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This week’s erotic author in the spotlight is Samantha Egret, with details of her hot new book Desire’s Anthem. Find out more about the lady behind the novel, where to buy her writing and enjoy a free excerpt into the bargain! You can even watch an interview with the lady herself at the end of this post.

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Samantha Egret was born of a passion for writing and a desire to create an open dialog on female sexuality. Frustrated at the tendency of the media to portray females as necessarily sexually submissive and men as authorities on pleasing women, she set our to write a work of Erotica that defies this paradigm. After all, a woman is the foremost authority on her own body, not a man!

In Desire’s Anthem: A Rock ‘N’ Roll Romance, an established suburban mother not only awakens to her own desirability, but also teaches a known Lothario a thing or two about pleasing a woman.

Samantha seeks to encourage women not only to assert themselves sexually, but to truly believe that they themselves are worthy sources of desire.  Says Samantha: “A woman that not only embraces her sexuality but also knows she can BE the fantasy emanates a power and a confidence that is truly a force with which to be reckoned: and it’s damn sexy to her partner, too!”Her ultimate goal: to help ALL women see the absolute fabulousness in themselves!

Samantha resides in Downtown Los Angeles, among the high-rises and large-living, a graduate of the high-stakes world of public relations. Desire’s Anthem is her first novel.


About Desire’s Anthem:

She’s gonna rock his world…Danny Ayres has always lived his life on his terms. As a marketing exec for a big-time record label, he never had to look far for a willing fling, and rarely gave repeat performances. When he falls for a once-in-a-lifetime woman, he knows that even he can’t negotiate out of this deal. But when in the same week he loses his job and his proposal falls flat, he starts to wonder if he’s lost his touch.

Hannah Mercury has always found comfort in the straightforward procedures of civil service, and has organized her suburban life to high standards. Recently estranged from her husband and vulnerable from a careless indiscretion, she knows it’s wise to keep Danny at arms’ length.

During a chance meeting at lunch, Danny strikes up a conversation with Hannah, and the two forge an unlikely friendship. But after a brief and unexpected encounter takes the two beyond the platonic and into the erotic, Hannah realizes just why Danny’s only been successful at one-night stands. She makes a proposition to teach him, in way he never dreamed possible, what it takes to REALLY satisfy a woman sexually and win back his dream girl.

But can they satisfy their carnal desires without losing control of their hearts?

Free Excerpt:

They left work early and drove together to the bar.  Danny talked all the way, about the challenges he was encountering with the police station.  She supposed anyone else would find it boring, but Hannah really appreciated the opportunity to talk to Danny about what he did.  It had, after all, at one point been what she had dreamed of doing, and so it thrilled her to be able to speak to a like mind about it.  He seemed to appreciate the chance to talk a little shop with someone willing.  They parked in a lot a few blocks away from the bar and discussed marketing issues non-stop even as they ordered their first drinks and appetizers.

But as they moved into their second drinks, the talk diverted away from marketing strategies, and into more risqué ventures.  Like when she got a berry-infused drink, and couldn’t seem to get to the vodka at the bottom.  She’d left that little bit for quite a while, until Danny noticed.  “You can’t already be giving up!”

She picked up the glass.  “No, but I can’t seem to get to that little bit at the bottom.  That massive block of ice is getting in the way, and the berries are getting caught in the straw.”

“Then suck harder,” he said, placing his bourbon-relaxed hand on her thigh.

She turned to him.  “I’d like to suck harder, but I haven’t been given the chance lately.”

He smiled, sticking his tongue out a bit.  “You can practice a bit now.”

“Gladly,” she said seductively, plowing her mouth into his and allowing their tongues to engage in a mutual exploration.  Her hand moved to his thigh, fingers brushing ever so slightly against his center of pleasure, and they allowed themselves to stay locked that way for a few minutes.  They were only interrupted by the bar waitress, who discreetly took their order for more drinks.

Danny turned back to Hannah after the waitress walked away.  “This is a lovely little vacation from real life.  Thank you.”  He leaned over and kissed her, lightly biting her lower lip.

“Thank you.  I’m having just as much fun as you are.”  She allowed her arms to reach around his neck, and crossed her leg over his, allowing it to rub freely against the lump it felt there.  She hoped she was making him mad with want for her.

They downed the second drinks, which were very strong, quickly.  Hannah was happily drunk, but not so much that she would black out and forget anything.  Perfect drunk.  She looked over at him, and he nodded.  “Time to get you back to that train station?”

“Not quite,” said Hannah, “But I don’t mind if we have a little time to linger.”

They made that their cue to pay the tab and exit the bar, arm in arm.  A quick stroll and some chit-chat brought them to the parking structure.  Danny opened the passenger door for Hannah, and then let himself into the drivers’ side.  The minute he did that, Hannah reached for him and they continued their intense kissing.  When Danny came up for air, all he said way, “Back seat.”  He got up out of the car and opened the back door.  Hannah simply climbed from the passenger seat into the back.

As soon as Danny sat down and closed the door, Hannah plowed her mouth onto his hard-on, which threatened to burst through his pants.  She mouthed him intensely for a few minutes over his jeans, while he closed his eyes and enjoyed this sneak preview at the more that they could share.  She looked up at him.  “I wanna suck you dry.”  He grabbed into his pants and adjusted himself, then reached for her, so that she could straddle his lap.  She allowed her mouth to explore his, and their tongues interplayed as if they both knew this favorite song.  Hannah allowed herself to gyrate on top of Danny, and her strokes were as powerful as if he was inside of her.  She was almost crazed with wishing that he could be.

Danny lifted her wiggle skirt up to her hips, and moved his hand under her cheetah-print panties, stroking her backside.  He reached down from behind, for the area near her perennial, and started massaging, allowing his finger to creep into her wetness.  “Is this the area you were talking about?”

“Yes,” moaned Hannah in-between kisses.  He was definitely in the right place, and although it felt better than his finger-play weeks before, she still didn’t feel quite the same as when her husband or even she had done it before.  So she simply decided to move their play into another position.  She spun on top of him, skirt still up, and backed into him in a lap dance.  She grabbed for his hand and stuffed it back into the front of her panties, allowing him to pet her while she intensified the gyration as she backed into him.

Danny groaned, and then lifted her off of him quickly.  “I think I need some air.”  He quickly exited the back seat, and stood up next to the car, taking in a few deep breaths.

Hannah smiled.  She might have made him almost pop right then and there.  She felt a sense of pride that she could do so much to him, fully clothed.  She wished she could do more.  “Are you okay?” she asked, leaning out of the back seat to look at him.

Danny nodded.  “Yeah, it was just getting a little hot back there.”  He got back into the car, sitting on Hannah’s left, and she sidled up on top of him, allowing herself to be cradled there in his arms, skirt still up over her hips.  He took the pony tail out of his hair and stroked her exposed thighs.  She ran her fingers through his soft hair.   He allowed his hand to settle over her damp panties.  “Oh, man, you’re soaking.”  He allowed his fingers to once again slip under her panties, and took a sample of the lubrication that threatened to ooze out.  He rubbed his fingers over his lip, which he then licked.  “This is more like it.”

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