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This week’s erotic author in the spotlight is the lovely Bailey Bradford who has written scores of hot, erotic titles for Totally Bound. Welcome into the spotlight Bailey!

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Bailey Bradford

About Bailey Bradford

I write gay erotic romances, eat chocolate, drink coffee, raise a family, homeschool my youngest child, and babysit grandkids. Road trips are a luxury I indulge in several times a year. I’m outspoken, open-minded, and love to laugh. I’m a native Texan and love being outdoors, hiking, swimming, gardening, or playing with the kids. We have four dogs and three cats, and lots of fun in our lives.

My philosophy is this: Life’s a gift, Love’s a blessing, and family is my world. If there’s anything in particular you’d like to know about me, just drop me an email at and I’ll be happy to reply.

I have a long list of books out with Totally Bound:


Boxed sets

Lassoes and Lust


The Animal in You


What’s His Passion?



Coyote’s Call Books 1 & 2

Leopard’s Spots Books 1-12

Love in Xxchange Books 1-9

Bailey Bradford Books 3

Mossy Glenn Ranch Books 1-6

Southern Spirits Books 1-8

Bailey Bradford Books 2

Southwestern Shifters books 1-10

Spotless Books 1-3

Yes, Forever Series, 1-5

Valen’s Pack Books 1-2

Bailey Bradford Books 1

What’s His Passion?

Unexpected Moments

Unexpected Places


Breaking the Devil


Dark Nights and Headlights


Texas and Tarantulas


Belt Buckles and Cowboy Boots 

Blurb for Run With the Moon, book one in the Valen’s Pack series:

Bailey Bradford Books 1Two species that have always kept themselves separated are about to collide and create a new world.

Humanity almost managed to do itself in. Ravaged by wars and plagues, the human population on earth has been bordering on extinction, although pockets of people have been forging on over the past few hundred years. It’s a hard life, and one Aaron Olsen fears he doesn’t fit into. As a son of a village leader, there are pressures on him he can’t manage, and things he keeps hidden, desires he doesn’t know how to express that keep him up many nights as he worries over them.

Valen is an alpha, born with the crescent moon mark on his chest. It means he’ll have to leave the pack he was born and raised in. It is the way of the wolf, and the only way to prevent it is to fight his father. Valen has no intention of doing such a dishonorable thing. He leaves as he’s supposed to, only to find himself the victim of thievery. When he hunts down the party responsible for stealing his belongings, Valen finds himself attracted to the human Aaron Olsen.

Now, if they can only survive their own pride and insecurities, and an attack that threatens everything they love, they just might have a chance at happiness in Valen’s Pack.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of light BDSM.

Free excerpt from Run With the Moon, book one in the Valen’s Pack series:

Aaron didn’t want to explain it. He felt unaccountably ashamed of the rules he’d been taught to live by. He looked at Valen, wondering how to make him drop the conversation. There was a way, Aaron suspected, and it’d be violating one of his people’s rules.

Wasn’t that part of why he was out snooping around in the first place? “I’m so tired of rules and being scared.”

“You don’t have to be scared, not of me.” Valen reached for him again, and this time he moved until he was very close. He cupped Aaron’s face in big, rough-skinned hands. “Not of me. Stay here with me tonight. Tomorrow I’ll make sure you return to your home.”

Aaron stopped worrying. It was only a few hours, after all. No one else ever had to know. “Okay.”

Valen had told him not to be afraid, yet it felt like fear that poured into Aaron. Then it wasn’t fear at all. It was shock and lust as Valen pressed his lips to Aaron’s.

Aaron opened for Valen. He placed his hands on Valen’s biceps and held on while trying to keep up with the kiss.

Valen growled and pushed his tongue in deeper, pressing Aaron’s down, dominating the kiss.

Aaron liked it, a lot. He liked the way Valen tasted—dark and mysterious, addictive. He liked the sounds Valen made, the possessive growls and grunts, the feel of Valen’s hands on him.

