Erotic Author Spotlight Series: Bob McNeil


This week’s erotic author in the spotlight is Bob McNeil and you can enjoy some excerpts of his raw and sexual writing below, with links through to the full pieces. Bob is also an artist, and you can enjoy some of his erotic graphics in this spotlight feature too. Thanks for sharing your work with us Bob!

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Bob Mc Neil-4

Bob McNeil is a writer, spoken word artist and illustrator of some modest renown.  Influenced by Jessica Holter and Anaïs Nin, he attempts to address the needs of our human mosaic.

Although Bob McNeil is primarily known for political art and poetry, a few of his erotic stories were published by MM Publications, Ltd and New Wave Press, Inc.


Little Raven Publishing

bob-mcneil 3

Dirty Chai Magazine (pages 38-40)

bob-mcneil 4

bob-mcneil 1
Horror Sleaze Trash

bob-mcneil 2

Erotic Art

Bob Mc Neil-2

Bob Mc Neil-3

Bob Mc Neil-5

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