Hella Rude Modelling Photos With Emma Delves-Broughton – 2015 Photography Project

Hella Rude Modelling Photos

with Emma Delves-Broughton

It has been a privilege to have known Emma Delves-Broughton since 2004. I had admired Emma’s photography for some time and her Libidex Seasonal spread (shot on location in Bath) had adorned my 16-year-old self’s bedroom walls. Such hero worship.

Hella Rude Modelling Photos With Emma Delves-Broughton 4

When we first worked together I had pink hair, no eyebrows and was carrying a fair bit of baby weight. Our early images (see left) really showed my inexperience as a model and she was a great tutor in helping me improve my posing. She’s one of only 3 photographers I’ve shot with nude because her take on the female form is anything but sleazy. Her work has elements of fashion, beauty, fetish, erotica and glamour, always working with the model’s own personal forms of expression instead of trying to orchestrate them. There’s something so easy and fluid about working with her.

The soft style, inventive use of lighting and selective use of focus is complemented by texture, attention to detail and a striking element of drama. Her work has evolved beautifully from film to digital art and her personal adaptations between the crafts give her images a style that is undeniably hers.

In 2014 Emma achieved her Royal Photographic Society Distinction, with a beautiful spread in The Journal – The RPS’ official publication (pages 754 -759). She is now turning her attention to a new project for 2015 with a darker theme.

On a freezing day in mid December 2014, Emma and I went out to the outskirts of Bath to shoot. I love working with Emma but it has to be said, this shoot was a serious challenge. Hair and make-up took a good couple of hours, with some really bad fake eyelashes threatening to screw it up. A lot of black and gold eye make-up, red lipstick, gloss plus 2 wigs and head dressings to contend with. My barely-there outfit was effing freezing in the 6-degree-C, breezy day and to top it off, there was a load of wet fake blood and metal claws. Brrr!

Hella Rude Modelling Photos With Emma Delves-Broughton 5

I can’t wait to work with Emma again this Spring. Hopefully the weather will be warmer next time. >_<

Here’s me crawling around in a Made by Nikki girdle skirt, shot by Emma Delves-Broughton.

Hella Rude Modelling Photos With Emma Delves-Broughton 1

Here are a couple of photos shot with Emma Delves-Broughton in a silk bra set with a Darkest Star lace blindfold.

Hella Rude Modelling Photos With Emma Delves-Broughton

Hella Rude Modelling Photos With Emma Delves-Broughton 3

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– Hella Rude


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