With the way Valen was taking over, Aaron could even lie and tell himself that he was only giving in, fearful of the big bad shifter. He’d fantasized, hadn’t he? So many times he’d masturbated to thoughts of being held down by a man, of being handled by someone who possessed hard, bulging muscles and a stiff, prodding cock.

He’d had more twisted fantasies than that, but there was no need for them now as Valen eased him down onto his back. Valen covered him almost immediately, save for fiddling with Aaron’s waistband. He unfastened Aaron’s pants with ease, then pushed them down, just as he’d said he would. “Lift your uninjured leg up.” Valen stripped Aaron almost fully, leaving his leathers beneath the knee of on only from the knee of his other leg. The rest of him was bared to Valen.

Aaron had a second to feel self-conscious about his genitals being exposed to someone else before Valen touched his shaft. Immediately, his body was suffused with such strong arousal he almost embarrassed himself by coming on the spot. All it would take was another caress to his penis like that first one from Valen and Aaron’s release would follow unless he found some restraint. Aaron did so because he wanted more touches, more of the experience Valen was giving him, and that meant no coming three seconds into it.

“Yes,” Valen muttered against his lip. “Sweet sounds.” He stretched out on top of Aaron, propping up on his elbows.

Aaron had no idea what that meant and couldn’t figure it out when Valen was thrusting, driving his length harder and harder beside Aaron’s. Pleasure suffused his body so quickly that Aaron shouted in amazement.

“Yeah, keep on telling me you love it.” Valen dipped his head down and nibbled at Aaron’s neck. At the same time, he let more of his weight come down on Aaron.

The added pressure to Aaron’s cock was too much to bear. He shouted again as his body lit up inside with ecstasy. The orgasm that hit him was so much stronger than the ones he had when he masturbated. Aaron felt it from the tips of his toes to the top of his skull.

Valen grunted with every thrust, then he cursed and straddled Aaron’s hips.

Aaron wanted to stare at the big, thick cock Valen was stroking. He also wanted to watch Valen’s face. He settled for darting his gaze back and forth between the two beauteous sights.

“Touch me,” Valen demanded.

Aaron hadn’t ever touched another person sexually. He wasn’t sure how. Still, with Valen ordering him to do it, Aaron couldn’t resist. Besides, no one would know he’d done it—no one other than him and Valen, and maybe Rivvie would have a clue. Then again, maybe it didn’t matter. They didn’t know him and wouldn’t go telling people in the village.

Assured that this would remain a secret he could carry in his heart, Aaron let himself give in to the temptation Valen presented. He ran his hands up Valen’s muscular thighs and after only a second’s hesitation, reached between Valen’s legs.

“Fuck, yes!” Valen raised up onto his knees more and leaned over Aaron. “Cup ‘em. Touch my balls.”

Aaron couldn’t believe he was doing it, or had done most of what he’d done lately. Sneaking away from the village was going to land him in trouble, but this… This was so worth it. When he moved his hands lower to palm Valen’s balls, it was as if someone else were actually doing that, and Aaron was merely an observer.

Until he felt the warm weight of Valen’s sac in his hand, and the crinkly press of pubic hair on his palm. It told Aaron that yes, he was awake, aware, and not lost in the best dream he’d ever had.

He cupped Valen’s balls more firmly.

“Yeah, that’s it, just keep—ungh!” Valen dropped down on one hand, bracing it beside Aaron’s head. “Yeah, fuckin’— Oh, oh gods!”

His balls pulled up, the skin casing them wrinkling as the nuts went hard and tight. A heartbeat later, wet heat splattered Aaron’s chin.

“Gods, yeah, gotta…mark,” Valen was saying.

Aaron assumed Valen meant the cum that kept landing on him. After it hit Aaron’s chin, Valen arched his pelvis closer and Aaron’s cheek and neck were the recipients of the next two shots of spunk. The fourth one landed on Aaron’s shoulder.

Aaron opened his mouth up to speak. He got no further than a startled sound when Valen swiped his fingers through his own cum then held them to Aaron’s lips.

Aaron’s belly fluttered and he debated what to do for all of a half second. He stuck his tongue out tentatively in case he absolutely hated the taste of cum, then moaned happily when he discovered that the salty flavor wasn’t bad at all. A little bitter. Aaron had always preferred that over sweet.

