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This week’s erotic author in the spotlight is Anna Sky who has a fabulous list of erotic titles including her brand new solo erotica anthology “Naughty Shorts”.

Find out more about Anna in her feature below, then enjoy the tease of not one but two hot free excerpts!

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anna sky erotic author spotlight feature at Cara Sutra

Anna Sky is a writer of mostly BDSM and spanking erotica. She lives in West Yorkshire with her partner Stephen, and their unruly hound. Having been an avid reader of erotica for years, she more recently started writing, and a whole world of naughty words and possibilities opened up. She’s been published in multiple anthologies by House of Erotica, has released her first solo anthology and is currently plotting her first novel.


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Naughty Shorts


Perfect Proportions


Landing Strip


Complete Control


Calling the Shots


More Smut for Chocoholics


Free Excerpts

From: “First Spanking” published in Naughty Shorts:

And then he spanked again. And again. Little by little, he soothed and spanked, soothed and spanked. It didn’t hurt much, but I was on fire. Something deep in my soul had been ignited and it felt like coming home.

He released my wrists from where he’d been holding them, tight above my head. I reached for his cock, gripping it tightly in my grasp. He was rock solid and I couldn’t help feeling relief that he was enjoying this as much as me.

He sat up, leaning against the headboard, propping cushions round his thighs, legs out straight in front of him. I lay still, waiting and wondering. Then Matt pulled me over his knee, my body supported by the mattress. He was rougher this time, as though in his mind, he’d worked out what we both wanted and needed. His cock pressed up hard between my thighs, where he’d positioned me over it and I pushed down to meet it. The pre-come on his head smeared across my clit and I circled my hips, working myself over his hard protrusion, wanting the release from the pressure he’d built inside me.

He had other ideas though, and pulling my wrists into the small of my back, held me there. I couldn’t move, not without his say-so. And then he renewed my spanking. This time there was no uncertainty, no hesitation. A few gentle slaps gave way to a rhythmic volley of blows that had my hot, wet and wriggling in no time. Yet, there was still no relief. He spanked like there was no tomorrow, like he was ridding himself of all his doubts.

The pain built and I knew I’d be bruised, little trophies of what we’d done. But I didn’t stop him, didn’t want to stop him. It felt so right; if ever there was a right kind of pain, this was it. And I wanted him to have a cathartic experience. I needed him to want to do this to me, to want to spank me and not be worried or me to have to badger him into it. Tears formed in my eyes and I knew I could stop it at any moment; all I had to do was say the words. But I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to be the one to stop this.

I bucked my hips against his thighs at every blow, his cock just nudging into my slick folds. It was torture, feeling so close to climax yet being denied. The heat radiated from my bottom; it had long since suffused though my body, and now my orgasm burned inside of me, roiling and agitating. Every touch of his palm brought me closer. The insistence in my clit was overwhelming and I found myself begging, tears rolling down my face.

From “Three Tastes” published in More Smut for Chocoholics:

He stood in front of her, and with nimble fingers unbuttoned her blouse, letting the cotton fall from her shoulders. Next he undid her bra, letting the lacy fabric fall away from her breasts. He was methodical, undressing her only, while Cassie’s brain screamed at him to touch her skin. She wanted him to knead her breasts, lower his mouth onto her nipples, and hold her firmly, the way they both liked. But he did none of it.

“Stand.” Dan let her skirt fall. Kneeling down, he placed his hands on Cassie’s hips. He painstakingly and slowly rolled her panties down, exposing her shaven mound. It was inches from his face, and Cassie was sure he could smell her arousal. Dan continued, resisting the temptation of her pussy and slipping off her pumps, as though he’s superhuman, Cassie thought.

Taking her by the hand, he helped her into the tub. She revelled in the water, letting it lap around her breasts as she lay back. Her reverie was broken by Dan climbing in behind her. She scooted forwards and he settled behind her, his legs around her, and her back resting on his chest, his prick hard, sandwiched between them. Cassie sighed in contentment.

“Hey!” a sudden tweak of her nipple made her jerk in surprise. Dan only laughed. “I was just checking you were still awake.” He carried on, circling his fingers around Cassie’s nipples, her areolas puckering as her nipples hardened. As he rolled them between his fingers and thumbs, Cassie couldn’t help but moan. She felt a growing ache between her thighs, and hoped Dan wouldn’t prolong this peculiar form of torture for too long.

She gasped as she felt his lips at the base of her neck; he bit gently, and Cassie felt herself weaken at the knees, cursing herself for ever admitting to Dan this was one of her weak points. She lay in ecstasy as Dan squeezed and pinched her nipples, and bit along her neck and shoulder line. The pounding in her clitoris was growing ever stronger and she wondered whether she could come from this alone.

She bucked upwards as Dan’s fingers pinched more insistently, and in reply, he slid one hand over her chest and up her neck until he was firmly cupping her jaw. His arm was slung across her body and he had her exactly where he wanted her; Cassie was pinned. He whispered, “not so fast,” into her ear as he continued to tease.

Cassie mewled in frustration; she wanted Dan’s hands everywhere. As though he read her thoughts, he ran a soapy finger down from her collarbone to rest on her impatient mons. He tapped gently and Cassie thought she were about to explode.


– Anna Sky

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