Sex Blogger Spotlight Series: Bree Guildford


This week’s sex blogger in the spotlight is Bree Guildford! Thanks for being a part of the spotlight series, Bree. Find out more about this lovely sex blogger in her revealing feature below.

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Bree Guildford

bree guildford sex blogger spotlight at cara sutra
I’m a 30-something writer of erotica and sex blogger, from New Zealand.  When I started my blog, ‘Bree Guildford Erotica‘ in December 2013 it was primarily to share my writing, however I soon developed a passion for sex blogging and now share both on my blog.I enjoy being able to connect with readers, other writers of erotica and sex bloggers, especially entering into dialogue about matters close to my heart, or that I feel need to be more widely spoken about.  I write a lot about different facets of women’s sexuality and feel that as a woman who is married to a woman – but doesn’t identify as a lesbian – I have a special insight into sexual fluidity that a lot don’t have.

As a mother of three girls I am also concerned with trying to normalise sexuality for them – and ALL young girls. In particular, I think it’s incredibly important that masturbation be viewed as a normal and healthy part of sexual development; for too long now there has been a stigma attached to women having a healthy sexuality, and it’s time that changed!

I would love to earn a living from my blogging and/or my writing, but at the moment it is a hobby, something I do because I am passionate about it, and will do regardless of whether I’m getting paid or not!  I will definitely still be blogging in five years time – sex fascinates me too much not to – to the point that ideally I would love to study sex and sexuality at university.

Each week I take part in the My Sexy Saturday blog hop.  In June 2014 I participated in Adult Sex Ed Month, run by Bobbie Morgan of ‘A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind‘, who along with Cara Sutra, is my main sex blogging inspiration.


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