“Gods, that’s so sexy.” Valen pushed his spunk-covered fingers into Aaron’s mouth. “The things we could do together…”

Aaron sucked eagerly, both appalled and thrilled with his own daring.

“Fuck,” Valen gritted out. “Your tongue feels so silky. It’s made for my—” He pressed his lips together and yanked his fingers from Aaron’s mouth.

Aaron was confused. Everything had been beyond good, and he’d had his first sexual release with another person, and even better, it’d been with a strong, sexy man. It might have violated the rules he’d been raised with. Even so, he wouldn’t have changed the experience for the world.

“Come. Let me take you to a more secluded spot. We are still vulnerable here. I wasn’t thinking,” Valen admitted, a crooked grin showing off his white teeth. He picked up the one shoe that he’d taken off of Aaron’s foot. “Up you go.”

As if Aaron could even move. Somehow he managed, even with his pants hanging awkwardly on one leg, and Valen scooped him into strong arms.

For Past Releases, I would like to offer you good people at Cara Sutra these two. Two of my favourites!

Blurb for Rory’s Last Chance, book one in the Love in Xxchange series:

Bailey Bradford Books 3Chance Galloway thinks walking into the Xxchange might just be the biggest mistake he’s ever made, but one stranger who seems to know just how to touch Chance is going to make it a night he’ll never forget.

Chance Galloway is used to being alone. Once a wild and voracious player, he became a loner after a traumatic event in his past tore his world apart. Older and wiser, years of loneliness and a moment of weakness drive him to seek another’s touch. The only problem is, the club he chooses to visit is filled with PYT’s—pretty young things Chance simply doesn’t find appealing.

Rory Calhoun has his own baggage that haunts him. Still, he gives in to curiosity and decides to check out the local club. Inside he spots a man who fires up every fantasy Rory’s ever had. The only problem is, despite a quick, enthralling encounter, the stranger makes it clear he isn’t interested in PYT’s, a label Rory knows would be slapped on him in a heartbeat if the stranger ever saw his face.

Rory has one unexpected opportunity to make Chance see him as a man, and he’s going to grab that opportunity, and Chance with both hands.

Publisher’s Note: This book was previously released at another publisher under a different name. It has been revised and re-edited for release with Total-E-Bound.

Reader Advisory: This book contains references to sexual assault in the past.

Free excerpt from Rory’s Last Chance:

Copyright © Bailey Bradford 2011. All Rights Reserved, Total-E-Ntwined Limited, T/A Totally Bound Publishing.

The noise blaring in the Xxchange was almost obnoxious enough to have Chance turning away from the bar and heading back to his truck. How anyone could call the clattering racket in the place music was beyond him, and that was without taking into account the caterwauling that someone was trying to pass off as singing. Sounded more like two bobcats going at it than anything he’d ever considered singing. Nah, the cats had more talent, to be honest.

He let his eyes adjust, determined to give this a shot, because it’d been way too long since he’d got laid and he needed this something fierce. Problem was, he’d long ago grown tired of bathroom blowjobs and one night stands. Maybe he’d just grown up—then again, maybe not—he was out trolling. Not the same, he decided. When he was younger, he’d fucked for the fun of it. This, tonight, wasn’t going to become a habit, or a challenge. It’d just been too long and something inside him yearned for the comfort of another body close to his for more than the time it took to get off.

“Sappy fool.” Chance glanced around the bar, taking in the bodies grinding together on the dance floor and the forms huddled in pairs or groups in dark corners. God, he felt old—he was old compared to most the people here. No way was he going to get out on that dance floor and flop around or dry-hump until he jizzed his jeans. And he was for damn sure not going to put on a show in some corner, or a table, or a booth.

This whole idea was stupid to begin with. He wasn’t interested in a twink, which seemed to be the majority of the bars’ patronage—he didn’t have anything against them, simply wasn’t his thing. He’d always preferred his men built more like himself, not body-builder cut but firm rangy muscles and rough around the edges, and definitely closer to his own age.

