I feel sorry for the guy with two penises

fly zipper man with two penises

Not because he’s got two penises. Not because I feel that he’s some kind of freak of nature who deserves my pity. Because of the world’s reaction to him. The man with two penises. That’s how he’s described everywhere, that’s the sum of who he is.

Ok sure; so he did go to the media and get them to cover his story from this angle. He has written a book and is making money off the fact that he sexes in stereo. I still feel sorry for him. Ever since he was young he has had to get used to the fact that he was different to other people. Many people go through this, it’s true. Happily, he started with an optimistic outlook, assuming that people would be jealous of him rather than mock him or make him into some kind of social outcast for the rest of his time.

double dick dude book

Now, far from being an outcast, he’s been called upon to do porn due to his diphallia, is paraded through online forums as if they were some modern day freak show (“Pay your penny, see the penises!”) and his sexual merit is debated over as if people were discussing whether to tuck into beef or chicken for dinner.

On top of this, he identifies as poly. Having been in a polyamorous relationship myself, I can sympathise with the attitudes directed towards him. Instead of understanding that his polyamorous relationships are simply faithful relationships with more than one person, he is mistaken for a swinger. I was regularly mistaken for a swinger. There’s nothing wrong with swinging or identifying as a swinger. It’s just that I wasn’t/am not one. It’s as if the fact that he has two penises means that he will have double the sexual appetite and therefore won’t care who he fucks and when. The more holes the better! He has more to stuff into them, so let’s proffer as many holes as possible! No.

This guy has obviously decided to come out about his different to the majority body parts, and while at it he’s (rather cleverly) making some money out of it by selling his story in book form. That doesn’t stop the internet hordes from discussing potential sexual antics with him though, regardless of whether he’d want it or not. A tweet (as well as Facebook statuses) sent out by myself, along with a link to the BBC’s coverage of the story, asked “Would you? Could you?” – admittedly before I’d had time to really stop and think deeply about the subject. The answers were mostly along the lines of “oh god yeah”, “I definitely would!!” and “oh I’d just have to have a go on those”. Nobody cared what the guy even looks like facially, never mind if he’s a decent bloke in general. We complain about women being objectified for ‘tits and ass’ and all the rest then a man comes along with two penises and we fall into the same trap. I fell into the same trap.

Other tweets on the subject were really quite objectifying.

On the other hand, he claims to have slept with over 1,000 men and women, so he’s not really helping the stereotypically objectifying views towards him. Perhaps he doesn’t care. Perhaps he doesn’t see his poly relationships as being poly fidelity, and maybe he uses the term interchangeably with those of a swinging nature.

It’s insulting to report it in this way though:

Huffington Post: “The man, who has two 10-inch uncircumcised penises, is openly bisexual and claims to have slept with more than 1,000 men and women.”

Why insulting? Because it helps to purport the view that bisexuals can and must sleep with as many people as possible. Just because this ‘double dick dude’ has chosen to have sex with over 1,000 men and women doesn’t mean that all bisexual people have an insatiable appetite for sex with as many people as possible and to hell with the consequences. The Huff Post and the many other news outlets that reported this story with a similar line doesn’t exactly state that the reason for his busy sex life is because he’s bisexual, but it’s very heavily implied in that sentence.

Bisexuals and poly folk have enough stereotypes to deal with without the media adding weight to the myths they/we battle every day.

In spite of the fact that the man with two penises is quite proud about his sexual achievements and quantity and didn’t see it as a problem to boast about this fact to the media, I still feel sorry for him. Not that having a lot of sex is wrong, at all. But you’re really not helping the world to view you as a complete person, more than the sum of your genitals, if the number of sexual conquests is an important factor in the story. I do believe that linking together bisexuality and sexual ‘looseness’ was most probably down to the media, however. I feel sorry for him because I get the feeling that he just reached a point where he was worn down by others’ reactions to his genitals and decided to just go with the flow rather than against it.

Yeah, I have two penises.

Yeah, I have a lot of sex.

Yeah, I’ll shag pretty much anything.

Yeah, why not, hop on for a ride why don’t you.

Is this every day for him? If this were the case of a woman with huge breasts being treated purely as a sex object then more would be in uproar. Because it’s a man with an extra penis, somehow we think it’s perfectly acceptable to reduce him to the sum of his parts and nothing more.

Sad, really.


    • Yes, I have.
      Firstly, you can never tell what a person is really feeling, deep down inside, behind the online facade.
      Secondly, as I said in my post above, I don’t feel sorry for him because of the number of penises he has. I feel sorry for him being objectified by society.
      Thanks for your comment. 🙂

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