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This week’s erotic author in the spotlight is Isabelle Drake who writes for Totally Bound, Ellora’s Cave and many others. You can find out more about this lovely author below, as well as enjoying three super hot free excerpts which are sure to perk up your Monday! Thanks for being in the spotlight this week, Isabelle.

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About Isabelle Drake

Sex toy features, naughty diaries, sincere Q&A, fetish event coverage and everything else having to do with sex — Cara Sutra is awesome and I’m thrilled to be here.

Writing erotic romance and erotica is the best but it’s not what I’ve always written. I got my start writing confession stories for magazines like True Confessions and True Love. While my stories gradually got hotter and edgier, I still do tend to write stories about everyday people in extraordinary situations. Pushing my characters out of their usual lives is one of my absolute favorite things to do.

But I’m not writing all the time. When I’m away from my keyboard, I like watching classic horror films, especially Hammer films such as the Karnstein Trilogy, reading (of course) and traveling.

unfinished business erotica book by isabelle drake

Blurb for Unfinished Business

She ran away from the town that wouldn’t forget, to a city that doesn’t forgive, right into the arms of the guy who insists she set things right.

Less than a year ago, Hayley Jones made a scandalous decision that sent her packing. She left her country hometown, moved to the city and made a new life for herself. But it’s hard being someone else when the real you has some unfinished business.

Hayley knows taking care of the unresolved piece of her past could stir up more trouble and humiliation, so she dodges the truth and puts her energy into her new friends and job. That strategy works for a short while but people from her past start showing up in her present.

Life gets even more complicated when she realizes she’s falling for Nick Noel, a guy who knows she’s running from something, and continually challenges her to be herself. But Hayley is afraid of what will happen if Nick finds out who she really is and what she did back home.

Unfinished Business free excerpt

Nick’s on his back and I’m straddling him, my bare ass pressing against his hard dick. My nipples, already stiff with lust, peak even tighter when he places his hands over my breasts. He squeezes them gently and I arch my back. His crooked smile is sinful, and seeing that look on his face makes me hotter and wetter but it also makes me want him to know I can be sweetly sinful too.

I wiggle backwards. Once I have myself settled between his thighs, I make a show of licking his cock. Giving him some slow, careful attention, I drag my tongue up his shaft over and over again. Once he gets totally hard, I slide his dick deep into my mouth and reach between his thighs to cup his balls and press my fingers ever so gently into his warm flesh.

He groans as he flexes his thighs to shove his tip further into my mouth. “Damn you are so sexy.”

But of course I can’t reply because my mouth is full.

He rocks his hips up and down as I glide my mouth over him, making him wetter and to my amazement, even harder.

The first spurts of salty jizz drip onto my tongue and down the back of my throat. I can feel every motion of his body and I know I am the sole source of his attention. A sudden and consuming wave of power overcomes me, bringing my truly wicked side to the surface, and I lift my mouth up and look at his face. His eyes are closed but his mouth is open and he’s moaning softly. Seeing him that way sends an intoxicating thrill of possession racing through me. “Do you want me to finish?” I ask.

He opens one eye and moans louder. “You know I do.”

“Cause you need it?”

“Yeah. I need…I need you.”

When I remain silent and stay still he opens both eyes and looks at me, pleading and needy. “Suck my cock, Hayley, please?”

I grin and turn my attention back to his dick. As I begin sucking, I feel the tension in his body ease then build again, his muscles tensing until his body is completely mine. Then I roll back onto my heels and grin evilly at him. “What if I don’t finish?”

He grunts and lifts his head. “I’ll throw you down on his bed and fuck you until you feel as desperate as I do.”

I left an eyebrow in question.

The next thing I know, I’m flipping through the air and landing flat on my back. Nick pins my shoulders to the bed and spreads my thighs with quick sweeps of his knees. This isn’t the tender, gentle Nick who kissed my stomach and squeezed my ass. This Nick is dark and demanding and is making me quiver in ways I never knew I could. I’m helpless with lust and need and so ready to have his cock inside me I’m whimpering.