Yeah, this was not the place for him. Chance started backing out, noticing that a couple of cute young things were staring at him—too cute, too young. Looked like a good hard fuck would break ‘em. He shook his head to let them know he wasn’t interested, but it only seemed to have the opposite effect. The two pretty boys were soon making their way across the bar in Chance’s direction, determination evident in their every move. Memories Chance would rather keep suppressed swirled to the forefront of his mind—there was a reason he didn’t care to mess with young, pretty-looking men. He narrowed his eyes at the two men, hoping they would take the hint.

“Like spoilt kids who can’t stand being told no.” Chance didn’t care who heard him. Matter of fact, if he got really lucky, one of those little boys would be able to read lips. He’d give them a hand signal but he was pretty sure they’d just take it as an invitation. His pride wouldn’t let him back out and run now—he’d feel like a wuss. Chased off by two boys—well, they were boys to him, and it was not going happen. He’d drop them both if they got grabby on him. Probably make him feel like a puppy-kicker, but he would deal with it.

“Why don’t you let me help you out here, cowboy,” a low voice rumbled in Chance’s ear as a pair of strong arms wrapped around his waist, pulling his back up against a firmly-muscled chest. He savoured the feel of corded strength surrounding him, the pinpricks of lust that shot through at each point where their bodies pressed together.

Hard to miss the press of an engorged dick that close, and if Chance was any judge of that particular piece of male flesh—and he had to believe he was—it was quite an impressive dick that nestled against his ass. His own cock took only a beat before firming right up and pushing uncomfortably against the zipper of his jeans.

“Jesus.” Chance shot his cock a glance, surprised at the immediate response. That hadn’t happened in a while—he couldn’t remember the last time he’d perked up quite so quickly. A soft chuckle tickled his ear and rumbled from the chest behind him into his back, vibrating throughout his body. “Looks like those boys decided to give up the chase,” that deep voice purred, all sex and fire and smug masculine strength. Chance watched the scowls flitter across the boys’ faces before they turned and walked off.

“Huh. Guess so.” Chance started to turn only to stop when the hold around his waist tightened. He didn’t know whether to be more turned on or irritated all to hell. When soft lips started nibbling along the side of his neck, finding their way to the sensitive patch of skin right behind his ear, Chance gave it all up and let out a low moan. God, when had anyone, including himself, taken the time for such a thing?

Better yet, why hadn’t he taken the time—remembered that sex was about more than who put whose cock where—the sharp nip of teeth tugging at his earlobe slapped all rational thought out of Chance’s head. Every muscle in his body tensed and vibrated with need. Large hands began stroking his stomach, working their way down until fingers feathered across the tip of his prick, dancing over the wet spot where pre cum had seeped through his jeans.

“Them boys not your thing, cowboy?”

Blurb for When the Dead Speak, Southern Spirits book 2:

Bailey Bradford Books 2The only way to stay alive is to listen when the dead speak…

Sheriff Laine Stenley thinks he might just be losing his mind. Ever since he’d encountered the spirit of his friend’s deceased mother, strange things have been happening. His sheriff’s tin star keeps popping off, his Stetson tends to fly off his head at the most inconvenient times—and then there are the subtle caresses that remind him of a lover’s touch… Something Laine has been without for years—since the violent murder of his partner—and figures to be without well into the future if he wants to retain his position as the sheriff in the small town of McKinton, Texas. Laine doesn’t want to risk his career or his heart ever again, but he may not have a choice, not if he wants to stay alive.

A man who listens to spirits, Severo has come to McKinton to deliver a message of danger. One look at the sexy sheriff and Severo finds himself in a different sort of danger. He’s not ready to find a man who can claim him heart, soul, and body, but ready or not, the attraction that simmers between them is undeniable—and irresistible.

Together, they will race against time, because something evil is coming to McKinton. Severo and Laine must learn to trust each other—and themselves— and listen when the dead speak.

Reader Advisory: This book is best read in sequence as part of a series but can be read as a stand alone.

