Can You Be A Homophobic Bisexual Submissive Male?

Can You Be A Homophobic Bisexual Submissive Male?

By Cara Sutra

Can you be a homophobic bisexual submissive male? Let’s explore this fascinating subject. First, here’s two interesting facts about a recent new slave.

  1. By his own admission he cringes and feels revulsion when he thinks about or sees two men kissing.
  2. His recent fantasies while locked in chastity have involved him being anally and orally gang-raped by a group of men.

Can You Be A Homophobic Bisexual Submissive MalForced bi is an area of FemDom and BDSM which has intrigued me for a long time. How forced is forced? Everything commanded, demanded, ordered – however you want to term it – in FemDom and BDSM is consensual. Can a man who is not bisexual or gay really consent to sexual contact from another male?

I’ve spoken with many submissive men over the years and although not every sub male holds this fantasy, the ones who do so feel the pull strongly. I have to conclude that it is because of their perception of sexual contact between two men as being something so extreme, so taboo and not an activity naturally craved by them, that they find themselves perversely drawn to pondering over the what-ifs. The vast majority of non-bi, non-gay submissive men I have spoken to would only ever consent to male sexual contact under the direct and physically present command of their female owner, their Mistress.

In my experience, my male submissives have wanted to please me in ever more grandiose and impressive ways. This desire can be exaggerated by the fact that they are locked into a chastity device, but it has happened on the many occasions where physical sexual restraint is not happening. My natural instinct as a Mistress is to allow my male submissives to fantasise freely as well as to conjure up more imaginative ways to earn my approval. I do not like micro-managing submissives or those who just want a list of instructions day after day, without showing any creativity from their side. My favourite male submissives are the muse to my Mistress, allowing me to enter their minds and see exactly what turns them on, what desires they have, what they find natural and what they find perverse or obscene.

When straight male submissives begin to desperately think of greater ways to please and impress me, it’s only natural that their minds will turn to degrading themselves and being forced to do those things that they wouldn’t want to do otherwise. For the majority of the straight male subs I have spoken with and owned, the activity their mind revisits which fits the bill is forced bi. My male submissives who are straight and not at all even bi-curious are not ordered to act out any of these thoughts. It is enough for them that they have even considered it in their minds, or enjoyed fantasising about being fucked in the arse by a man or forced to suck a man’s cock. The actual activities in real life are usually on a straight submissive’s hard limits list (in my experience) and I respect their limits and identified sexuality. Mental edgeplay is different. I have not ordered these submissives to go away and think about sucking cock or gay sex. It has been dreamed up and fantasised about by the straight male submissives themselves. This absolutely fascinates me.

In the case of slave penny, he is not really as homophobic as the title of this article suggests. It is difficult to explain, although I imagine many of you are thinking, “well, you’re either homophobic or you’re not”. He is of an age (over 60) where his upbringing was in a world very different from now, where homosexuality in any gender was deemed perverse, wrong and something to be treated and cured. I know from my own experience that the conditioning we receive in childhood is very difficult to change later in life, even if we recognise that such beliefs are ridiculous, insulting and wrong. Being taught that god really exists or that homosexuality is wrong, along with such life basics as water is wet and fire is hot, means that such beliefs are hard wired into our psyches in my experience. Therefore I can understand why penny cringes or flinches when thinking about or seeing two men kissing, even though he is telling himself all the while that such reactions are wrong and offensive.

This explains why I view my slave’s recent (admittedly chastity-evoked) forced bi fantasies as a real breakthrough. He has no sexual interest in men usually yet his mind turned, without any influence from me apart from Keyholding and usual Mistress/slave conversations, to the most extreme way in which he could show his complete submission. Even in his fantasy I was present and visible to him, as a source of reassurance. The fact that he has had this fantasy, unbidden, is a surprise to penny and something which we have enjoyed musing over for the past few days. I don’t believe this makes penny bi-curious. It does raise issues about the fluidity of sexuality as a whole and whether we can ever really be sure that we fit exactly into any one label or any one stereotype.

Slave’s Forced-Bi Fantasy

“I sensed I was being mockingly overpowered by men, real men. Not your man in whose arms you were now entwined in post-coital embrace. Within seconds my butt plug had been replaced by the ultimate violation as I became aware of a cock being thrust into my arse. Held helplessly down I sensed that one cock was being replaced by another as those pinning me down took their turn. Through the indignity and humiliation I could hear laughter. It was female laughter. I have never heard you laugh but in any case, this was no ordinary laugh, it was a laugh that accompanies the triumph of evil.

I didn’t choose to look at you, my head was forced to one side and I was forced and compelled to observe your glee. I felt steel on my cheeks as a ring was forced into my mouth forcing it open. The violation of my mouth and throat followed and I was simultaneously being violated orally and anally. Your laughter continued throughout and my head was once again turned to see you, leather trousers returned to their snug fit around your arse, making the final adjustments to a large strap-on.

The real men ceased their own probing and they restrained me for your final humiliation. Your laughter ceased. I sensed this was meaningful humiliation. I looked up at your stern expression as your phallic appendage forced a violent gag reflex. You gave no pity as your thrusts continued and I smelt the leather of your trousers press against my nose. Satisfied you moved round to my rear. Your army of men forced me into a bent exposed position easing your final victory as you violated and took ownership of my arse.

My perverted and depraved imagination had compelled me to not only face my demons but to completely immerse and surrender to them. I had been required to acknowledge a pegging [sic] order between the real man and the submissive.

My journey last night embodied many of the areas I have resisted and desisted in my past. Feminisation, anal violation, forced oral sex and forced bi.. Although my attackers overcame me physically I sensed I should not fight them. your reaction made it clear you regarded them as my superiors, as real men, and therefore they had every right to use and enjoy me as they wished. I have truly endorsed and acknowledged the status of real men and my worthlessness by comparison.”


What are your thoughts on the relationship between Femdom and male submissive forced bi? Can you be a homophobic bisexual submissive? If you’re a non-bi and non-gay man, could you ever imagine the above fantasy and enjoy it? If you’re a woman, how would you respond to the above admission from a male sub – and have you ever considered forced bi as a woman, with other women?

Can You Be A Homophobic Bisexual Submissive Male

Can You Be A Homophobic Bisexual Submissive Male

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  1. it is really an issue of which part turns you on. If your turn on comes from the cock, you are bi (or gay), if it is the submission and humiliation, you are a sub, if it is the pain and degradation, you are a mascochist. If it is mix and match, well so are you. It is not like they are mutually exclusive sets.

  2. if you are a true submissive or slave where you completely give yourself to your Mistress or Master and will do anything that is asked of you that should be the question.Some slaves do not like being whipped but will take it if given

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