He lowers his hips until the tip of his cock brushes my thigh. “Want me to finish?”

now or never erotica book by isabelle drake

Blurb for Now or Never

This is book one in the Invitations series, see the full series listing here

Dressed as a sex slave and hiding behind a mask, Emily arrives at a costume party ready to make a former co-worker pay for not noticing her lush curves.

Emily grabs the opportunity to make a former co-worker she fantasised about before leaving for the US Peace Corps pay for not noticing her lush curves. Her goal—blow his mind with her sex slave seduction and leave him aching for more.

Wearing a borrowed costume and mask, Daniel accepts the offer of a woman eager to show him what she can do with the sheer scarves she’s untying from her waist. His goal—make sure the woman undressing for him knows how incredible she is and understands that he isn’t a one-night-only kind of man.

Free excerpt from Now or Never

Emily shimmied to get the man’s attention. Once the bells on her costume stopped jingling, she murmured, “I have another bet for you.”

He thrust forward. “Something tells me you aren’t going to take no for an answer.”

There was no time for a reply. She was already on her knees, carefully holding her veil aside so she could untie the drawstring of his pants with her teeth. Once the string was loose, she yanked down his pants and white boxer-briefs, then went after his cock with both her hands and mouth. His shaft jutted straight out, making it especially easy to wrap her lips around the smooth, firm tip.

Now was not a time to hesitate, so she took the base of his shaft with one hand and cupped his balls with the other. Keeping her head tilted to the side so the veil didn’t get in the way, Emily glided her mouth up and down, swirling her tongue around each time she reached the end. She stopped just short of withdrawing completely, then quickly sheathed his entire cock. Cupping his balls lightly with her fingers brought on a deep moan from the man before her.

A good sign and very satisfying.

She continued the pattern.

“That’s right, baby,” he said, grazing the side of her neck with his warm fingers. “You own me, sweetheart.”

The acknowledgement made her shiver with satisfaction. The challenge to make him come quickly was delicious and exciting. No wonder some women did this sort of sex-with-a-stranger thing all the time.

Emily concentrated on the rhythm of her movements, rocking herself back and forth, squeezing and circling, squeezing and circling. He groaned again, louder and lower in his chest. She moved a bit quicker, letting her tongue keep his skin moist so when she gripped his more firmly, she was able to glide her hand up and down his long, hard shaft.

He set his fingers on her shoulders, lightly caressing her tensed muscles, his hands a silent encouragement to continue consuming his dick with her very accommodating mouth. Emily widened her throat and took him in as deeply as he could possibly go. He moaned and thrust his hips back and forth in awkward, jerky motions.

The first warm spurt of cum came hard and fast, rolling down the back of her throat. She sucked his pulsing cock, taking him in and out of her mouth until his legs twitched and he laughed.

“Okay, okay, you won this round.” After stumbling, he bent down, pulled up his boxers and pants, then retied the drawstring. She stood and shook out her veil, making sure it was covering her face. He wrapped his arms around her, nuzzling her ear with his mouth. “You aren’t going to back out on your part of the bet are you, Miss Maar?”

Emily wrapped her arms around his big torso then tilted her chin upward so he could hear her whisper. “No way. I’m not done with you yet.”

Dare Me erotica book by isabelle drake

Blurb for Dare Me

This is book two in the Invitations series, see the full series listing here

A hotel bed, two pairs of handcuffs, coils of rope and a body builder with a naughty plan—can Kitty Maar handle it all?

Kitty Maar’s secret identity as Kelly M—the ultra-adventurous sexploitation blogger—is the result of Kitty’s overactive imagination.

Her outrageous tales of hooking up with the hottest guys in DC, attending parties at the most exclusive addresses, and joining in on spontaneous ménages at political fundraisers are the talk of Washington. So when she makes plans with Damian Markos, he’s expecting a true sexual wildcat.

Damian’s secret plan is to surprise Kitty with an evening so intense it will test even her sexual boundaries. It isn’t easy coming up with something the city’s most notorious man-hunter might not have already done, but he has connections that run deep in DC’s inner circles.

Damian is determined to show Kitty that he’s the only man she needs to satisfy her every need. Kitty is crazy about Damian, but will she be able to accept the sexual challenge he has planned for her?

