nothing better than sex with a much older man.

The Book

Title (debut): The Imperfect Gentlemen

Author: Jacqui Sinclair

Price (E-Book): $4.95

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Publisher Background


When launched, we had no idea that in just a few short months, we would have over one million people visiting the site to read about the hot, sexual chemistry between beautiful, young women and rich, older men.

We were even more surprised when our stories got picked up by such well-respected newspapers like the New York Post and the Daily Mirror. But it’s obvious now that ordinary people (just like you) love to hear these stories about an older, rich man in a relationship with a young, beautiful woman.

And now, we’ve just published the hottest… steamiest… sexiest story yet.

In fact, it’s so hot we decided to keep it uncensored and uncut. That’s right, we’ve left nothing to the imagination. And you can get a copy of it right now! Introducing The Imperfect Gentleman

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