Free excerpt from When the Dead Speak:

Copyright © Bailey Bradford 2010. All Rights Reserved, Total-E-Ntwined Limited, T/A Totally Bound Publishing.

“I’m losing my God damned mind.” Sheriff Laine Stenley ran his fingers through his hair, tugging at the dark strands until his scalp tingled with pain. A frustrated sigh slipped from his lips as he stared at the spinning tin star that denoted his position of sheriff, lying on the sidewalk because it had once again popped off. He released the grip on his hair and slapped the Stetson back on his head. Laine bent and picked up the star, grumbling as he pinned it back on, again. If he had one more run in with the dead, he might just pop an artery.

“Morning, Sheriff.”

The voice came from behind him and nearly gave Laine a heart attack. That would be one way to be done with this mess. He managed not to jump—barely—but he just knew the man behind him had to be able to hear his heart slamming against his ribs. And it is all that particular man’s fault!

Laine turned slowly and glared at Ezekiel Mathers. If Mathers hadn’t unwittingly given Laine his introduction into the paranormal… But that wasn’t fair, and Laine knew it. It wasn’t Zeke’s fault his mama had decided to…hang around, so to speak, after she died. Not really.

Zeke’s lips were tipped up in a smirk, and that just made Laine scowl even more. Beside Zeke, Brendon was giving Laine a scowl of his own. Brendon’s soft brown eyes were usually alight with laughter, and a softer emotion would gleam in them when he looked at his lover. The man was easygoing and kind, for the most part, but he never hesitated to call Laine—

“Don’t be a dumbass, Laine.” Brendon rolled his eyes and bumped his shoulder against his lover’s. “Zeke didn’t mean to startle you. It isn’t his fault you were daydreaming and didn’t hear us walking up behind you.”

Zeke’s lips spread into a shit-eating grin and he arched one brow at Laine. Laine pushed down the urge to snarl at the man; he was pretty sure that’s what Zeke wanted. Not that he and Zeke hated each other or anything. They just had a competitive friendship…that often seemed to border on combative. Laine wasn’t in the mood to trade insults today, though, so he just shook his head and glanced away from the teasing he saw in Zeke’s green eyes. He felt too old, too worn out and aching inside, to play their usual games right now.

“Morning.” Laine mumbled it, not looking at Zeke or Brendon as he stepped into the street to walk around them. He might be screwed up in the head, but he still was aware of the fact that Zeke was recovering from an attempt on his life. The cane the man had to use was another weight on Laine’s shoulders, a reminder that Laine hadn’t acted quick enough, hadn’t been smart enough, to keep Zeke safe. It was a burden Laine felt shoving him down beneath the surface every time he tried to catch his breath.

As he walked back towards his office, Laine couldn’t help but wonder how much more he could take before he broke. God willing, he wouldn’t ever get an answer to that.

Brendon watched the sheriff walk off, studying the defeated droop of his shoulders. Laine might seem fine to everyone else, but there were little tells, small nuances that one had to know to look for. Beside him, a low growl slipped from Zeke’s lips. Brendon, turned on and irritated at the same time, started to set his lover straight but stopped when he saw the teasing grin on Zeke’s face. He wasn’t quite able to bring himself to smile back, instead darting another worried glance at Laine’s retreating figure.

“Something’s wrong with him.” Brendon pushed at the small of Zeke’s back.

“I’ve been saying that since we met him, babe, but you refused to see it.” Zeke tossed in a look that all but said ‘Duh!’

Brendon fought against a smile; he was not going to encourage Zeke. Not for this, anyway. He applied a little more pressure to Zeke’s back and looked up at him through his lashes. Sometimes that worked. “Go talk to him, please?”

Zeke snorted and shook his head. “I know that look, and I don’t want to go talk to Stenley. What the hell am I gonna say to him? Let’s have an Oprah moment?”

Brendon tried to cover his chuckle with a cough, not that he thought his lover was buying it. Time to try a different tack. “Then I guess I can go talk to him and you can hang around at the cafe or something so he doesn’t feel like we’re ganging up on him. Hopefully, it won’t take long.”


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