Reader Advisory: This book contains mild BDSM.

Free excerpt from Dare Me

“Tommy will bind you. Then you’re all mine.” Damian pointed. “On the floor, Kitty.” He turned to Tommy. “Bind her legs.”

Tommy started on her right ankle, looping the rope around the joint then lightly wrapping the long end over the top of her thigh, the rope settling below her hip bone. Kitty tipped her head to watch his hands working efficiently to loop the rope over her calf, back around her mid-thigh, then circling again a third time, closer to her knee. Next, his hands moved back down outside of her folded leg, using a series of loops to secure the circles of rope around her leg together. Finally, he returned to her ankle, where he’d begun. Kitty turned to look upward towards the dark ceiling and gave in to the new sensation. The tension of the rope made her entire body hum, the reality of being secure and immobile making her simultaneously relaxed and anxious. Tommy started on her other calf, moving more quickly but with the same efficiency. Soon, both of her legs were bound from ankle to thigh, her slick lips completely open.

Damian moved to the floor. The chair he’d been sitting in hit the carpet with a soft thud when he kicked it out of the way. Tommy pointed to the other chair, and Damian kicked it away too.

“Put your hands on your tits.”

She followed his order.

“Keep them there. Touch yourself until I tell you to stop.”

Kitty moved her hands across her nipples, feeling them tighten. Threads of desire spun through her, and she wiggled her hips in response to the need for release building deep inside her.

Beside them, Tommy was untying the ropes on Georgia. The binding came free quickly. Once her arms were loose, Tommy spun her around, rolling her onto her back, tucking her legs up the same way he’d done for Kitty, then knotted the end of the rope around her ankle. Georgia stretched her arms above her head, the pretty lift of her back showing off her body as Tommy’s hands moved rapidly around her bent leg. Kitty continued rubbing her breasts as she watched the man work and admired the view of the two of them.

Damian put his hands on Kitty’s feet. The touch was light, but she felt it everywhere, the liquid heat burning across her nerve endings and mingling with the electricity her own touch had set off. He moved his hands up, his fingers lingering on the rope as he went up the front of her calves then down the top of her thighs. By the time Damian’s hands were near her needy clit, Tommy had finished one of Georgia’s legs and was nearly done with the other. The natural fibre of the rope and the soft glow of the candles highlighted the soft beauty of the woman’s skin. Kitty hoped she looked as beautiful as Georgia.

Damian ran his palms across Kitty’s skin, caressing her thighs and ass cheeks, but it was her clit that ached to be touched. The bindings were so tight that the only movement she could make with her legs was to spread her thighs wider. When she dropped her knees and exposed more of her pussy, Damian pressed her knees together.

“I know what you need, Kitty. Be still and you’ll get it.” He pushed her thighs apart and stretched out onto his stomach, his mouth a breath away from her dripping folds.

Tommy followed Damian’s lead, positioning himself so he was between Georgia’s bound legs, his mouth lingering above the woman’s gleaming wet clit. Damian dipped his head down and ran his warm tongue across Kitty’s slick lips. Tommy did the same to Georgia.

Damian slid his hands under Kitty’s ass and lifted her hips off the floor. He brought her body to his mouth, moving her back and forth each time he licked her.

Kitty, immobilised by the position, had no control over the pressure of his tongue. She squeezed her nipples, but it only made her more aroused and needy. Unable to control herself, Kitty tried to wiggle, but her efforts were useless. Damian truly was her Master, in control of each bit of her pleasure.

Tommy had again followed Damian’s lead and had moved Georgia into the same position, and she was also caressing her own breasts. Kitty watched the man’s dark head nestled between his woman’s bound legs as he licked and sucked her pussy. Kitty couldn’t take her gaze away from the couple, but the erotic sight blurred as her own vision started to turn hazy.

Damian gave her clit the same relentless attention, drawing back each time Kitty felt the first whispers of release. Time lingered and hung as he toyed with her pussy, demanding that she gave everything to him, then taking away the promise of full pleasure. She moaned and whimpered, and even started to beg, but he cut her off.

“You can make all the noise you like, Kitty, but no words.” He rolled her back and set her hips on the floor. “Understand?”

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